NoNative: "We've never had so many different groups and bands before."
NoNative: "We've never had so many different groups and bands before."

NoNative is an artist with a timeless visual concept of a hero, a multifaceted and ambiguous personality. His own among strangers, not bearing templates and belonging to a country, nation, profession, religion. He is a man of the world. Music with taste, structure, details, become and character - this is how you can characterize the style of NoNative, known outside of Russia. Today the artist is building a career by recording Russian-language material and, literally, on March 26, presented his new track "Girl from the Picture".

NoNative: "We've never had so many different groups and bands before."

Anatoly, how did you spend 2020? How do you remember him, in addition to the pandemic, what events happened personally in your country?

Of the 12 months of 2020, I spent six months in England, in my beloved London. Was absorbed in recording an album with Marshall Anthony - one of the most talented songwriters I have ever dealt with. It was from under his hand that the best Craig David songs came out, including the world famous "What's your flavor".

In parallel, we toured colleges all over the country, performed in front of young people, and, at the same time with music, had fantastic Q&A sessions with students, telling them about the process of making music and about the industry in general. A special resonance was caused in schools for difficult teenagers, where metal detectors are at the entrances. Brutal and impenetrable local boys of all races and nationalities, to our surprise, at the end of the performance, came to shake hands and admit that they also wanted, or already "quietly" write songs, some of which contained very sentimental, heartfelt lines.

With the covid and the subsequent quarantine, a lot has changed. The gym has been replaced by home push-ups and road bike rides - a new hobby. I drove it to nearby towns - a record 70 km to a local bike ride called Box Hill in Surrey. And also, I entered Russia by car for the third time in my life. This time the meeting with my family six months later was especially vividly remembered - I felt like a long-distance sailor returning from an expedition.

On March 26th you have a new release. Tell us more about it

The track "Girl From Pictures" is my leap into genre obscurity towards spring. I’m not about fun at all, and I’m dancing so-so, but I wanted to go beyond my comfort zone and decided “why not?”. And then the flywheel of the universe was launched and now Krishto says - "but check it out, bracho." They listened, I sang and fell in love. Krishto came in too.

Yauza embankment, studio - there I, Krishto and the most talented SherbinGold sat down to write vocals and BOOM! - the successor of "Marfa" from Medzhikul was born, no less. I love spring, and our brainchild is a worthy soundtrack to the now warming sun - I think so. Each of us, men, once saw a girl with wings behind her back and an invisible hatchet in her hands with manicure - so this is about her, about the "girl in the picture", everyone has her own, and to love her is a sentence.


What song of yours could you call your favorite and why?

The most direct? She hasn't come out yet. Wait friends, but I will tell you the name, despite its secrecy - "The sea is in me."

You have a very interesting creative pseudonym - tell us about its origin. Why Nonative?

Since the age of 13 I have traveled the world and my gigantic suitcase has become my best friend. The nickname was born from the realization that I am everywhere as a guest, "on the board", but not (no) local (native). I enjoy it - I live without an anchor. Over the past year, several Russian artists have released feats with Western stars: Kizaru and Tory Lanez, Morgenshtern and Lil Pump, Feduk and mishlawi, Elena Temnikova and R3HAB. How do you feel about this, have you thought about such a collaboration, because you have lived in the UK for a long time? It would be great to sing with Willow Smith or Lianne La havas from girls, and from men - a joint work with an interesting foreign artist is already being prepared.But there is always something to grow!

Among the many popular artists nowadays, you are distinguished by deep and sensual lyrics. Do you feel unfair when artists with much lower quality music hit the top of the charts?

I try not to compare myself with anyone, and even more so, not to envy. I do what I enjoy and am in no hurry. Music is like food: there is chewing gum, and there is a profiterole from the chef, and the latter is closer to me. Do you think the Russian audience is ready to accept experimental unusual music and give it the opportunity to get great success? Let's imagine that the songs of Foushee or Travis Scott were released in Russia. Do you think they would be appreciated at their true worth in the Russian-speaking space?

Undoubtedly yes. It is worth listening to the new Ivan Dorn - what is this if not a pure experiment? Hip-hop is also not lagging behind, as it seems to me: there are a lot of performers and each, in its own way, is interesting. The listener's ear sharpens quickly, leaving the artists with no choice but to surprise and create new things in those very experiments. With the arrival of Spotify in Russia, in my opinion, this will only speed up the process. There have never been so many different groups and bands in our country. Production has become more accessible, and ambitions are also growing. It is naive and useless to compare us with the United States, but from all the countries of the former USSR, we are now, unambiguously, holding the bar.


Which niche artist would you like to see in Russian tops? Has this year brought you any discoveries?

In electronic music, I would really like to see BRAGKEN - these are true artists who create very cool sounds and melodies, and Vlade Key is a very cool guy.

Coming to the end of our interview, please share your immediate plans: what can we expect from you?

Towards autumn, expect a full-fledged concert from me, and at least 3 strong tracks, one of which with a famous German DJ.

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