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5 shades of nail polish that make your hands look more attractive
5 shades of nail polish that make your hands look more attractive

The skin of the hands should be given no less attention than the skin of the face. There are various means for this: masks, serums, creams. And the final stage of care is considered to be a manicure, because beautiful nails will complement your image. By the way, the color of the coating plays an important role. See what shades make your hands more attractive.

5 shades of nail polish that make your hands look more attractive

Transparent + white (French manicure)

The clear coat transforms nails, but looks natural. In classic French manicure, colorless varnish is combined with white varnish, which covers only the tips of the nail plate. This, by the way, is a very important point, because one white color can highlight the flaws. A jacket neutralizes age spots and looks very feminine and sophisticated.

Mini nail polish (tone White tips) EXTREME LAST nail base coat French manicure varnish (pencil)


Everything is simple here: choose a varnish color that practically merges with your skin tone (for olive - rich beige and caramel, for pale - pinkish, for swarthy - honey or coffee). With such a coating, the hands look well-groomed, and the nail plate visually seems to be longer. To choose the right shade, pay attention to your wrist: if the blue veins are clearly visible, you need a varnish with a cold undertone, if the veins are greenish, warm colors will suit you.

COLOR CARE nail polish (tone 03)


With age, the skin becomes thinner, so the veins appear stronger. Pay attention to the peach varnish: due to the presence of orange pigment in the composition, it neutralizes this blue.

Nail polish (Prelude a kiss tone)


How are we without bright colors ?! Let's not forget about the classic red. By the way, any nail master will say that this varnish is most popular with all clients, regardless of age. Because, firstly, a manicure with such a coating looks luxurious, and secondly, a bright color distracts attention from age spots and imperfections on the skin, drawing attention to the nails.

INSTA-DRI nail polish (tone 373)


This shade works in the same way as red - it focuses on the design, distracting from age-related changes. But there is a subtlety here: it is better to do such a coating on short nails. In this case, the noble shade looks advantageous and elegant.

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