140 kg without brakes: for which they adore the singer Lizzo, whom no one has seen dressed
140 kg without brakes: for which they adore the singer Lizzo, whom no one has seen dressed

Tess Holliday is far from being the main body positive icon. The singer Lizzo has much more fans today. And, having watched her Instagram feed, you will definitely not remain indifferent to what is happening there!

140 kg without brakes: for which they adore the singer Lizzo, whom no one has seen dressed

“Many people are drowning in self-doubt. I myself was drowning in this. To love yourself is essential for survival. " This is the main rule of life for Melissa Vivian Jefferson, or simply Lizzo.

Lizzo is one of the most popular American singer of recent times. In 2020, she received a Grammy, beating Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and other musical divas. What can I say, even the mega-popular Billie Eilish was left behind!

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Lizzo Lizzo

Of course, all musicians, one way or another, rely not only on their talent, but also on their appearance, because this is guaranteed to attract the attention of fans. And Lizzo, unlike many, is not even going to hide that she focuses on her own body. On the contrary, the singer does everything to emphasize the outstanding forms, thanks to which she breaks this rather flexible, but still rigid framework of show business.

Of course, Lizzo did not pioneer the philosophy of body positivity. But she takes the power of her tracks: about the importance of accepting your body, about love for yourself and others, about female strength and about the fact that we are all equal. And cool! And the 33-year-old American woman confirms her message with streams of explicit content. Lizzo loves herself anyone: in clothes, and without, and on the red carpet, and in the morning, without hair and makeup. Not to mention the rest!


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Of course, out of habit, Lizzo's photos seem overkill. But the star believes that only this approach can finally rid the world of stigmatization. Big Girls can be crazy sexy too! This is what the singer screams about through each of her posts and tracks. And she proceeds to the proofs: she will cosplay the iconic image of Kim Kardashian, then she will dance twerk - always in a micro-skirt and thong. Or it will even be published in a "naked" dress, which even the top models have not yet had time to try on. Yes, such things are now produced not only in couture "zero" size!

Lizzo Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, Getty Images


By the way, about the size. Lizzo, of course, does not hide his parameters. And he often jokes under the next candid pictures in social networks that she “forgot to use the feistune” to remove cellulite and other imperfections.

With a height of 178 cm, the American weighs about 140 kg. And her figure, by the way, can be safely ranked as an "hourglass" - after all, according to information from social networks, Lizzo's waist, chest and hips ratio is 120-90-120 cm.

Lizzo Lizzo

Despite following the ideals of bodily freedoms, the singer is actively involved in sports. After all, otherwise she would simply not be able to twerk on stage and daringly dance in videos! You might be surprised, but Lizzo is even doing stretching and is almost close to sitting on the splits.


Training isn't the only form of self-control a star follows. In 2020, Lizzo assured her that she was following a vegan diet.In addition, from time to time, the singer sits on diets, or rather, arranges unloading for the body when she realizes that she has allowed herself too many food sins. For example, during the lockdown, Lizzo gave herself a 10-day detox smoothie, the results of which she shared at TikTok.

Did the star lose weight during such a half-starved diet? It seems that no. But Lizzo, in her own words, did not have such a goal. She just wanted to improve the work of internal organs and was very offended by the claims of the followers, who began to accuse her of "betraying her own ideals."

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In general, Lizzo has a rather complicated relationship with the audience. Yes, many people really love her and consider her the main icon of modern body positivity. But unsurprisingly, for most of the public, the plus-size singer still evokes negative emotions.

“Some people don't like my music. But others just hate the way I look. And I cannot understand this! " - the star laments and calls on all of us to be more tolerant of each other. True, so far not very productive: in 2020, Lizzo even had to abandon his own Twitter account. There were so many of her haters on the set that the singer's wall was simply drowned in offensive comments, and the moderators did not have time to do anything about it …

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While the haters are actively poisoning the singer, other celebrities queue up to make friends with her. Anyway, Lizzo is so popular and beloved in the United States that it was not difficult for her to attract the attention of even her own crush - "Captain America" ​​from the Marvel films, actor Chris Evans.


Getty Images

Chris Evans

Getty Images

At first, Lizzo jokingly told the followers that she was trying to start a correspondence with Evans. And he took and replied to messages, and even admitted that he simply adores her songs! Subsequently, the stars more than once joked about their "relationship" and even that they were expecting a child.

Of course, this is unlikely to result in anything more. Anyway, Lizzo has never immersed herself in revelations about her personal life. She should first fight off massive attacks by haters, and then that's all!

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