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Zac Efron and other actors whose careers were nearly ruined by drugs and alcohol
Zac Efron and other actors whose careers were nearly ruined by drugs and alcohol

Sometimes even the coolest bad guys go too far … Remember the famous men who were practically killed by their addiction to alcohol and drugs, but they managed to get out.

Zac Efron

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The youngest member of our list learned early enough what fame is: at the age of 17, he became one of the most popular teenagers in America. Like many young celebrities, he owes this to the Disney Channel, whose producers invited Efron to the lead male role in High School Musical. At the age of 21, the actor has already hit the Forbes list of the richest celebrities. Therefore, it is not surprising that young Zach did not manage to cope with the temptations that are teeming with the industry. In 2013, the actor ended up in a rehabilitation clinic to undergo treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism. And it seems that Zach was very lucky: he managed to get out of the vicious circle and continue his career. Now he is filming again and seeks to return to its former popularity and demand. To begin with, Efron brought himself into shape, which we could already observe in the film "128 beats per minute", "Grandfather of easy virtue" and "Rescuers Malibu".

Gerard Butler

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Mickey Rourke and other stars who played couples in movies, but in real life hated each other

Many couples dreamed of repeating the adventures of the heroes of the film "Nine and a half weeks". Everyone believed in the unbridled passion between Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke, repeatedly attributing the couple a whirlwind romance in life. In reality, there was nothing between Kim and Mickey but mutual disgust. Alec Baldwin's ex-wife could not stand the smell of tobacco that came from her partner. Kisses with Rourke terrified her. On-screen lover Basinger was also not enthusiastic about his colleague. Kim seemed insensitive and not very attractive to him.

Gerard Butler never wanted to be good. He speaks a lot and always strives to throw out a trick that will embarrass everyone. Especially the actor sinned with this, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication. He was arrested countless times and released the same number of times. One day, Gerard ended up in a Los Angeles prison with eight other troublemakers, real criminals, on whose account were not only drunken antics. Then Butler realized that something needed to be changed in life and career. Thanks to this decision, Hollywood acquired King Leonidas from the "300 Spartans". Now in his fifties, Butler is focused on his career, not on drunken entertainment.

Colin Farrell

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This Irishman has a reputation as a desperate brawler and drunkard, as well as an unbridled ladies' man. But fans and journalists have not only been unable to reproach Farrell for drunkenness for several years, but they are not even able to remember his last girlfriend. At the moment, Colin has not met anyone for four years and has finally given up alcohol. For a long time, the actor did not talk about what prompted him to quit drinking, but recently he admitted that he was forced to do this by serious health problems. Colin, 43, is now focused on raising his two sons and working.

Mickey Rourke

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Mickey Rourke learned what depression is already at the age of seven, when his father left him and his mother. This left a strong imprint on his heart. After Rourke gained worldwide fame and became rich, he spent all his money on parties and psychoanalysts. Alcohol and drugs became his best friends, replacing real ones. Unable to endure such a way of life, his wife left him, and over time, offers of work in the cinema also stopped.But Mickey turned out to be a tough guy and literally pulled himself out of this hole by the hair, regaining his right to a normal life. Unfortunately, the actor did not manage to return to where he slipped from many years ago, but this does not mean that Rourke has no job offers at all.

Mel Gibson

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One of the main Hollywood brawlers has done so many crazy things in his life that he himself is surprised how he still survived. And alcohol has always been Gibson's faithful companion in difficult times, of which, I must admit, there were many. The actor was detained more than once for drunk driving, fights with journalists, violation of public order and other offenses. But the loudest scandal was the beating of his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, who filed a lawsuit against the actor and won the case. The court sentenced Gibson to three years probation, 16 hours of hard labor, and ordered the actor to take an anger management course. And if Mel seemed to give up alcohol, then with self-control obvious problems are still noticeable.

Robert Downey Jr

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One of the most charming and charismatic actors in the past few years has consistently ranked among the top 10 highest paid Hollywood celebrities. It's hard to believe that Downey Jr. once took huge doses of cocaine and heroin every day and couldn't imagine his life without drugs. According to the actor, in the period from 1996 to 2001, he tried to hide his problem and continued to work, even while under the influence of drugs. But one day, on his way home from the set, he was stopped by a policeman … What happened next, we all know: years of rehabilitation and voila - a delightful career and universal love. It is no exaggeration to say that Robert managed the incredible: after a shameful fall and even prison, he returned to the film business and achieved even greater success! It is hard to imagine what heights this actor could have achieved if drugs had not happened in his life …

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