Karina Zvereva: "In Russia, all actresses are hostages of certain roles"
Karina Zvereva: "In Russia, all actresses are hostages of certain roles"

The actress gave a frank interview, where she talked about her role in the TV series "Polar", candid filming and the times of "Full House".

TNT launches the second season of the series "Polar". How has your character Angela changed?

If she used to chop off the shoulder, she was more eccentric, eccentric. Now she is trying to preserve the family hearth by any means. Yes, she and Bolt (Ivan Okhlobystin) have quarrels, but they are working on their relationship. By the way, yesterday we filmed some scenes of our couple - in my opinion, it turned out very funny! I really enjoyed yesterday, despite the fact that the shift lasted 15 hours (smiles).

Are you excited to be back as Angela?

Oh sure. I was really looking forward to returning to the shooting in this particular company - we all became friends! Polyarny has a rather complicated history - the project is 5-6 years old. This is a long-suffering series, because at first we had one production, then another, we re-shot the pilot, we changed the director … In general, this could all affect me - at any stage they could re-cast and change the actress, I would have lost this role. But, thank God, everything worked out! I am grateful to be filming in "Polyarny". The second season was created by a wonderful director, Mikhail Starchak. On the set, I trust him, he knows how to shoot comedy.


What attracts you to your heroine?

She is very emotional! It seems like I didn't even have to play it. I just pulled this impudent girl out of me. Considering that my youth passed in the 90s, it was not difficult. There are many archetypes and personalities in any person, they just need to be awakened! Angela is very close to me in spirit - she is emotional, open, direct, sometimes swearing, but this is her zest.

Were there any tests for you on the set of "Polyarny"? What have you never done before?

Yes! I had to perform one very difficult asana, I do yoga, but I have not yet practiced such a pose. I was preparing to do it myself. They gave me an understudy, but she helped only in some moments, in the end I managed it myself.

I know that you are an athletic girl. So this challenge was probably easy for you

I actually underestimated myself in many ways! Even in terms of physical fitness. You know, in every person there is an inner critic who is always unhappy. And I am no exception. But I was often told from the outside: "Stunned how strong you are, you probably live in a gym!" I thought - really! Not everyone will be able to plow like that in the gym and keep themselves in shape. And praised herself

You said about the inner critic. Do you fight him somehow? Perhaps you are visiting a psychologist?

There is such a practice when you take a piece of paper and write down all your advantages on it. Helps a lot! I re-read my achievements, and was pleasantly surprised how much I achieved myself. As for the psychologist …. Yes, I went to three specialists, but somehow it didn't work out that I wanted to continue. I recently decided to ask for help - recently I have a desire to delve into myself, to discuss my problems with someone. I think this is due to the coronavirus - I was sick easily, but after I recovered, I felt that something was wrong with my nervous system. Energy is not enough! Even coffee doesn't help (laughs). Sports also do not always bring pleasure, as it used to be … True, I am doing kundalini yoga here, and I felt the effect, my strength increased - but I am still at the beginning of the path! In general, I am concerned with my mental and emotional health, yes.

Let's get back to your acting career! You are very often offered to play bright girls, real sex bombs

Prostitutes, you wanted to say (laughs)

Yes, exactly them. Tell me, are you satisfied with these roles?

Unfortunately, in Russia all actresses are hostages of certain roles. But, I will say that recently I was approved with practically no samples in an action movie. And there my role is a little different from those that were before. I have long wanted to try myself in such a movie - well, I have a masculine nature, I again like sports, I like physical activity … So, please, give me as many atypical characters for me as possible! Unfortunately, not all directors want to try me in something new. I think it's all because of my bright appearance. Recently, a photographer I know told me - you need to save up money and disappear from the profession for six years so that everyone will forget about your old roles. But I cannot decide on this - I love my profession too much! And besides, I won't be able to play prostitutes and mistresses forever - I'm not getting younger!


I understand that you, too, often indulge your sexual image. You have a lot of candid photo shoots, you have naughty pictures on Instagram, and you often got into the rating of men's magazines …

I will not say that I do not like it! But I do not think that I have a frank Instagram, everything is rather modest there. As for men's magazines, I am pleased! I am still in the top 100 Maxim (38th place) But in general there are questions about the rating, why, for example, Irina Shayk is only in 17th place, and Paulina Andreeva is in 80th!

I also got naked for TV shows, specifically for The Method. Of course, I have been offered explicit scenes in the cinema before, but I refused, waiting for a better offer (laughs). Even if you undress, then for the sake of Yuri Bykov and Konstantin Khabensky! But, I will note that I have never participated in dubious TV series in such scenes, filming. Although such offers were received, I always refused. This is not my story

But you have worked so much as a clown in the "Full House", how did it happen to switch to a completely different role, so radically?

Female beauty and sexuality were discouraged in this program. Of course, when I went on stage, as an actress, I wanted to show myself, I dreamed of being recognized. So my ex-husband and I (Gennady Vetrov is an artist of the "Full House", editor's note), came up with numbers where in the final a terrible grandmother became a beauty - the audience gasped! Unfortunately, this part never got on the air. Airtime is not rubber, they told me (laughs)

And Gennady Vetrov, how did he react?

He was very supportive of all my ideas! Gena is the noblest person, and he never was jealous of me, did not forbid me to show his face and figure on stage. He always tried to help me, and was very upset if I was cut out. But he could not do anything - he is an actor like me, he could also be removed from the air. In the "Full House" there were rules that everyone adjusted to.

Tell me, have you ever had any harassment?

Thank God no! Yes, this is a popular topic, but it did not affect me. But the topic of the hate is close to me! There are a lot of weird people on Instagram who post nasty things and write, “You're ugly. Here you have to shove it back and forth. " What drives them? Hatred? Envy? Closeness? Sometimes I can answer such a person, for him it is unexpectedly polite, ask: “What is the problem? Do you splash your emotions on me? " After this, he gets lost, does not know what to answer. Very often they write claims, trying to offend me: "Here, you play some prostitutes!" Such a feeling, people think that prostitutes are played by real prostitutes! Then what, people in the movies are also being killed for real? (Not taking the Alec Baldwin case.) Well then, great, then I'm a good actress, if I manage to convey the grain of the role so accurately. In the film "Intergirl" Tatyana Yakovleva played a prostitute, and Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" too … And there are also commentators who like to indicate age. After 30 years, all famous bright girls are credited with the status of "old woman". Well this is very funny. Those. Do “old women” and “grannies” look like that? And I imagine the image of an old woman in a completely different way. And you, for sure? And absolutely everything too.It's just a transference (a term in psychology). Usually, those who are afraid of aging themselves are trying to hurt in this way. Age should not be hidden, but proud of it!


By the way, about aging, how do you feel about beauty injections and plastic surgeries?

I love balance in everything! I only do some moisturizing procedures with a beautician. Yes, I pinned my lips to hide the asymmetry. They write to me very often - here you are all punctured! Like that's why I look like that. Just from me you can see that there is no: I have wrinkles on my forehead, neck … If so smart, then go prick. Let's see how you “get younger”. Well, nonsense. I do not abuse cosmetology, because you can't go to the cinema, facial expressions will disappear. And the bloated faces look very artificial. Now you can easily distinguish between someone who is addicted to injections, chasing youth, and someone, on the contrary, for natural aging. You will lose to a young girl anyway. Therefore, it is better to love your wrinkles. Everyone will have them.

And if we are not talking about the face. You do not hide what the breasts did

Yes, because I went in for sports - I had my own good "troika", but then due to physical exertion, she was blown away in six months, literally began to hang, as if I had fed several children. I decided on plastic surgery - I have no regrets! Although I understand that this is all, probably, from self-doubt … But I am more comfortable with such breasts. I don’t care what they write to me: “Here, your boobs are silicone!”. The message is sent by those who have no money for the operation (laughs) I got breasts - and I like it. The only thing is the back gets tired. If I went back in time, I probably would have made the size smaller. That's why I go to the gym (laughs).

You decided on plastic surgery before the birth of your son Ernest?

Yes! And after the appearance of my son, my breasts began to look more natural or something (laughs).

By the way, about your son, you have admitted more than once that you regret not having given birth earlier …

Yes, I just didn't know what motherhood was. You see, some women get this feeling right away - and they wait, can't wait until they give birth. But I didn’t have that, I didn’t understand - is it necessary? And then we met with Ernest's father, endorphins hit my head, I thought: "I want children from him!" It all turned on so … The very idea that we will have a common child with him. And then it happened that we decided to disperse, and then I found out that I had already become pregnant. I was very upset because I didn't want to continue the relationship …..But I'm grateful for everything! Now we communicate well with him. And in Ernest I do not have tea - we are great friends!

I have a final question. Karina, what are you dreaming about?

Yes, everything is trite! I want my loved ones to be happy and healthy! And stability in work. Now many tours are canceled due to restrictions, but you have to earn money. I want to make repairs to my mother's apartment, take the whole family to rest. Considering recent events, you begin to appreciate simple and very important things. Somewhere I read a phrase and it is close to me: "On this earth, the most important thing is to be together." This is about loved ones.

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