Online beauty: how to choose a foundation in an online store
Online beauty: how to choose a foundation in an online store

Are you running out of foundation, but you can't go to a cosmetic store, but you need it right now? Virtual shopping is in a hurry to help! But if choosing a shade of eyeshadow or lipstick is not difficult, then with tone everything is much more complicated. Cosmo tells you how to buy foundation online and make the most of your color!

Online beauty: how to choose a foundation in an online store

The following steps will help you make a good purchase.

Decide what you want

This is, in principle, not an easy task for the fair sex, but it must be done first. Decide which foundation you want. And specific points will help you with this:

  • coverage (light, medium or heavy);
  • finish (shining, glossy (wet), matte, satin, velvety);
  • functions (matting, moisturizing, sun protection, anti-aging care);
  • texture (foundation, emulsion, fluid, bb cream, cc cream);
  • format (bottle, tube, cushion).

Find the perfect foundation for your skin

Pay attention to what kind of skin foundation is best for - dry, sensitive, normal, oily, problematic or with signs of aging.

In addition, be sure to define her tone. The skin can be “warm”, “cold” or “neutral” (warm, cool, neutral). It's very easy to do - check the signs below!

  • Signs of "cold" skin: slight pink undertones on the cheeks, translucent bluish veins on the neck and wrists.
  • Signs of "warm" skin: slight yellow undertones, greenish veins.
  • "Neutral" combines the characteristics of "warm" and "cold" skin.

Do a little "research" on the Internet

To get started, enter in a search engine, for example, "foundation for combination skin" - and see the results.

In addition, be sure to study popular beauty blogs (Russian or foreign). There you will find not only useful information, but also numerous swatch or makeup examples. The ideal solution is to find a blogger who matches your skin tone and type.

Also, don't ignore the customer experience on specialized review sites - they can be very helpful. By the way, when you consider swatch, choose only those that girls apply to the correct zones: on the skin of the neck or in the area of ​​the lower jaw. Swaps on the inside of the wrist and the back of the hand also have a place to be, but they will not be as accurate.

Choose a lighter tone

So, you are at the finish line, but you can not decide between two similar shades. Our advice is to choose a lighter one. It is much easier to brighten a light tone than to lighten a too dark one: simply apply over bronzer.

Matissime Velvet Fluid, Givenchy
Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel

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