Adorables! What daughters Zavorotnyuk, Khilkevich and other Russian actresses look like
Adorables! What daughters Zavorotnyuk, Khilkevich and other Russian actresses look like

The stars of popular films and TV series have become successful mothers. Ksenia Rappoport, Maria Poroshina, Ekaterina Volkova and other artists are proud of their children.

Adorables! What daughters Zavorotnyuk, Khilkevich and other Russian actresses look like

Polina, daughter of Maria Poroshina

The star of the series "Always say" always "" met Gosha Kutsenko during the entrance exams to the Moscow Art Theater School. The artist studied two years older. The lovers began to live together without registering their union. In 1996, the daughter of a couple, Polina, was born.

The girl followed in the footsteps of famous parents. She graduated from the Theater Institute. Shchukin and works on stage. Polina takes part in the performances "DO + VLA = TOV", "There are no strangers' husbands", "Treachery and love". The actress played in the film "Compensation", the TV series "The Last Cop".

Polina, daughter of Maria Poroshina and Gosha Kutsenko

Elizaveta, daughter of Ekaterina Volkova

The actress of the series "Voronins" met Andrei Karpov thanks to another TV personality - Daria Sagalova. Andrey is known to the audience for the project "Dancing with the Stars". Friendly communication spilled over into a beautiful romance. In 2010, the dancer proposed to his beloved in a Parisian restaurant, and a year later the couple had a daughter, Elizabeth.

Ekaterina devotes every free minute to the girl. Mom and daughter go to the beauty salon together, do their homework and participate in stylish photo shoots. The schoolgirl is actively studying English. “I communicate with Liza as with an adult, I don’t lisp … I praise her, I say that she is great, even if something doesn’t work out. I do not cut off her desires in the bud, I try to explain that there are many difficulties in life,”says Volkova.

Elizaveta, daughter of Ekaterina Volkova

Anna, daughter of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

The performer of the leading role in the TV series "My Fair Nanny" married three times. In her second marriage, with businessman Dmitry Stryukov, the actress gave birth to two children: daughter Anna and son Michael. Union Zavorotnyuk and Stryukov lasted 10 years. After the divorce, Anastasia found happiness with figure skater Peter Chernyshev. The athlete threw all his strength into taking care of his wife during a difficult period. In 2019, the artist was diagnosed with glioblastoma of the brain.

Anna, along with her brother and stepfather, became a support for her mother. The girl claims that it is Anastasia who serves as an example for her in everything. Zavorotnyuk Jr. hosted the program "Get a Star", starred in the series "Closed School". Instadiva takes part in fashion photo shoots and delights fans with thoughtful stylish looks.

Anna takes an example from a star mom

Aglaya and Sonya, daughters of Ksenia Rappoport

The Liquidation star strives to keep privacy out of the public eye. In 1994, Ksenia gave birth to a daughter, Aglaya, from Viktor Tarasov. In 2011, the second heiress of Rappoport, Sonya, was born. The girl's father is actor Yuri Kolokolnikov.

Aglaya has established herself as a talented artist. The films "Ice" and "Ice-2" brought her wide popularity. Tarasova has a role in the films Marathon of Desires, Unprincipled, Ordinary Woman, Foundling. Like the famous mother, Aglaya does not advertise her personal life. There is a very warm relationship between the TV personality and her younger sister.

Daughters of Ksenia Rappoport: Sonya and Aglaya

Arianna and Maria, daughters of Anna Khilkevich

The actress of the series "Barvikha" met businessman Arthur Volkov in 2013. Two years later, the lovers played a wedding, their eldest daughter Arianna was born. Performer of a role in the project “Univer. The new hostel quickly got in shape and returned to work. Arthur and Anna's second daughter, Maria, was born in 2018.

Khilkevich literally does not leave the babies. Family members stick together and travel together frequently. Girls are inspired by the example of their mother, love to dress up and delight her with their discoveries.“It's amazing to have such cool kids, little girlfriends-sisters who not only grow up on their own, but also thanks to whom I gently, but firmly, turn into a completely different person, who reveal my potential, imagination, skills, resources, love”, - says Anna about her daughters.

Anna and Arthur are raising two daughters

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