How Orbakaite, Brezhnev and other Russian pop stars transformed with age
How Orbakaite, Brezhnev and other Russian pop stars transformed with age

Time flies inexorably. But for some singers it only suits the face. They become even more beautiful every year.

How Orbakaite, Brezhnev and other Russian pop stars transformed with age


A mother of many children, and now a grandmother, looks great. There are no wrinkles on her face, and even young girls can envy a chiseled figure. To keep herself in shape, Valeria regularly goes in for sports and monitors her diet.

“I take good care of myself and am not going to resort to the help of plastic surgeons yet. I do not smoke, absolutely indifferent to alcohol. In general, beauty and health cannot be maintained without a balanced diet and physical activity. I regularly visit the gym, alternating yoga and aerobic exercise, "- shared her secrets singer hits" Blizzard "and" Airplane ".

Valeria in 1992 and in 2021

Vera Brezhneva

It's hard to believe that there is one person in these two photographs. Indeed, over the years, Vera has changed a lot, and for the better. Blond long hair goes to the artist much more than a short haircut. Brezhneva does not hide the fact that she manages to preserve youth and beauty with the help of a balanced diet and regular self-care.

“I am calm about fillers. No, that's not bad, it just doesn't suit me personally. I have a lively facial expression, which I want to preserve, so I support beauty with the help of myofascial massage and self-massage - all these are slow beauty methods, "confessed the wife of Konstantin Meladze.

Vera Brezhneva Image

Vera Brezhneva and other stars who became parents early

While studying at the Dnepropetrovsk Institute, Vera Brezhneva met a young man named Vitaly Voichenko. The blonde lived with him for several years in an unregistered marriage, in which the couple had a daughter, Sonya. Early pregnancy (the singer became a mother at the age of 19) was not easy, the birth lasted 14 hours and drained Vera. But despite the fatigue, the future star of the stage cried with happiness and thanked the clinic staff when she heard the first cry of her heiress.


It is as if time has no power over the singer Natalie. She looks prettier than she did 20 years ago. The artist managed to maintain a slender figure and a youthful face. The pop singer admits that she is not dieting and does not even go to the gym. Moreover, physical activity is always in her life. The performer of the hits "The Wind blew from the sea" and "Oh my God, what a man!" spends a lot of energy in rehearsals and during housework with three children.

“A special food system helped me. One of its main principles is to eat every three hours. And as many times as possible during the waking period. In addition, the size of the portion should fit in two bent palms, if you put them together,”- stressed the pop star.

Natalie in 1998 and 2020

Anita Tsoi

The performer of the hit "To the East" now looks very fresh and attractive. She managed to get rid of excess weight and become the owner of a sexy figure. Anita takes good care of herself, she does facial massage and gymnastics every day.

“Let everyone make an independent decision on the methods of healing and rejuvenating the body. I express my point of view as well as in music. And I advocate natural beauty and natural techniques. Someone will suit and like them. Someone - no. And this is normal, "- said Tsoi.

Anita Tsoi

Christina Orbakaite

One of the most attractive Russian singers and mother of three children prettier from year to year. To look young and fresh, Christina takes care of herself a lot and often visits a beautician. The performer of the hit "Clouds in Blue" emphasizes that being attractive to her is very important.

“As you age, you understand that you need to look good not only because you are an artist, but also because it is a vital necessity.Proper nutrition and sports are not only good shape, but also health. It is useful not only for artists not to let themselves go,”said the daughter of Alla Pugacheva.

Christina Orbakaite

Kristina Orbakaite showed a funny video with her daughter.

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