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LUXOR about the new album, modern trends in music and his inspiration
LUXOR about the new album, modern trends in music and his inspiration

Recently the release of the new album "City on the Road" took place - this is a bold hip-hop experiment of the famous artist LUXOR and the popular Russian model Lesya Kafelnikova. In an interview with Cosmo, LUXOR shared the history of the creation of his latest album, spoke about his attitude to modern trends in music and what he values most in his profession.

LUXOR about the new album, modern trends in music and his inspiration
LUXOR about the new album, modern trends in music and his inspiration

You have a new album out. Tell me what is he about?

I have released a joint album with Lesya Kafelnikova, a kind of our hip-hop experiment called "City on the Road". An album about relationships, about life, about feelings, and most importantly about the roads, along the way of which we build our cities, and people appear in them, who either stay or leave over time. We wrote the album relatively quickly, in less than a week, although at first we thought that everything would be much more difficult, since for Les this is the first such serious experience of performance, but she is a real fighter, and from the first recording everything went very easily. The album consists of three songs and an intro, each with its own special mood, from euphoria and melancholy to an aggressive rhythmic beat. For each song, we shot very atmospheric snippets in different images, revealing the ideology of each track.

How did you get the idea to record a full-length album with Alesya Kafelnikova? How long have you planned it?

The idea came up very spontaneously, Lesya wrote to me with a proposal to make a track. At that moment I was not familiar with her and did not know what she was doing, but the idea seemed interesting to me, and I invited her to come to the studio. Then naturally I studied who she was and was pleasantly surprised, as I said, we very quickly recorded three songs, while not adhering to any strict concept, all creativity poured out on its own, and the music suggested where to move.


How do you feel about modern music trends?

I have an absolutely positive attitude to any creativity, be it musicians or people who have nothing to do with music, but they somehow magically succeed in it and they like it. The main thing is to enjoy and be honest with the people for whom you create.

What performers do you listen to on your own?

For the last three months I have been listening to a lot of old music, 70-80-90s. Rolling Stones, Vaya on Dios. From the Russians: King and Jester, Zemfira and Bastu's mood, but unfortunately lately this happens less often.

What inspires you the most to create tracks?

As such, I have no objects of inspiration. This is a spontaneous impulse, very energetically charged, you can't confuse it with anything, but sometimes you go in a car, fall asleep and you may dream of some lines, words, melodies. You turn into a kind of machine for poems or beats.

What do you value most in your profession?

Not only in the profession, but in general, I appreciate the music that I will do even if it ceases to generate income. It is difficult to call it a job, because the music is my whole soul, my whole world. Therefore, in a nutshell, I appreciate the desire to constantly work.

What are the three most important principles of a happy life?

- to be surrounded by close people with whom you are comfortable in any situation

- when you are heard and understood, again people with whom you are comfortable

- when you have the opportunity to help, for example, with your creativity. They often write to me that someone associates my songs with important events in their life, or they find themselves in my songs, which means that my work helps and that means all this is not in vain.

What's the most unusual message you've received from your female fans?

Declaration of love and an offer to become someone's husband.

What is the brightest moment that happened to you this year?

Made my own studio.

What are your further creative plans?

In August, the premiere of my video from the upcoming solo album will take place. The album will be called "City of My Angels" and will be released at the end of September.

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