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Divorce will follow: 4 marriage signs that marriage won't last long
Divorce will follow: 4 marriage signs that marriage won't last long

When you are in love, you often hear the question: "When did you understand everything?" If you are organizing a wedding, sometimes former clients come and ask the same question, meaning something completely different. Here are the stories of professional wedding organizers about how you can guess that the "silver" newlyweds will not celebrate.

Divorce will follow: 4 marriage signs that marriage won't last long

1. The bride and groom went overboard at the wedding

This is a serious sign that for some reason both of them cannot keep themselves from losing control even on such an important day. And if one still goes for cocktails, and the ceremony has not yet begun, you will inevitably ask yourself why all this is started at all.

2. They greatly surprised each other

“There were a hundred guests at one wedding, but three times as many could have been fed with cake. It was being taken from a pretentious pastry shop in another city, and it was decorated with three Chinese characters. The groom had no idea what they meant until the bride announced into the microphone that these were three qualities that she would like to see in him: humility, obedience, devotion. When the groom realized that this was not a joke, he was silent all the time while the cake was served and ate."

3. Did not take into account the wishes of the partner

“I worked with a couple where the bride was a vegetarian. But the groom refused to add any vegetarian dishes to the menu, because few people would eat them. If you can't please the bride on her wedding day, how are you going to live your whole life with her?"

4. The sudden appearance of the former

“The most unpleasant wedding incident was when the mother of the groom's child and his ex-bride showed up there. She grabbed a piece of wedding cake, threw it at the newlyweds and yelled that the groom is a disgusting father. Then she grabbed the table lined with bottles of wine and turned it over. I don't know if the groom was really such a bad father, but they divorced a year later."

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