Amazing! What mothers Shayk, Asmus, Boni and other stars looked like at their age
Amazing! What mothers Shayk, Asmus, Boni and other stars looked like at their age

The heroines of our collection have shared rare family shots. Which of the star beauties is more like her mother is up to you.

Amazing! What mothers Shayk, Asmus, Boni and other stars looked like at their age

Victoria Bonya

The former participant of "House-2" is often accused of plastic surgery. Victoria was tired of reproaches about her appearance. She showed a photo of her mother Galina Ivanovna in her youth to prove that her plump lips and bright facial features came from her parent.

“In our family, all women had a bright appearance. In addition to Russian and Ukrainian blood, a little Chinese blood also flows in our veins. Thanks to my mother for the natural beauty! " - said Bonya.

Galina Ivanovna and Victoria Bonya

Elizaveta Arzamasova

The star of the series "Daddy's Daughters" showed her mother Julia at the age of 25. A young beauty with thick long hair knelt down and lowered the collar of her black dress, exposing her shoulders. A guitar lay in her lap.

“I am looking at this picture from another, unknown reality, and I think how close we are and how far we are. I think that even with all our frankness, we do not know much about parents. I'm not talking about events, I'm talking about something deeper,”said Arzamasova.

Julia and Elizaveta Arzamasov Image

Victoria Bonya and other stars who turned from best friends into sworn enemies

This friendship has always seemed strange to us! What connected Victoria Bonya and Maria Kozhevnikova for many years is a mystery. Nevertheless, they shared all the secrets with each other and often went out to events together. But in 2011, the girls fell out to smithereens. And all because of the beauty contest, in which Victoria allegedly bypassed Maria. Kozhevnikov began to send threats to Bonet. She, without hesitation, told the press all the secrets of Masha. Since then, of course, there could be no question of renewing relations!

Irina Shayk

The catwalk star shocked fans by the resemblance to her beauty mother Olga Shaikhlislamova. The same thick eyebrows, plump lips and expressive look - now it is clear from whom Irina inherited such a spectacular appearance.

“Incredible resemblance to my mother! Two beauties! "," Irina's facial features are exactly like her mother's! "," Wow, what a resemblance to her mother! " Amazing! Same features! Beauty Irina is all like a mother - a real Russian beauty!”,“Is that a mother? You are just a copy!”,“Tenderness. Very beautiful mother! " - wrote fans of the model.

Olga Shaikhlislamova and Irina Shayk

Christine Asmus

The star of the film "Text" grew up in a low-income large family. The actress admitted that she has a difficult relationship with her parents, but she is trying to fix it so as not to deprive her daughter Nastya of communication with her grandparents. Christina showed an archive photo with her mother and wrote: "Forgive your parents."

Christina Asmus with mother Rada and daughter Nastya

Alena Vodonaeva

The former participant of "House-2" is proud of her beautiful mother and takes an example from her. Larisa Vodonaeva monitors her appearance and can boast of a figure no worse than that of her daughter. Alena inherited thick eyebrows from her parent. According to the TV star, her mother, in her youth, forbade her to pluck them.

Larisa and Alena Vodonaev

Larisa and Alena Vodonaeva, Social networks

Alena Vodonaeva commented on the reunion of Ani Lorak with her ex-husband. Irina Shayk on a walk with her daughter caused a stir. The model wore a Britney Spears T-shirt. Liza Arzamasova in shorts starred in Red Square.

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