Young beauties! What do the daughters of Vetlitskaya, Saltykova and other pop stars of the 90s look like?
Young beauties! What do the daughters of Vetlitskaya, Saltykova and other pop stars of the 90s look like?

The most coveted singers of Russian show business at the end of the last century became mothers of beautiful daughters. The heirs of Valeria, Lolita Milyavskaya, Kristina Orbakaite and other artists delight fans.

Young beauties! What do the daughters of Vetlitskaya, Saltykova and other pop stars of the 90s look like?

Anna Shulgina, daughter of Valeria

The performer of the hit "Snowstorm" raised three children, whom she gave birth to from producer Alexander Shulgin. In 1993, Anna was born, and then her younger brothers - Artemy and Arseny. Shulgina followed in the footsteps of a star mother. After school, she entered the theater institute. B. Shchukin. Anna began her solo career in 2018, on her account two mini-albums: "Silence is broken", "8 sin".

The singer performs under the creative pseudonym Shena ?. During her career, she made several beauty transformations. Anna, by nature the owner of light, thick hair, preferred long curls and delicate images. But becoming a public figure, she cut her hair "garcon" and began to experiment with bold bright shades. At the beginning of her career, Valeria also performed with short strands.

Anna Shulgina in 2021 and Valeria in the 90s

Alisa, daughter of Irina Saltykova

The star of the film "Brother-2" met Viktor Saltykov in Sochi in 1986. A year later, the couple had a daughter, Alice. For the sake of raising the baby, the artist abandoned her career in the popular Mirage group. Irina returned to the stage and thanks to such hits as "Gray Eyes", "Bye-bye", "Lights" achieved a resounding success.

Alice studied in France and Switzerland, lived in London. The girl was inspired by the example of her parents and in 2012, under the pseudonym Salt, she released her debut video for the song Shine. In 2016, Alice took the stage name Talitha and published seven more tracks. Saltykova's daughter continues to develop as a singer, gives performances and records vlogs.


Valeria and other stars who have the status of mothers with many children

Singer Valeria is a mother of three adult children who were born in a marriage with producer Alexander Shulgin. But the heirs practically do not communicate with their abuser father. The singer's sons - Artemy and Arseny - got married one after the other. The elder's wedding took place in Switzerland; only the closest relatives of the couple were present at it. The youngest celebrated the grand event on a grand scale - all secular Moscow was invited to the celebration (except for his father Alexander Shulgin). Valeria's daughter is building a personal brand under the pseudonym SHENA.

Irina Saltykova with her daughter Alice

Ulyana, daughter of Natalia Vetlitskaya

Wide popularity came to Natalia after she released the track "Look in the eyes". The composition made a splash. Vetlitskaya was soon named a sex symbol and style icon. The listeners remembered the hits "But just don't tell me", "Playboy", "Soul". The singers Zhenya Belousov, Dmitry Malikov and businessman Suleiman Kerimov could not resist Natalia's charm.

However, the artist keeps the details of her personal life away from the public. In 2004, the star gave birth to a daughter Ulyana from yoga coach Alexei and emigrated to Spain. Natalia assured that the move was related to the girl's health. At the same time, Ulyana faced bullying at school, which angered Vetlitskaya. The artist takes care of the heiress and protects her from prying attention.

Svetlana Bondarchuk, Ulyana, Sergey Kharchenko and Natalia Vetlitskaya

Svetlana Bondarchuk, Ulyana, Sergey Kharchenko and Natalia Vetlitskaya,

Eva, daughter of Lolita Milyavskaya

The performer of the hit "Ranevskaya" performed in the Cabaret duet "Academy" together with Alexander Tsekalo. The star spouses hosted the programs "Morning mail", "Good morning, country!", "TV-pizza". The collaboration between the artists continued until the divorce in 2000.

The daughter of the TV personality Eva was born in 1998. The upbringing of the baby was mainly done by her grandmother.Lolita's mom took care of Eve while the star gave numerous performances. The singer tried to devote her free time to Eve. The girl graduated from school in Kiev, after which she entered the university in Warsaw.

Claudia, daughter of Christina Orbakaite

The eldest daughter of Alla Pugacheva got married three times. Her first chosen one was Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. The pop diva gave birth to a son, Nikita, from the artist. In her second marriage, with businessman Ruslan Baysarov, Christina had a second son, Denis. In 2005, Orbakaite married entrepreneur Mikhail Zemtsov and became a mother for the third time.

The performer of the hit "Blizzard Again" touchingly cares about Claudia. The singer spends every free minute with the girl, does lessons with her and shoots cute videos. The schoolgirl learns French and Spanish, is engaged in music. In raising the granddaughter of the Prima Donna, the artist is helped by her husband.

Christina Orbakaite with her daughter Claudia

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