Young adorable! How Vetlitskaya, Apina and other stars of the 90s looked like in childhood
Young adorable! How Vetlitskaya, Apina and other stars of the 90s looked like in childhood

The singers reached the peak of their careers in a difficult period at the end of the twentieth century. Tatiana Bulanova, Alena Apina and other artists have retained their bright appearance. See how they looked in the first years of life.

Young adorable! How Vetlitskaya, Apina and other stars of the 90s looked like in childhood

Natalia Vetlitskaya

The future pop diva was born in Moscow in the family of a nuclear physicist and a piano teacher. Little Natalya showed her creativity from an early age. She was fond of ballet, graduated from a music school and took part in dance competitions. Pavel Smeyan's wife was a choreographer and backing vocalist in the Rondo group, and then began to sing in Mirage, where she became famous throughout the country. After leaving the team, Vetlitskaya began a solo career. Now the performer of the hit "But Don't Tell Me" is trying to return to show business. She is working on new songs.

Muscovite became famous as part of the group

Irina Saltykova

A charming baby with big eyes was born in the city of Donskoy (Tula region). Irina is the daughter of a train driver and a kindergarten teacher. For five years she honed her skills in artistic gymnastics and was fond of volleyball. Irina received an economics education, but strived for popularity. The girl spent only six months as a member of the Mirage women's group, but the fans fell in love with her. Saltykova repeated her success in "free swimming" and recorded several solo albums. Her song "Gray Eyes" is one of the fan favorites.

The star after leaving "Mirage" became a solo singer Click and watch

Alena Apina

The popular singer is a native of Saratov. Her mother was a salesman and her father was an engineer. Alena grew up as a creative girl. She studied in the rhythmic gymnastics section, studied at the music school in the piano class and at the conservatory at the faculty of folk singing. Glory came to Alena when she was invited to become a soloist of the "Combination" group. The performer of the hit "Electric" gained popularity as a solo singer. She became an Honored Artist of Russia and one of the most outspoken pop stars.

Alena Apina - a native of Saratov Click and watch

Tatiana Bulanova

Little Tatiana delighted the Leningrad family of a naval sailor and photographer with her appearance. During her school years, a serious and thoughtful girl did gymnastics and loved music. She performed romances and entered the city institute of culture. Bulanova worked in the library, and then moved to the vocal department of the university. Bulanova's first steps in creativity were made as part of the "Summer Garden" group. The hit "Don't Cry" glorified the singer throughout the Union, and she began to tour.

Tatyana Bulanova grew up as a creative child Click and watch

Masha Rasputina

The real name of the eccentric singer is Alla Ageeva. She was born in Siberia, which she boasted about and even named one of the songs that way. The girl's dad worked at a power plant, and her mother was a hydrogeologist. The future star tried herself in various professions, but gravitated towards art. The artist received a musical education and moved to Moscow. She took a pseudonym, more euphonious for the stage. The girl combined the traditional Russian name Masha and the surname of a friend of the royal family, Grigory Rasputin.

The singer was born in Siberia Click and watch

Alena Sviridova

The future pop star was born in sunny Kerch, where she still loves to relax. Her parents are a pilot and a radio station worker. Alena moved with them to the Krasnodar Territory, and then to Minsk. The girl graduated from the music and pedagogical faculty of the university and combined her studies with the supervision of a vocal studio. The singer worked in an ensemble and performed in different cities of Belarus. She became famous as a solo entertainer and stage actress. Sviridova moved to Moscow in the 90s, where a new round of her career began. The visiting card of the blonde beauty is the composition "Pink Flamingo".

Alain Sviridova in childhood and now

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