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Money, Maybach and success: everything about who VASYA is
Money, Maybach and success: everything about who VASYA is

VASYA is a young pop singer. Having worked in the fashion industry for 5 years, Vasya quit his job and out of fun decided to release the premiere track "money" in May 2019. After its release, the track began to gain popularity and was supported by over 200 major bloggers. After that, a presentation took place in the very heart of Moscow, right on Red Square, in GUM. The presentation was supported by large companies such as PUMA, URBAN DECAY and the French COINTREAU liqueur. After performances in the best clubs of the capital (HAPPY END, PROSECCO PR 11, BAR 19) and a tour to Smolensk, there was a lull until March 2020. It was on this day that the second rap track “MAYBACH” was released, where Vasily confidently claims that he will become President, and already on April 11, the debut video was released, which gained about 60,000 views on YouTube.

Money, Maybach and success: everything about who VASYA is
Money, Maybach and success: everything about who VASYA is

Who is VASYA?

VASYA is a young performer from Moscow who sings about MONEY, Maybachi and that he will become president, because this is really about him and he lives like that! Due to the fact that he got into fashion early, VASYA plunged into full luxury and when his peers only earned money on ordinary processions, he worked with the most luxury brands, while remaining a simple and open person.

How did the idea of creating a project come about and how long did you decide on it?

I wanted to release a track for a long time, but all the time I didn't have the time and energy. After the release, the track became quite popular, there was a wild demand and I decided to plunge into this "business" headlong. In general, it happens in my life: I do it out of stupidity, but it is gaining some wild momentum, such as a presentation in GUM at 22, and I understand that life itself has brought me where I need to go.


How did your very first track "Money" come about?

The first track appeared suddenly, like everything in my life. We had a fight with the boss, I lost my job, sat with a friend before going to Simachev and decided that the time had come and I want a track. I wrote to the sound producer and asked to make a track. Waking up in the morning, I did not find demos, I wrote again and he said that he thought I was writing drunk, huh. But I said that I was determined and wanted to release it. After 6 hours, I got three demos and fell in love with MONEY (first track). Then 12 rehearsals and two days of recording. And so he came out!

Did your loved ones support you at the beginning of your career?

Relatives and family did not even know about my plans. But when I said, everyone liked the idea and everyone supported me, my mother even specifically looked at the Russian music TV channel and said "no worse than everyone else." When I had my first release, something unimaginable happened, all the bloggers, celebes supported me, and at night the bloggers themselves wrote and said, “what didn’t get rid of us”, “let’s support”. It felt like it was my birthday:)

Recently you have released a new track "Datura". What is it about?

I decided to release the track "Datura" in quarantine, missing the parties, parties and social events. The track tells: about the dope that happens at parties, when you are a little bolder than usual and do stupid things.

The track tells us about a party where the main character learns what a "plush dope" is and swears with the love of his life, which once again walks with others!


What is your main creative inspiration?

My inspiration is my life! Every day there are so many cool and unusual things that I am surprised at every second of my life, in fact, this inspires me to do strange and unusual actions.

What kind of artists do you listen to?

My media library starts from the tracks of Irina Allegrova and ends with the American rapper 6ix9ine, so we can say that everyone!

Do you continue to listen to the performers you listened to as a child?

Honestly, yes! I listened to Via-gru and Valery Meladze, and now they are often played at parties and I am constantly with them. I even managed to work with them, and then they supported my release. It was so strange, you admire people since childhood, and then they post you on their Instagram.

What is more important for you - chasing trends or sticking to identity?

I think it needs to be mixed. Well, that is, to be on your own, but what would it be in trend. Although sometimes you can create a trend, as your beloved Olga Buzova says.

What are your future plans?

Further more, we are preparing a video for the track "Datura", then a couple more hit tracks (I hope) and an album! I want to develop in this business and do it more deeply, but I don’t always have enough time, but I hope I have found a team that will be with me and for me!

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