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My adult girlfriend: what a relationship looks like in couples, where he is 10 years younger
My adult girlfriend: what a relationship looks like in couples, where he is 10 years younger

Relationships in which there is a difference in age between partners are not uncommon. But in traditional society, it is still more customary that a man is older than a woman. Recently, however, a different trend has emerged. Couples in which the guy is 10 years younger than the woman began to appear more often. Let's try to find out what this is connected with.

My adult girlfriend: what a relationship looks like in couples, where he is 10 years younger

Five years ago, I was a hilarious gimmick with one low-paying job and a dozen ruinous hobbies. I had a girlfriend, or rather, three girls. All the same age, I could not even imagine a woman 10 years older next to me. Of course, there was only one nearby all the time at a time. I am ashamed to admit, but I chose them as things - according to the weather. One for a fun sunny picnic, another for rainy autumn melancholy, and a third. The third is when you need to have lunch with someone on a hot working afternoon …


I could imagine a lot. My luxurious three-level apartment (which I still don't have). And Mexico, where I will certainly take part in a costume ceremony depicting Aztec ritual sacrifices. I could even admit that I would get tired of the cheerful pursuit of the career ladder, and I would enlist in the French Foreign Legion - to chase terrorists across Africa. But what happened, I was not what I had not planned, I could not even imagine. I am the same guy who is 10 years younger, living with a woman older than me. And I am learning to build relationships with the difference in those same ten years.

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It was a blow below the belt. And higher. Sunstroke directly to the head, as in Bunin's story. And even a powerful hydraulic shock - from the inside, into the heart. It's hard to explain. Imagine that you constantly see some unfamiliar and at the same time painfully familiar person in your dull morning dreams. And suddenly you meet this very person in reality - a real one, laughing. It was a miracle in its purest form.

She did not charm me, did not seduce me. I just took it. She liked to repeat this joke “I don’t need someone else, but I’ll take mine, no matter who’s it.” So she took me, as something uniquely her own. It was interesting, exciting, strange and at the same time calm and cozy next to her. We didn’t think about age at all, that I’m a guy who is ten years younger than a girl. She was very different from all the girls with whom I talked then - my peers and those who are even younger … She did not lie, did not act, did not play any fictional roles, she just lived. And she did it beautifully, with some kind of royal dignity and at the same time with bewitching simplicity. This, apparently, is what is called experience. Sooner or later, it appears in everyone, even the most stylish and inadequate young girls. When they grow up, they, too, will probably become queens … Although I do not exclude that others will remain like little fools until old age.

Languid sighs

Sex is better than with her, I have never had with anyone. And it's not about some kind of acrobatics or the fact that she allowed what others usually do not allow (by the way, she did, yes). I hope she also enjoys having sex with me, a guy 10 years younger. Please, let no one be offended, but having sex with girls in their twenties or less is unbearably boring. Now that there is something to compare with, I would say that this is not sex at all. Young beauties are senselessly trying to conform to some insane template, formed by some unknown films and existing only in their heads. Passionately and falsely, they make a languid sigh strictly once every five minutes. They refuse certain poses in principle: it looks, you know, it's somehow not so. How do you want it to look? Anyway, who is looking at them at this moment ?!

Whether it is a woman who is older, who understands exactly what she wants! And she is able to explain this to you without any embarrassment or false modesty. We had only one problem in bed - I could not restrain myself for a long time. Especially the first two times. If a guy is 10 years younger, it happens. Now it has somehow stabilized. Tune in to each other. And every time happiness erupts out of me, I scream like a madman, not thinking at all that someone will misunderstand me. And at this moment, you know, I don't care to such an extent that the girl is 10 years older than the guy!

the girl is older than the guy

The guy is 10 years younger than the girl: the psychology of relationships

A couple of times in my life, I care. Once my friends invited me to a murky charity, concert and entertainment party. We came together. They all drank quietly. At first, acquaintances and unfamiliar people came up to me and said: "You are such a nice couple." Then the girls began to somehow unpleasantly wink and grin, discussing the fact that my girlfriend is 10 years older than me. And then one shot came up to us and said something like "Is it true that elderly aunts think about sex all the time?"

He then received from me specifically for the "elderly aunts". After which she, washing up my shirt slightly stained with blood from a bruised lip in the toilet, laughed and said: "Let's assume that you made an offer to me today." She kissed my broken lip - it was painful and sweet.

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The second time I did not care when we met her mother. Wild initiative on the part of the girl, of course. But what can't you do for your beloved. At first everything looked decent - cake, flowers, hello, thank you, please. And then her mother dragged her out to talk to the next room. From there it started, "What are you, gone crazy, fell in love with a guy 10 years younger!" and “he’s just a child” - at exactly such a volume level that I could hear, but not hear the neighbors. And then my girlfriend jumped out - red, in tears. And then it seemed to shock me - she was so defenseless, so pitiful that it suddenly became clear at once: she really was a little girl. And I, although she is younger, in fact, older and stronger. I said only one phrase to her mother: "And we will live with me." At that time, it was a blatant lie: there was still no "me". But a year later it appeared, because she is a little girl, and I am a strong man. When a guy is 10 years younger, the psychology of relationships is the same as in couples where the partners are of the same age. Yes, and in the most intimate and affectionate moments she calls me, you know what she calls me? Daddy. And believe me, I'm proud of it.

Relationship with a guy 10 years younger

Well, yes, we have an age difference of ten years. All those around us have long been accustomed to it. In fact, everyone does not care, but we are good together. It turned out that there was a sea of ​​common interests. We dealt with household and economic troubles surprisingly quickly. True, she is not on friendly terms with technology. But it looks so cute when she enters a life-and-death battle with another iPhone or netbook … If it gets really tight, a real Batman always comes to the rescue and a handsome man of all trades. I'm glad to be Batman. We look like the same age, so falling in love with a guy 10 years younger is not scary. She is engaged in swimming, yoga and some kind of "bioenergetic self-regulation." I don't know which of these is more useful, but everything that is supposed to be elastic is elastic.

The funny thing is to remember what event pushed me to the decision, so to speak, to legitimize the relationship. For the first few years, the idea of ​​getting married just didn't cross my mind. And the beloved woman did not express concern about this in any way. On the contrary, she said: "I am still young, I want to take a walk until I am ready for serious decisions." I was joking. Or was she not joking? But one day a boy, whom I know very well, was three years younger than me, began to look after her. And I was seriously afraid that I would lose her. Why, if she likes guys 10 years younger, can't she like guys 13 years younger? I tensed.She probably arranged it on purpose so that I could see him handing her some skinny bouquet at the entrance, so that I would be jealous. And I, of course, got jealous … She's cunning, of course, she calculated everything in advance. For this, a special thanks to her from me.

She categorically refused a magnificent wedding - we ran away from everyone on a tour of the Mediterranean. At twenty, no girl would do that. But what about dresses, dances, ransoms, bridesmaids and other rubbish? And at thirty-something, a wedding without a carbon monoxide wedding is reasonable and … to my liking. We've been together for five years. They have been married for a little over a year.

Our future? Do not know. I only know that it is definitely there. And age … What age? Well, she likes a guy 10 years younger, so what? When she falls asleep on my shoulder, she sometimes catches my shoulder with her lips in her sleep. And as long as she does this, no matter how old we are, she will be younger than me.

Great husbands who were younger than their wives

Salvador Dali was younger than his wife and muse Gala for 10 years. The fact that he is 10 years younger did not prevent the eccentric couple from maintaining mutual attraction for the rest of their lives. When Gala died, Dali stopped creating and spent the last seven years of his life in woeful solitude.

Sergei Yesenin and Isadora Duncan separated by 17 years. This strange passionate romance was subsequently overgrown with rumors and legends.

Milena Maric, Einstein's first wife, was five years older than him. When they met, he was 17, and she was 22. Many scientists believe that the theory of relativity would not have taken place without her. The second wife of the genius was only three years older than him, and she already had two children from a previous marriage.

Honore de Balzac called Laura de Verny his first and most important love of the writer, a married woman 22 years older than him. She became not only a mistress, but also a friend and adviser to the writer, inspiring Balzac to literary work.

Diane de Poitiers, favorite of King Henry II of France, was 20 years older than him… Heinrich anxiously loved her all his life, until his death in a knightly tournament, and considered Diana his muse and best friend.

Stars who liked a younger guy


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon (he is 13 years younger than his wife) got married again in 2010. Without getting divorced. They just once again wanted to say the most important words to each other and swear love and fidelity.


Hugh Jackman 13 years younger than his wife. Hugh was deprived of communication with his mother as a child, and it seems that it was Deborah who replaced her. She takes care of Jackman, monitors his food and wardrobe. Hugh? He is happy!


Nonna Grishaeva says about her husband, who is 12 years younger than her, that Sasha is the person with whom you can raise children and live happily. Neither add nor subtract!


Second husband Audrey Hepburn became an Italian playboy and psychoanalyst Andrea Dotti - he was 9 years younger than her. Having survived a divorce from Andrea, the actress spent the rest of her life with her dearly loved Robert Walders, who was seven years younger than Audrey.

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