Selfie in the mirror and suffering from hunger: photos of bloggers before their popularity
Selfie in the mirror and suffering from hunger: photos of bloggers before their popularity

At the dawn of the Instagram era, today's millionaire bloggers added the same ordinary photos as most of the web users. See what has changed in their appearance and demeanor in the photo after earning the Popular Blogger title.

Dina Saeva


She is called “the Russian queen of TikTok”. Still: Dina's social networks are followed by tens of millions of people from all over the world! But just a few years ago Madina Basaeva (the real name of the blogger) was an ordinary schoolgirl from Yekaterinburg and did not dream of a cool phone, or branded items, or her own real estate in the center of Moscow.

Anastasia Ivleeva

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Oksana Samoilova and other stars who have the status of mothers with many children

Oksana Samoilova is a mother of four children. The birth of the youngest heir, the son of David, was not easy for the blogger: first, several hours of labor, then an emergency caesarean section and a long wait for a meeting with her son - the boy was immediately taken to the intensive care unit after birth. In a recent interview, Oksana said: “Do I still want to be pregnant? No! This, of course, everything is beautiful and cute, but I like babies in my arms much more than in my belly.” Perhaps the star is still disingenuous. Oksana was lucky with genetics. She quickly recovers from childbirth.

The host of the "Heads and Tails" program, blogger and owner of millions of subscribers Nastya Ivleeva today adds either very beautiful or very creative photos to the Network. The star arranges professional photo sessions, for which she is prepared by a team of stylists and makeup artists. But it was not always so. Back in 2015, Nastya took ordinary selfies that did not get so many likes. Then, as Ivleeva herself says, she worked as a hostess in entertainment establishments. After that, there was a period when her blog was devoted to sports topics. And then she smoothly began to shoot vines, which brought her the very popularity.

Emily Ratajkowski


The prize for the most candid photos should definitely go to Emily Ratajkowski. The model has a perfect figure, skin and tens of millions of subscribers. We do not know what percentage of her audience are men, but definitely a large one. By the way, earlier in the photo you could also see Emily's gorgeous figure, but the star did not bother about the quality of the photos and fashionable bows.

Oksana Samoilova


The mother of four children, wife Dzhigan and businesswoman Oksana Samoilova today have 11 million subscribers on Instagram. From her photographs, you can understand that she devotes all her time to her family. Joint weekends, children's holidays and vacations - the star generously shares moments of his personal life with his audience. By the way, even before her popularity on the Web, Oksana loved to talk in her blog about how she put Ariela to bed or how she suffered from hunger.

Chiara Ferragni


Blogger Chiaru Ferragni, who has millions of subscribers and 12 thousand publications, loves fashion and beauty brands. The web star posts photos with makeup, fashionable outfits and her family. Her specialty is constant collaboration with brands. For example, in the history of Chiara - cooperation with such brands as Lancome and Oreo. By the way, even before her popularity, she published a huge number of photos on her page - maybe this is the secret of her enormous popularity?

Ida Galich


More than 8 million users have subscribed to the country's main giggle Ida Galich on Instagram. Recently, the blogger has been sharing changes in his personal life. But the popularity of Ida was brought primarily by funny vines (she filmed some with Nastya Ivleeva). Before them, the blogger published a photo of an ordinary girl - a selfie in the mirror with a declaration of love for the bag and her life while participating in KVN.

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