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Alena Shishkova: "We have absolutely no reason to conflict with Anastasia Reshetova"
Alena Shishkova: "We have absolutely no reason to conflict with Anastasia Reshetova"

The model gave an exclusive interview to Cosmo.

Alena Shishkova: "We have absolutely no reason to conflict with Anastasia Reshetova"
Alena Shishkova: "We have absolutely no reason to conflict with Anastasia Reshetova"

Alena, studies are in full swing. Was Alice looking forward to returning to school? What subjects did she enjoy the most in third grade?

I think there are few children who will say that they like the school year more than the holidays. But the fact that Alice met her school girlfriends again, of course, made her very happy. In the third grade, her educational process is structured differently, the first two grades were something in between school and kindergarten. Everything is serious now. So far she likes everything. So far, he tends more towards humanitarian subjects. In general, he studies at exactly 4 and 5.


You know, sometimes parents worry about their children’s studies more than the children themselves. Is it so with you?

For some reason, it seems to me that they worry so much when they want to demonstrate to others that their children are not worse, and even better than others. These are parents dependent on outside opinions. Maybe I'm wrong. So far, I have no reason to worry about her studies. The main thing is that she is healthy and comprehensively developed. It’s not worse when children are afraid to tell their parents that they have a bad grade today or that the subject is difficult for them. I know this happens a lot. This is not the case in our family.

Give advice on how not to overload the child during the school period? Especially when he is doing something else, such as Alice, who is doing ballet

You know, my parents told me: a change of activity is a rest. It is necessary to alternate classes, then everything will be fine. Of course, by the end of the day, Alice gets tired. But this is a pleasant fatigue, she is happy to talk about her successes, shows what she has learned, which is not yet working out. Of course, our studies always come first, but everything else is her choice. She only does what she really likes. It seems to me that the more mental load children have, the more it should be diluted with physical activity - sports, dancing …

Tell me, is life easier when the child has already gone to school? Did you have more free time when school appeared in Alice's life (let's say, easier than it was during the holidays and the child constantly has to be entertained?)

Alice has such a busy day that there is no need to entertain her on purpose. And during the holidays, she studied online with teachers of languages, chess, danced, learned new poems, traveled a lot with her dad. And our joint entertainment - we draw together, come up with various crafts, read books, watch children's films, cook delicious treats. With the beginning of the school year, everything remained the same, except for travel and online classes.

Alice often spends time with her younger brother - Ratmir? Loves to play with him and babysit?

They are now at the age when they cannot talk on the phone on their own, but I am sure they will have all this. They are very attached to each other, they rejoice at every meeting. It's just that so far a lot does not depend on them.

What is your relationship with Anastasia Reshetova? Do you communicate well with her? For example, can you invite her over for coffee and gossip about something?

We have absolutely no reason to conflict with Anastasia. Different lives, different interests, different companies. There are no points of contact. Therefore, there is practically no communication as such.


Alena - you are a fashionable girl, on your Instagram you often give advice on what fashionable clothes to choose. Don't want to try your hand at design craft?

Several years ago I launched my clothing line in a joint project, then there was an idea to repeat it, but 2020 did not allow it. It is difficult to plan something now. Let's see if anything can be. But this is definitely not in the immediate plans.

Do you want to return to the modeling business?

Now I am more positioned as a blogger. But while I have customers who need me exactly as a model, I am a model. And I will continue to be.

How do you feel now about the fashion for body positivity, the desire of designers and fashion houses, to see people of different races and weight categories on the catwalk? Do you support body positivity?

Yes, I think this is correct. The main thing is not to go too far. It would not have happened that beautiful, slender women would be expelled from the catwalks. Fashion for different people, let different models show it.

I know that you sometimes also come across unpleasant comments about your figure. And you recently admitted that you are trying to gain weight - what helps you in this matter?

This is not sometimes, it has been happening all the time since childhood and all my adult life.

Unfortunately nothing helps. More precisely, I follow my diet, my regime, follow the recommendations of my trainer, nutritionist, gain the desired 2-3 kg bit by bit, but as soon as I get distracted a little, relax, the weight goes away, and I start all over again.

Why do people (especially Instagram users) care so much about someone's weight? Why do you think they insult everyone - both fat and thin? Where does this social media negativity come from?

To be honest, I don't even want to discuss it. Why are some people good and others evil? Who will give the exact answer? All this is unpleasant, but I try to ignore it. I'd rather block the hater so that my Instagram doesn't get dirty than delete my photo.

But there are fewer candid pictures in your feed.. What is the reason? Don't like to provoke?

Yes, there were always few of them … Or not? I don't keep statistics, honestly.

And yet, quite recently, a provocation happened - I'm not talking about a frank picture, but about your publication in a story, where you hinted that Timati is aware of the new relationship. Can you comment on this story? Do you know Sasha Doni and how do you feel about her?

Well, it was just a joke. We do not know each other, but I know that she has been among my subscribers for a long time. I also subscribed to it.

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