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Dal and Efremov, Filatov and Zolotukhin: actors who competed for one woman
Dal and Efremov, Filatov and Zolotukhin: actors who competed for one woman

The stars of Soviet cinema so talentedly embodied the love tragedies of their heroes on the screen that the hearts of the audience sank. Meanwhile, the same passions seethed in the life of Soviet actors. We are talking about love triangles in which the most desirable men of the Soviet Union competed for one woman.

Leonid Filatov and Nikolay Burlyaev

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After the premiere of "Prisoner of the Caucasus" Natalya Varley woke up a star of the all-Union scale and, of course, immediately acquired an army of fans. And not only among the audience, but also among colleagues: the young actor Leonid Filatov saw Natalia on the screen and immediately fell in love.

He was lucky: after the deafening success of the film, Varley decided to change her circus career to an actress career and entered the Shchukin School, where Filatov was already studying. The enamored student by any means tried to attract the attention of the beauty: for example, he once persuaded his friend to catch Natalia in an empty auditorium and sing her a song to his poems (Filatov wrote brilliantly, but he could not sing at all).

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Valeria and other stars who have the status of mothers with many children

Singer Valeria is a mother of three adult children who were born in a marriage with producer Alexander Shulgin. But the heirs practically do not communicate with their abuser father. The singer's sons - Artemy and Arseny - got married one after the other. The elder's wedding took place in Switzerland; only the closest relatives of the couple were present at it. The youngest celebrated the grand event on a grand scale - all secular Moscow was invited to the celebration (except for his father Alexander Shulgin). Valeria's daughter is building a personal brand under the pseudonym SHENA.

Filatov's friend, actor Boris Galkin, recalled in one of his interviews: “It was not even love, but, I would say, love - very deep, ardent and bright. Lyonya went to Natasha's filming, sought reciprocity, sought."

But, alas, beautiful courtship did not help: Varley had already met with actor Nikolai Burlyaev and was going to marry him. Filatov tried to dissuade Varley from this step, but she did not change her mind.

True, the marriage of Natalia Varley and Nikolai Burlyaev lasted only a year. But even after the divorce, Natalya did not respond to Filatov's feelings, saying that she treated him like a friend. Later, Natalya married Vladimir Tikhonov, but this marriage also fell apart. Leonid Filatov's friend, actor Vladimir Kachan, said that many years later, when Filatov was at the zenith of fame, Varley decided to remind him of his past feelings. But, alas, by this time they had already died out.

Leonid Filatov and Valery Zolotukhin

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After Varley's refusal, Leonid Filatov married actress Lydia Savchenko, and it seemed that peace came to his personal life. But no: he fell in love again and again fell into a love triangle - this time much more tragic.

Filatov and Savchenko served together at the Taganka Theater, and the actress Nina Shatskaya also worked here.

Shatskaya was married to actor Valery Zolotukhin, they had a son. But this marriage was not happy: Zolotukhin could not cope with his amorousness and cheated on his wife - one, two, three … Nina fought for her husband, made scandals for her rivals, tried with all her might to save the family. Until one day she drew attention to the look with which Filatov was seeing her off.


Everything is messed up. Nina began to meet with Filatov, trying to keep her husband from guessing about anything. Zolotukhin was not particularly interested in who she was meeting there, sometimes he came home with a mournful face: apparently, he had a fight with his mistress. You could break up with him, go to the one you love, but everything was not easy. The son was ill, and Shatskaya and Zolotukhin thought only about how to cure him.Nina's mother was ill, and the actress simply could not bear the new shocks in her life …

This love triangle lasted almost ten years. The secret romance between Filatov and Shatskaya was really secret: no one knew anything, including Zolotukhin and Savchenko. But in 1977, Shatskaya finally filed for divorce. But Filatov - no: he could not make up his mind to leave his legal wife, but not because he loved, but because he considered such an act vile. They divorced a few years later, when Savchenko had another man.

Nina Shatskaya and Leonid Filatov finally got married. And they lived together until the end: in 2003, Leonid Filatov died after a long serious illness. All this time, Nina Shatskaya was there.

Oleg Dal and Oleg Efremov

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Young actress Nina Doroshina crossed paths with the star of the Soviet screen Oleg Efremov on the set of the film "First Echelon". The girl did not believe her happiness: the main sex symbol of the Soviet screen unexpectedly reciprocated her. The novel was bright and temperamental, but, alas, short-lived: soon Efremov turned his attention to a new rising star - Anastasia Vertinskaya.

Doroshina really grieved, shed tears and could not forgive her lover, cursed the insidious homeless woman and did not find a place for herself. Oleg Dal undertook to console the actress who was experiencing personal drama.


Dal understood perfectly well that Doroshina was still in love with Efremov, but he sincerely believed that he could make Nina forget her rival, and decided to go for broke: after a short romance, he proposed to Nina. And Doroshina, in revenge against Efremov, immediately agreed.

But at the wedding something happened that broke the heart of the actor forever. Everyone walked around Sovremennik, and Efremov also came. According to one version, he carried away the bride with him and did not let her go for a long time. Dahl looked for her until he realized that one of the guests was not there either. Suspecting Nina of treason, after the wedding, he did not come home for two days, and after a couple of weeks he parted with his beloved, remembering for the rest of his life how insidious women are.

According to another version, everything was different. Efremov, in front of the groom's eyes, put Doroshina on his lap and said to the whole audience: "But you still love me." Only at that moment Dahl realized that his opponent was right, went into a binge for two weeks, after which the couple went straight to the registry office to get a divorce.

In any case, Doroshina was able to maintain friendly relations with Dal. They played in the same theater for a long time.

Today, the actress says that she wanted, as in a popular saying, to knock out a wedge with a wedge, but she could not forget Efremov - love for him remained in her heart for her whole life, and she offended Dalya.

Vladimir Basov and Vyacheslav Shalevich

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The aspiring actress Valentina Titova met Vyacheslav Shalevich quite by accident: he came on tour to her hometown and immediately drew attention to the young beauty. A correspondence romance began. Titova made plans for the future, not knowing that Shalevich was married to his classmate and a son was growing up in the family. When the truth was revealed, Titova decided not to back down and won: after several months of throwing, Vyacheslav still left his wife for Valentina.

But they never got married.


Once Valentina and Vyacheslav came to audition together and there they met with the famous actor and director Vladimir Basov. For some reason, he immediately said that Titova would become his wife. Valentina, of course, had no idea that Basov's two wives left him due to constant betrayal, drunkenness and scandals. She simply could not resist: Basov selflessly played not only on the screen, but also in life. He began to fill Titov with ardent letters and expensive gifts. He played the lover in such a way that Valentina's feelings for Shalevich instantly extinguished. Vyacheslav, realizing what was happening, finally made Titova an offer, but it was too late: the girl was completely confused.

As a result, Valentina preferred Basov, although she did not hide that feelings for Shalevich remained. As a result, Valentina's marriage with Vladimir did not become happy: he did not even meet his wife from the hospital. All 14 years of their marriage, Basov cheated on Titova, but at the same time tormented her with his jealousy. She broke down and filed for divorce.

Mikhail Polyak and Nikolay Karachentsov

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Mikhail Polyak and Lyudmila Porgina fell in love with each other in childhood: then both were 12-13 years old. After leaving school, the lovers decided to get married. True, an unpleasant surprise awaited them in the registry office: they did not know that marriage could be concluded from the age of 18, and the bride was only 17. However, they managed to convince their parents to sign a marriage consent, and only then both entered the theater. They were sure that they would spend their entire lives together.


But two years later, Polyaka's teacher approached Lyudmila and said that she “grew out of her husband, like out of a jacket,” and advised her to divorce. Lyudmila listened. Youthful marriage now seemed to her to be a mistake. However, soon the beauty had a second husband - stuntman Viktor Korzun. But this marriage did not last long: the husband was terribly jealous of Lyudmila and even threatened to kill her. For the fact that she finally met the true love of her life - Nikolai Karachentsov.

They met in Lenkom, where they both served. A stormy romance developed in front of the entire theater. Including Mikhail Polyak, who … still loved his ex-wife. But, of course, he could not compete with Karachentsov.

Lyudmila Porgina and Nikolai Karachentsov have lived together all their lives. And for many years Nikolai contemptuously called Mikhail Polyak "our former".

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