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Jade eggs: why you shouldn't stick stones in yourself
Jade eggs: why you shouldn't stick stones in yourself

If you hammer the combination "jade eggs" into a search engine, you will learn a lot of interesting things: about female energy, the beneficial effect of the stone on the genitals and the concubines of the Chinese emperor who felt the incredible power of jade. The truth is, we are not in ancient China (which is great!) And there are far more effective and safer ways to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles on the market. Why jade eggs have become so popular and how their use threatens you - read in our material.

Jade eggs: why you shouldn't stick stones in yourself

First, let's find out what jade eggs, also called yoni eggs, are, and why they suddenly became so popular. Actually, there is no secret - these are eggs the size of a tennis ball, made of smooth jade: green, blue, black … They are "supposed" to be inserted into the vagina and held there by the strength of the muscles. Their miraculous power will not only awaken your libido, but also open the chakras, help the onset of pregnancy, cleanse the aura, and also arouse the interest of men in you. (You bet! You are planning a night of passion, and suddenly an egg falls out of you! Interest is guaranteed).

Eggs have been on the sex toy market for quite some time, but they gained popularity a few years ago when Gwyneth Paltrow shared incredible libido advice on her Goop website. She recommended sticking a jade egg inside and holding it all day or all night. She has previously taught her fans about the benefits of vaginal vaping - sitting over a hot pot filled with herbs for 45 minutes in order to cleanse the uterus and balance hormone levels.

You yourself told about Kegel exercises

Yes, Kegel exercises are great for training your pelvic floor muscles. They, like any other muscles in our body, need strengthening. Their tone decreases with age, and women have problems with achieving orgasm and maintaining urine. Pelvic floor muscle (PFM) training stimulates blood flow to the vagina, increases vaginal sensitivity, and develops nerve receptors.

The problem is that jade eggs are poorly suited for this purpose. To begin with, there is no scientific research on the use of jade eggs: there is no data on either their benefits or their disadvantages. In addition, proper pelvic floor muscle training involves alternating muscle contraction and relaxation. Continuous muscle contraction (which will occur if you leave the egg overnight) will overstrain them with all that it implies: constipation, pain in the pelvis and muscle spasms.


Gwyneth Paltrow and other stars, whose wedding fell through on the eve of the celebration

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow met on the set of the movie "Seven", on the set they had a whirlwind romance. The couple even had the same style of dress at the time! The upcoming wedding of two sex symbols seemed like an event of the year, but Brad and Gwyneth suddenly parted ways. Rumor has it that the reason was the bride's infidelity: she allegedly had an affair with colleague John Hannah on the set of "Beware, the doors are closing."


In addition, jade is a porous material, which means that this way you can bring in an infection.

By the way, Goop was sued for false claims about the health benefits of jade eggs, which were not scientifically confirmed. Goop had to charge $ 145,000 to everyone who bought the eggs on Paltrow's site.

Well, as for China. Most sellers of jade eggs rely on the secret knowledge of the emperor's concubines, who literally drove him crazy with their talents acquired with the help of jade eggs. The truth is that this is a hoax too (not to say "a lie").A 2019 study in which scientists analyzed 5,000 jade objects found that no eggs were found among the jade trinkets.

What should you use?


Fortunately, there is a simple and safe alternative to jade eggs. There are quite a few such alternatives: from budgetary ones (which cost about 700-900 rubles) to expensive ones (about 7000 rubles). The simplest option is conventional vaginal balls with a displaced center of gravity. As a rule, they are made of medical grade silicone and equipped with a special loop for easy removal. Choose trusted reliable manufacturers: Fun Factory, Lelo, Satisfyer …

A more effective, albeit more expensive, alternative is the feedback trainer. This is an interactive simulator that synchronizes with the application on your phone and “tells” you what to do: when to strain, when to relax, how much to keep the muscles contracted … This is convenient, because you do not need to count the number of approaches and fear that you will overexert yourself. You just need to follow the instructions.

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