Not a Prince Charming at all: 5 high-profile embarrassments of Prince Charles
Not a Prince Charming at all: 5 high-profile embarrassments of Prince Charles

Prince Charles has been in the spotlight since birth. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip is the first in line to the throne, and he has been waiting for this moment almost all his life. It is impossible to avoid cameras and scandals in this situation! Sometimes the prince gets into awkward situations.

Commentary on love for Diana


After the engagement was announced, the happy couple was interviewed. And when the journalist said that both looked in love, Diana replied: "Oh yes, absolutely." And before thinking, Charles continued: "Whatever it means … everyone has their own interpretation." Thus, he put Diana in an awkward position.

This episode entered the fourth season of The Crown, although many did not believe this is a real case!

On the day of his wedding with Diana, Charles forgot to kiss her in time and remembered only when they were already standing on the balcony of the palace in front of the crowd. Not the best start to family life …

An intimate conversation with Camilla

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Prince Charles and other stars who fell in love at first sight

The acquaintance of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles happened at a social party in 1970. “Did you know that my great-grandmother had an affair with your great-grandfather? Maybe we should try? " - with this question Camilla began her difficult relationship with the prince. Their affair quickly grew into strong feelings. Subsequently, Parker-Bowles became Charles's mistress and the cause of Diana Spencer's unhappy marriage.

The wedding of the Prince of Wales with Camilla took place only in 2005.

It is no secret that during his marriage to Diana, the prince often visited Camilla Parker Bowles. Their intimate telephone conversation, which took place in 1989, was made public a month after announcing the separation of the "ideal couple" in 1992. “I can’t survive Sunday night without you”, “I would live in your panties or somewhere else, it would be much easier” - these phrases became widely known to the public.

This scandal was named "Camillage" and strongly influenced the image of the future king.

One in front of the Taj Mahal


Later, Diana said that she had gained a very valuable experience. Charles was furious because many media outlets wrote about "a lonely, abandoned beauty that no one loves." Soon there was information that they broke up.

We're just friends


In a 1994 interview, Charles did not want to discuss marriage and infidelity, but journalist Jonathan Dimbleby forced him to do it: “The biggest damage to your marriage was your relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. You were constantly unfaithful to your wife from the very beginning, and this led to the separation."

Charles grimaced back in front of the camera, “It's all very personal. And I can say that most of these are rumors. Mrs. Parker-Bowles is a good friend of mine, I have many friends … When a marriage falls apart … friends help and understand."

Missed the Vice President of the United States


At official events, the prince also does not always behave perfectly. On the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in early 2020, Charles shook hands with all politicians in front of the camera, as if deliberately missing US Vice President Mike Pence. He remained standing with an outstretched hand.

The incident was widely discussed in the media, and Buckingham Palace even issued a clarification to address the issue. It turns out that Charles and Pence talked for a long time before the ceremony, so the prince did not greet him again.

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