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Retouching, scotch tape and botox: how the stars deceive their fans
Retouching, scotch tape and botox: how the stars deceive their fans

The beauty of the stars often seems so perfect that we, involuntarily comparing them with ourselves, begin to complex. They have no wrinkles, no stretch marks, no cellulite … Well, how can you not start to consider yourself lazy and unattractive? In fact, most celebrities are simply deceiving us - for this they have many ways.


We are all accustomed to the fact that photos of stars in magazines and advertising campaigns are retouched, the only question is how far celebrities go in their quest to appear perfect in the photo. For example, most celebrities retouch pictures that they post on their social networks. Usually we do not notice this and are surprised at how they manage to look so beautiful. However, sometimes even top stars have punctures. For example, Beyoncé was once caught trying to make her thighs slimmer in a photo using Photoshop.


Are you still wondering how they manage to be so thin and fit while you just can't lose a couple of kilograms? In fact - nothing. Most of the stars are simply dissembling in front of their fans. Perhaps you will remember that such a loud scandal broke out with the participation of the singer Mariah Carey, who unexpectedly "lost weight" for the poster of her concert. Diet, you guessed it, is called "skillful touch-up".

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Kim Kardashian and other stars who turned from best friends into sworn enemies

Who would have known about Kim Kardashian now, if at one time Paris Hilton had not introduced her to the right people! And Kim admits it. “She helped me start my career. I totally admit it! I understand that few would like to say: "I became famous thanks to Paris." But it's true,”said Kim. Kardashian and Hilton have been close friends for a long time, but at one point they stopped communicating. What is the reason is still unknown. The girls are trying to renew their relationship, but so far nothing has worked out for them.

The ideal Victoria Beckham was also caught using Photoshop. It would seem, why does she need it? Slim, well-groomed, attractive - why would Vicki retouch her pictures? The leadership of the Chinese Vogue considered that the designer and mother of four children was not beautiful enough and the photo needed to be "tweaked".



Thanks to Kim Kardashian, everyone has learned the secret of the perfect celebrity neckline. Before, we really thought it was strange how they manage to walk so confidently in dresses with a deep neckline? And the chest looks great, does not "run away" anywhere. It turned out that there is also a secret here - scotch tape, with the help of which the stars arrange parts of their bodies in the right way. Thank you Kim, you opened our eyes to reality!


Slimming corset

Everything new is well forgotten old. And if a corset seems to you a relic of the distant past, then celebrities do not think so. Many of them create the effect of an incredibly thin waist with corsets, wearing them under tight-fitting dresses.

For example, the Amber Rose model has an incredible difference between wide hips and a wasp waist. Genetics and training? Of course not! It's just a corset.


The same is worn by another star - Khloe Kardashian, who is considered the most magnificent girl from the star family. However, in the bandage dresses, Chloe's belly still seems perfectly flat - and again thanks to the corset.


Botox? No, I have not heard

And if all the previous tricks may still seem harmless, then the stubborn denial by the stars that they are trying to prolong their youth with "beauty injections" is slightly annoying. Why tell us about genetics and proper nutrition?..

In the age of advanced cosmetology, stars still deny the fact that they do plastic surgery and inject botox.Recall, for example, Nicole Kidman's quote: “I did not go to surgeons. Yes, unfortunately, I have used Botox, but this is already in the past. Now my face has finally become mobile again. " And look at Nicole's photo:


The same goes for, for example, Uma Thurman. The actress denies the fact that she gets rid of wrinkles with the help of injections, and perhaps someone believes that this is the truth. But we are not.

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