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10 mature sons of foreign stars - Spears, Brosnan and others
10 mature sons of foreign stars - Spears, Brosnan and others

Get up, we slept through everything! See how the sons of foreign stars have grown up - they are real beauties.

10 mature sons of foreign stars - Spears, Brosnan and others

Other people's children grow up quickly - this is a fact. Not so long ago, we showed how the sons of Russian celebrities boomed (if you have not seen this selection, we advise you to take a look: 10 mature sons of stars - Tsvetaeva, Zavorotnyuk and others). Now it's the turn of the guys from across the ocean.

Britney Spears' sons - Sean Preston and Jayden Jaymes

Britney Spears Britney Spears' sons

We didn’t see Britney’s sons grow up, because unfortunately she didn’t see it herself. 13 years in captivity with his father did their job. Now everything is slowly getting better, and we hope to see the boys more often. Although, wait, these are no longer boys, but young men. Sean Preston is 16 and Jaden James is 15.

Jude Law's son - Rafferty

Jude Law

Getty Images

Jude Law's son Image

Reese Witherspoon and other stars who changed after divorce

The actress's romance with the father of her future children Ryan Phillippe began during the filming of the movie "Cruel Intentions". But every fairy tale has an ending, and it is not always happy. The couple parted ways, remaining friends. And Reese, like many girls, decided that it was time to change something not only in her life, but also in her appearance. Witherspoon took and cut her bangs, which, by the way, suits her very well.

This is the very case when all the best is inherited from the parents - both talent, and beauty, and natural charm. 25-year-old Rafferty confidently conquers the world of fashion, and at the same time our hearts.

Pamela Anderson's sons - Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger

Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson's son

The eldest son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Brandon Thomas went to his father - as soon as the guy turned 18, parties, a sea of ​​alcohol and girls came into his life. Today, the guy has settled down a bit, but the image of a rebel continues to be successfully exploited on the set.

Pamela Anderson's son

The youngest, Dylan, is only 23 years old, and he has not yet decided on his future completely. The guy plays the guitar, enjoys surfing and loves to travel. A couple of years ago, Dylan actively participated in various photo shoots as a model, but it seems that now he is bored with this action, unlike his older brother.

Alain Delon's son - Alain-Fabien

Alain Delon

Getty Images

Alain Delon's son

When your father is a legend, you have to match. As the youngest child in the family, Alain-Fabienne has absorbed all the best. We think it's easy to guess that the guy works as a model and actor - with such and such data!

Cindy Crawford's son - Presley

Cindy crawford Cindy Crawford's son

If the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber Kaia is a goodie and darling, then their son Presley is a real rebel. One of the last crazy things the guy did - he got a tattoo on his face. This is a Hollywood Morgenstern. However, soon, the drawing from the guy's face disappeared. Have you thought about it?

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Pierce Brosnan's son - Paris

Son of Pierce Brosnan

Everyone knows about Dylan Brosnan - a guy, a copy of Keely Shaye Smith's mother, confidently conquers the podium. We want to draw your attention to 20-year-old Paris. The guy is interested in cinema, but wants to be behind the scenes - in the director's chair. We, of course, would not hide such a face.

Reese Witherspoon's son - Deacon

Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon's son

In the context of Reese Witherspoon, her daughter is often referred to as two peas in a pod like a mother. But we believe that the son of the Deacon was cheated undeservedly! Look at what a handsome man he waved! The other day Deacon turned 18 years old. And with such data, he naturally works as a model.

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Kate Hudson's son - Ryder

Kate Hudson's son

17-year-old Ryder is the real pride of his mom, Kate Hudson. A strong, kind, family guy is a real support and support for the actress. And look how handsome he is! Here are the genes.

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