Rauf & Faik on project creation, goals and creative plans
Rauf & Faik on project creation, goals and creative plans

On July 16, the release of the new track "Sunset and Dawn" took place - this is an author's song from the duo Rauf & Faik, written in their unique style. Thanks to this track, Rauf & Faik want to convey to the listener that a lot of things happen in life: someone leaves, someone comes. But on this, you do not need to get hung up, but you need to keep going further. Everything will repeat itself over and over again, like every day “sunset and sunrise”.

Rauf & Faik on project creation, goals and creative plans
Rauf & Faik on project creation, goals and creative plans

Tell us how you met, how you decided to create your own project and what inspired you to do this?

We are twin brothers (Rauf Mirzaev Rafig oglu and Faik Mirzaev Rafig oglu, - editor's note), were born on July 7, 1999. in the city of Izhevsk in an Azerbaijani family, then it all began.

Rauf: Approximately, when we were 4 years old, our neighbor saw that we were music boys and advised our parents to take us to the Izhevsk College of Music. Mom and Dad listened, so we started playing the piano. They played until the age of eight, then began to study vocals.

Rauf & Faik: you need to understand that our creativity is not the result of classes in the music school. No. We were born this way, we feel that way. By the way, we have a musical family in general: our grandfather's brother was an opera singer, he even worked as the director of an opera house in the city of Baku. Mom is also a very talented person, well versed in music. She is fluent in the piano and such an interesting Azerbaijani instrument as eve.


Did your family support you at the beginning of your career?

Of course, the whole family supports and believes in us. Moreover, our uncle, despite the fact that the family's financial situation was not the most stable, bought us a laptop in 2014 for 100,000 rubles (then it was a lot of money) so that we could make music. We trained on this laptop for almost five years: we studied and improved in arrangements. As a result, the first album "I Love You" was completely made on this computer in the middle of the bare walls of a studio apartment, where there were two speakers for 700 rubles, a microphone that our friend gave us, and a sound card (this is such a conductor between a laptop and a microphone), which we bought ourselves with the money we earned in the cafe.

Do you have a musical education?

We started our journey from the College of Music - the strongest educational institution in Udmurtia. They played the piano. At the age of 6, upon entering the first grade of a music school, we could already reproduce complex pieces from the third grade curriculum. We successfully passed the exams, but there were not enough places for both: in the end, we decided to go together to the city Children's School of Arts. P. I. Tchaikovsky No.2 and enter the piano department.

In the second grade of a comprehensive school, the teacher discerned our vocal abilities, after which we began to perform at school events. One of them was visited by Olga Nikolaevna Nagovitsyna, a teacher at the House of Children's Art. She invited us to audition for her vocal studio. For several years we studied there, won many vocal competitions and at the same time studied at a music school at the piano department (and then vocal), devoted ourselves entirely to music. After the sixth grade, they moved to the pop studio "Above the Rainbow", with which they toured St. Petersburg, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Italy. In 2015 we graduated from a music school with honors.

What artists have influenced your music? Do you keep listening to them today?

We grew up with music from the 90s and 2000s: R&B, pop, soul. We were influenced by the work of such artists as Sam Smith and Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Brian McKnight, Ivan Dorn, and the work of XXXTentacion means a lot to us.


What are you striving for creatively?

The main thing for each of us is to remain ourselves. We want our creativity to be able to influence people. But at the same time, it is not always worth bending your own line. Sometimes you need to slow down and be patient so as not to hurt anyone, including yourself.

In general, a person who rushes headlong ahead is not the smartest. You need to be able to maneuver, sometimes slow down, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings. We are not alone in this world. Sometimes you can bend under any circumstances, or a person, show patience so that no one gets hurt. In general, our motto in life is I swear to God, I’m moving on. In general, we often heard in childhood something like: “Do you really think that you will succeed? This is ridiculous! " But it never stopped us. We had and still have a dream, and we continue to go towards it.

At what point did you realize that you are popular? How has your life changed?

We were initially noticed by Boris, the director of the Music of the First channel at the end of 2015. He found my (Rauf - ed.) Number from somewhere, called and offered to speak at the event for the New Year - Snow Party. We were somehow appreciated and after the release of the song “I don’t need words” we were invited to the first “Mayevka”. And then grade 11, the Unified State Exam, we graduated from a music school and temporarily stopped enrolling. We recorded the song “I don’t need words” right there.


Do you reply to fans' private messages?

Faik: Yes, we often reply to private messages when we have free time.

Rauf: If possible, I answer.

Describe your ideal girlfriend?

Faik: It should be different. When next to me - modest, cheerful, charismatic, but the main thing is that she should not be like that in front of other people. I want our personal relations to remain just like that.

Rauf: There is no ideal in terms of appearance. The more beautiful a person is inside, the more I will love and respect him.

What are the most unusual gifts you've received from female fans or fans?

The most unusual are the gifts associated with religion.

We know that very soon you will have a release of a new track, tell us about it? What style is it written in?

This track is rather slow. Thanks to him, we wanted to convey to the listener that a lot of things happen in life: someone leaves, someone comes. But you don't need to get hung up on this, you need to keep going further. Everything will be repeated over and over again, like every day “sunset and sunrise”.

Would you like to record a fit with someone from the industry?

Most of all with Max Korzh and Dorn. It seems to us that the fits could turn out very interesting.

What's in your player?

Lately Jackson and some Gorillaz.

What is the secret of your union?

Fraternal connection.

What can fans expect from you in the near future?

We want to keep it a secret, but we hope that we can surprise and remain in our listeners' players.

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