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Prohibition: Eight Reasons Lubricant Does Not Emit
Prohibition: Eight Reasons Lubricant Does Not Emit

There is nothing more frustrating than being horny and dry. Let's figure out why this happens and how it can be fixed.

Prohibition: Eight Reasons Lubricant Does Not Emit

Our vagina can do fantastic things: for example, please us with orgasms or return to its previous size, letting a child through itself. Lubrication seems compared to this trifle, but when it does not appear during sex, you immediately understand: it's not such a trifle!

Dryness is pretty annoying and makes me doubt myself: did it really seem to me that I was excited? No, this cannot be, because all the other signs of readiness for a sex marathon or at least a sprint are in place! Let's figure out for what reasons the lubricant can disappear and how to fix it without going broke on lubricants.

You are in a hurry

Let's be honest: sprint is less suitable for women. We don't get aroused as quickly as men: Research shows it takes 10 to 45 minutes. The fork, as you can see, is large, and perhaps you are one of those who need not ten minutes, but at least half an hour. So just stretch out the foreplay and chances are the lubrication problem will resolve on its own.

You are dehydrated

Our bodies are 60% water, and as soon as there is a lack of it, the body goes into a saving mode. Need some saliva? Okay, here's a little bit, you gotta chew your food somehow. Grease? And forget to think, we have a deficit, there is nothing to throw away precious moisture for pleasure, and not for survival. But the good news is that defeating dehydration is easy. Drink two or three liters of liquid every day and in a few days you will see the difference!

Your soap set you up

Some people are allergic to substances contained in soaps, gels or washing powder, traces of which remain on the laundry. The irritation they cause goes hand in hand with dryness. Fortunately, in this case, the problem can be easily solved by replacing the bottles in the bathroom: it is enough to choose something more natural for the shower and intimate hygiene.

You may be sick

Alas, it is not always possible to cope with the lack of lubrication with a few glasses of water or new bubble bath. Sometimes vaginal dryness can be a symptom of a disease: for example, Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease in which the glands of external secretion stop working properly. So listen to yourself: what happens to the eyes and mouth? And if you understand that the humidity there is clearly less than necessary, consult a doctor.

Sjogren's Syndrome is a fairly rare disease, but a good doctor will definitely not hurt in case of long-term lubrication problems: he will help determine if its absence is the result of drugs that you are taking, infections or other diseases.


Are you taking antidepressants

Antidepressants are important and necessary: ​​they help us return to normal life after depression, save us from anxiety, irritability, apathy and constant anxiety. But they also have disadvantages: they can not only negatively affect libido, but also affect the release of vaginal lubrication. Talk to your doctor about changing your medication: there is likely to be one that is ideal for both mental health and sexual health.

By the way, antidepressants are not the only drugs that make lubricants disappear. Antihistamines and those taken for asthma can also be affected. Since you cannot just take and stop suffering from allergies, the solution is still the same: seek help to select another treatment option. And, of course, nobody canceled lubricants: breathing normally is much more important than becoming wet at the moment of arousal.

Do you smoke

The appearance of lubrication is associated with a rush of blood to the genitals: when the vessels fill up, high blood pressure displaces the vaginal secretion, and it seeps through our mucous membranes. Smoking can block small blood vessels and thus inhibit the release of lubricant. The solution here is obvious, but not easy: decide what you need - cigarettes or the ability to do without lubricants.

Your estrogen levels are low

A drop in estrogen levels can be associated with menopause, recent childbirth, or breastfeeding. But sometimes there are more serious reasons: for example, endocrine system diseases, ovarian dysfunction or depression. So see your doctor and answer additional questions that will help you understand if lubrication is the only problem to worry about.

Your partner is not as good as he thinks

This is the most obvious reason: your lover is simply not good enough in bed to turn you on. You are not Pavlov's dog and you cannot release lubricant only at the sight of a penis: for this you need to want both a man and sex with him. Let him try better: try something new or give up something old and annoying you. And if he doesn’t want to, well, sometimes it’s not necessary to change lubricant for lubricant, but one man for another.

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