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Phantom beauty: how to process a photo without anyone noticing
Phantom beauty: how to process a photo without anyone noticing

Photo retouching is an integral part of the world around us. It is everywhere: in advertisements, on cans of cosmetics, and especially on social media. And why give up such a good if you want to look a little better in the photo? We asked a professional to tell you about the rules for processing images and how not to overdo it with Photoshop.

Phantom beauty: how to process a photo without anyone noticing Anastasia Vorontsova

Anastasia Vorontsova is a professional retoucher, founder of the training platform for photo retouching A.V. Retouching Lab

Photo retouching is a creative process that has its own rules, balance and, of course, trends. But it is important to understand that initially a lot depends on the quality of the original photo. Not all flaws in the frame can be corrected, even if a real professional is working with the photo.

For example, it is simply impossible to make “invisible retouching” on a photo, where bright light emphasizes facial wrinkles, skin nuances, imperfect hairstyles or your unfavorable angle - with a hunched back or a strongly protruding belly. It is very important to try to take a good photo from the beginning! Then, making retouching, all that remains is to bring the matter to the end, and not to correct mistakes.

Square chest, worn out ears and knees: stars overdone with retouch

What will help make your photo better?

Surprisingly, you should not start with transforming yourself in the frame.

The first rule of perfect retouching is to add color and saturation to the entire photo

This will keep your skin, hair and lips tint looking natural and healthy, rather than a sickly gray or green. If you still find it difficult to understand how to achieve the most natural skin tone, subscribe to the blogs of your favorite retouchers on Instagram and get inspired by their colors in the frames.

The second rule: start "improving" your appearance by correcting skin imperfections

Even the most talented makeup artist cannot remove rashes or acne: at best, they will just make you a pleasant complexion. But this is not enough. The quality of the skin can make photos both attractive and repulsive!

Spoiler: With the help of retouching tools, you can correct many imperfections and give your face the most healthy look. However, you need to act very carefully, literally jewelry, since the texture of the skin in different areas of the face is different. In this case, it is worth starting from the neighboring areas of the skin to make the texture more natural and the retouching natural. Surely many are familiar with the patch tool in the popular Facetune application. There you can copy the nearest skin area and move it to the place you need.

The third rule of invisible retouching is to make the skin velvety with the help of light

Do you remember how in school literature lessons we read descriptions of the appearance of the main characters? Velvety peach-colored skin. It has always been a sign of health and youth! Since the face may not become so smooth and elastic with age, light is the best "plastic surgeon" in this matter.

Check out the cover of the latest Cosmopolitan issue. Regina Todorenko, Masha Minogarova and Alina Astrovskaya have a lively facial skin texture that shines with light, beauty and health. It's a pleasure to look at such faces! Readers realize that in front of him is a real person, and not a plastic doll with an ideal, but such inanimate appearance.


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Fourth rule: correct all minor imperfections in the photo

Remove loose hair, add volume to your hairstyle using the "plastic" function (it is available in many applications). If the color of the hands and neck is very different from the complexion, it also needs to be evened out. This is often forgotten, and the difference is so pronounced that the face looks like after a tanning bed in 2000s:)

The most difficult job in terms of retouching is to remove a little fuzz near the hairline. Ideally, you need to think about this moment while still photographing. Or leave it as it is.

Carry a magnifying glass: stars with facial hair caught by the paparazzi

Fifth rule: do not forget about the natural proportions of the face and body

Before posting a photo on social networks, make sure that you have not done a cardinal "plastic" for yourself. After all, we need to remove only those nuances that are temporary imperfections (for example, acne, shadow under the eyes, protruding small hairs), and not completely change the appearance! It is with the help of graphic editors and special applications that you can give a golden complexion, add velvety texture to the skin, because it is physically impossible to do this with a camera.

The most important rule of photo retouching is maintaining harmony and accurate integration of trends. And not all at once! Super matte “rubber skin” has never been in vogue. In addition, such processing is immediately visible even to those people who do not understand this at all.

Of course, many people dream of having an attractive appearance: a slightly younger face, a little thicker hair, a slightly slimmer body. And it is so important to maintain balance and stop in time. Yes, not everything can be predicted during shooting. But retouching is an essay whose purpose is aesthetics. And not a complete reincarnation of the heroine in the frame.

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