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Stars who were radically changed by veneers - before and after photos
Stars who were radically changed by veneers - before and after photos

Aside from extravagant dresses, what do you associate with the red carpet? Of course, a Hollywood smile! And if you haven't won the genetic lottery, what should you do? The stars get out of the situation simply - they put veneers. And it really transforms some of them. Who is this - see our selection!

Kylie Jenner

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Model Kylie Jenner loves to talk in interviews about the benefits of water with lemon and how much this drink has influenced her appearance. We do not argue, a useful thing! But she is unlikely to be able to straighten and whiten teeth. It is more a matter of the dentist here. Kylie turned to him for a reason - veneers suit her face.

Lindsey Lohan

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They make legends about Lindsay Lohan's bad habits … Well, or they write the truth. Judging by the teeth of the actress, the girl did not lead the most healthy lifestyle - this is evidenced by the yellowed enamel and their condition in general. However, Lindsay skillfully got out of the situation and hid all the imperfections under the veneers.

Celine Dion

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Olga Buzova and other stars, whose marriage fell apart

Olga Buzova had a luxurious wedding, but there was no honeymoon. The wedding of Buzov and Dmitry Tarasov was celebrated on the ship with the closest friends and relatives. The ship sailed along the Moskva River. A surprise awaited the bride on the Novospassky bridge. Dmitry posted a declaration of love with balloons. But the couple did not have a honeymoon. The next day, Tarasov went to the training camp, and Olya Buzova remained in Moscow to work on a television project.

Celion Dion is 52 and she looks amazing! Perfect teeth play an important role in its appearance. In her youth, the singer showed not very even teeth and yellowish enamel on the red carpet, but then her image was transformed by veneers.

Emma Roberts

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As a teenager, Emma Roberts starred in sitcoms, and a big smile was the hallmark of the young actress. Much time passed, Emma's filmography was significantly replenished, and her smile changed for the better - the star installed veneers. The actress looked great even before the intervention of the dentist, and now she is beyond praise!

Olga Buzova

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If for Evgenia Feofilaktova "Dom-2" is a thing of the past, for Olga Buzova it is still a part of the present! The only thing that still unites these two stars is the desire to bring your smile closer to the ideal. And, as it seems to us, Olga decided on such a change for a reason. However, the singer overdid it with a touch - so snow-white teeth look unnatural.

Alena Vodonaeva

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A few years ago, Alena Vodonaeva's smile was not Hollywood. Her teeth were not perfectly straight and snow-white. But today the star does not hesitate to smile broadly and demonstrate to the fans the skill of her dentist. The master really turned out to be good!

Evgeniya Feofilaktova

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Evgenia Feofilaktova has changed a lot after participating in the Dom-2 project. The teeth were also modified. Previously, their shape and color of enamel were far from ideal, but now Evgenia's smile is dazzling. Agree, this has a positive effect on the appearance of instadiva.

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