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Letters of happiness: the rules of SMS-correspondence that will intrigue a man
Letters of happiness: the rules of SMS-correspondence that will intrigue a man

And now you and him have received each other's phone numbers - so let the SMS-correspondence begin! Here you need to remember how to properly build communication in messengers. British relationship guru and author of a book on how to lasso a guy “Get the guy. How to find and fall in love with the man of your dreams "Matthew Hussey talks about the rules of SMS love for a man for intrigue: which messages are completely taboo, and which ones, on the contrary, will help to hook a man forever.

Letters of happiness: the rules of SMS-correspondence that will intrigue a man

It seems to us that everything is quite simple, know yourself, and write in the message what you think or feel. But no, there are simple rules for composing an SMS for a man to create intrigue, which should be followed - this way you will learn how to send exciting and exciting SMS in your own words, optimal in different contexts, at night or in the morning. Find out the whole truth about the perfect correspondence without registration and SMS in our article!

Rules for composing unusual SMS to a man for intrigue

It doesn't matter if you just met or have been dating for several months - SMS is useful only in two cases: for entertainment or for organizational purposes. But, of course, these two reasons go well together when you text a man for intrigue, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

With organizational goals, in general, everything is clear. For example: you are late; or the cafe where you agreed to meet is closed on Sundays; the president has arrived in the city, and the street you need is blocked; your house is on fire, and it's worth rescheduling the appointment - these are all obvious reasons for sending an SMS.

How to write him an SMS, to which he will definitely answer

Another reason is the creation of intrigue, interest and value for a man at a distance using SMS. Your messages should be cocky, playful and funny. Let them demonstrate your wit and sense of humor, or even tempt a man. Let's say you can send him a message: “I watched a movie here, and it just occurred to me that you very much resemble Bruce Willis …” But don't tell me what exactly. When he asks about it (and he asks), mention one common detail, for example: he also raises his eyebrows, or he has the same gaze, or they are both men who wear jackets, or both show coolness in a stressful situation. Your goal is to give a light compliment. But don't make it too explicit (for example, don't write "Because you are both very sexy", which is a bad example of intrigue in your SMS to a man). Don't be hinting and offensive. The best option is a joke compliment.

Or send an SMS, which will be equivalent to a friendly poke on the shoulder. It's enough to get his attention and makes him respond in kind. After the date, you might write something like, “I think you should know this: I saw a lot of Whitney Houston songs on your iPod last night. Should I be worried about this?.. "Or play it differently and mention something you like:" I've never seen a man with so much 80s music in his player. I'm very impressed …”It works great, because he gets the impression that he, without knowing it, passed a certain exam, and you created an excellent intrigue with a man in SMS correspondence.

SMS are the fuses of communication designed to pique his interest, not intermediaries for endless idle chatter or a substitute for real conversation. The trick with exchanging SMS is to keep the correspondence moderate but effective. The main rule of SMS to a man for intrigue: they should be exciting (interest or desire) and short. There is no room in correspondence for long essays and the exchange of everyday news. Save these topics for personal meetings.Many hours of SMS exchange with a man can give you the feeling that you are building mutual understanding, but this is an illusion. If an element of intimacy and confession is too strong in your messages (and forget about correspondence under the influence of alcohol!), Then at the next personal meeting your interaction will be somewhat constrained, because now an element of personal contact and intimacy will appear in your SMS-relationships. not yet in real life.

Non-intriguing SMS that cannot be sent

Just as our conversations can get boring, so sometimes people on autopilot send SMS. One of the worst texts that can be sent to a man according to the rules of SMS correspondence: “I'm dying of boredom! What are you doing?". Disgusting example of SMS to a man, which is not suitable for creating intrigue.

Such a text is a real depressant. He tells the man that you are bored, and therefore, you will have to be entertained. In addition, it gives him almost no opportunity to flirt, flirt, tease or write anything cocky. When a man receives a message from you, he should feel a little emotional uplift. It can be just fun, because you wrote something funny, or interest, or the desire to smile, because you are flirting a little - in short, anything will do, just do not burden him with the routine duty of describing your day in SMS. If you don't know what to write, ask for his opinion on any issue. For example: “My friends and I are going to watch a horror movie today, but I never watch horror movies. Any recommendation? " If nothing sensible comes into your head, just say good night to a man in an SMS, even if it is not very suitable for intrigue, but this message is at least short.

A provocative message: a variant of intrigue sms for a man to hook him properly

What if you met a man, you had a wonderful conversation, you exchanged numbers, but several days have passed, and you have not received any intriguing SMS or news from him yet?

The reason may be that he has lost interest in you, but never guess on this topic. Maybe he really drowned in work and this week is not able to think about the love of his life. If you clearly see that "the love is gone, the tomatoes are withered," then you can erase this guy from your memory. But there is one message that you can send to him: it will allow you to dispel all doubts. Send this SMS to your man to create intrigue and formulate it in your own words, using short phrases accepted between you.

The rule of SMS correspondence with a man: send this message at about nine o'clock in the evening. Why such precision? Because you already have plans for this evening: you are going to a party, a pub, a concert, an exhibition opening, a bowling tournament, etc. You need to send him when it’s too late for him to leave his place and meet with you; the whole trick is precisely that the moment is chosen unwisely. And then you send him the following text: “I'm at the Jazz Bar. They play great, be sure to come! " A great example of SMS to a man for intrigue at night.

You tell him where you are and why it’s so great there, and end with the words “be sure to come”.

“Be sure to come” are words that breathe confidence. They demonstrate how confident you are. The meaning of this SMS message to a man is to give him a chance to do something. You completely transfer the initiative to him. You communicate that you are no longer at home and are having a good time with other people, so this message does not give the feeling that you are desperate. But at the same time you hint that you would be pleased if he was there with you. But here's the thing: you don't really expect him to appear. That is why you invite him when it’s already quite late, as if this thought occurred to you at the last moment.Why? Because in this case, if he cannot come now, but still wants to see you, he will send you a reply SMS with an offer to meet another time. Or, if he does decide to come, you're already having a good time and he might just join you. You win in both cases, and even if he is not interested at all, you still have nothing to lose. You remain in the same position as before, and do not substitute, asking him out on a date. However, you should only send such a message when you are really having fun somewhere. Don’t sit down, thinking that he will not come anyway! If he likes you, chances are he'll do it! We like this option, like this, without using vulgar words, you were able to send an SMS to a man for intrigue, exciting, at least, his interest.

Use the affirmative form when texting a man for intrigue

It is often much more effective to use affirmations than questions during SMS correspondence. If you send a man an SMS with the text: “Tonight, the whole company is going to a new restaurant. Come have dinner! " - it speaks of a level of confidence that men are not used to meeting with women. It's like saying, "I'm going to a great place with great people, and you should come with us." If he likes you, all an intrigued sms man has to do is say yes. And if he cannot escape this evening, let him just postpone the meeting to another time, that is, in this case, you shift the organization of your date to him. The move is perfect because it is elegant.

When you use a confident statement like “you have to come with us,” it doesn’t imply a choice on his part. Do not leave loopholes in SMS to a man for intrigue. The affirmative form in the correspondence eliminates lengthy debate about when and where you will meet, and agonizing attempts to figure out how your schedules fit together next week. When I ask the question, “Would you like to go out on a date next week?” There are a lot of variables to consider. Do you want to go? And if you want, can you? And if you can, when? And where exactly? And what to do there? It looks like there is a lot of work to do here. But when you tell the guy where you are and what you are doing, and say that he just should have come, he can only think about the pleasure he will receive when he meets you.

Bonus: examples of intriguing SMS messages for correspondence with a man

In case your sense of humor and imagination temporarily paused, here is a small cheat sheet that can be used in an SMS to a man to create intrigue, replace with your usual words:

  • In the evening I want to put on my favorite dress, but without your help I cannot cope. Come and help zip it up on the back!
  • Honey, at work you should think about business, not about me. Although I understand that this is impossible!
  • Do you think I should schedule a workout in the gym today or a meeting with you? It seems to me that the latter option is more effective for my fitness.
  • Write to me about your three cherished desires! I will perform one of them this weekend, I promise!
  • Did I tell you I was weird? In the evening you will understand why.
  • All day I have one thought in my head. No, I will not write now, it is indecent!
  • It's a shame we had to stop yesterday … It's a good thing we will continue today!

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