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7 women who made their men great
7 women who made their men great

Behind every genius is the woman who made him one. This is a rule that allows almost no exceptions.

7 women who made their men great

Women who made husbands great

Jenny Marks

women who made husbands famous

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The born Baroness von Westphalen became engaged to the beggar Karl, despite family protests and public censure. Karl and Jenny secretly got engaged in one of the Protestant churches, but were officially able to get married only seven years later. Soon after the wedding, the family lost their only income (the newspaper where Marx worked was closed) and ended up in exile. Betty, Jenny's friend, who visited the Marx couple, wrote: “These unfortunate, but proud in spirit people have drunk the cup of grief and need. Life was very hard for them, they were starving in the literal sense of the word, starving with their children. " Jenny Marks could divorce Karl and return to her wealthy family, but chose to stay with her husband. She buried four children who died at an early age, but even that could not shake her love for her husband. The daughter of Karl and Jenny Eleanor would later write: "It will not be an exaggeration if I say, without Jenny von Westphalen, Karl Marx could never have become what he was."


women who made husbands great gala

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Elena Dyakonova was an amazing woman. She attracted men to her like a magnet. In 1917, she married the young poet Eugene Grendel and immediately invented beautiful pseudonyms for herself and her husband - Gala and Paul Eluard. The couple moved to Paris, where Gala quickly met the local elite and made useful contacts in publishing circles. Her husband instantly became a wealthy person. In 1929, Paul and Gala paid a visit to the young Catalan artist Dalí. The owner wanted to meet the guests in an unusual way - Dali tore open his shirt and rubbed his body with a mixture of fish glue, goat droppings and lavender. But, seeing the guest, he immediately ran to change. On the same evening, their stormy romance began. “Soon you will be the way I want to see you, my boy,” Gala said to the artist, and he agreed with this. She took over all household chores, Dali could create without being distracted by these "little things". Gala took into her own hands all the financial affairs of her husband, and Dali became rich. Until the end of his life, he considered his wife a living myth and a modern icon.

Sofya Andreevna Tolstaya

women who made husbands great

On September 23, 1862, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy married Sofya Andreevna Bers. She at that time was 18 years old, count - 34. A year later, their first child was born, and family happiness cracked. “Pain weighs me down to three deaths. Lyova is murderous … Nothing is cute. Like a dog, I got used to his caresses - he cooled down … I am bored, I am alone, completely alone … I am satisfaction, I am a nanny, I am familiar furniture, I am a woman, "wrote Sophia. Nevertheless, Sophia gave birth to 13 children to Tolstoy and at the same time dragged on herself literally the entire life of the family, as well as the work of her husband: “It's easy to say, but at any given moment I am concerned about: students and sick children, the hygienic and, most importantly, the spiritual state of her husband, big children with their affairs, debts, children and service, the sale and plans of the Samara estate …, a new edition and 13th part with the forbidden "Kreutzer Sonata", a request for a section with Ovsyannikov's priest, proofs of the 13th volume, Misha's nightgowns, sheets and boots for Andryusha; do not delay payments for the house, insurance, property obligations, passports of people, keep accounts, rewrite, etc. and so on. - and all this must certainly directly affect me. " For the sake of her husband, Sofya Andreevna abandoned social life and forever locked herself in a village estate, endlessly gave birth and took care of children herself, and at the same time was a copyist of manuscripts, translator, secretary and publisher of her husband's works.

Clementine Churchill

women who made husbands famous churchill

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Winston Churchill and Clementine Hozier lived together for 57 years.Clementine once said: “Never force your husbands to agree with you. You will achieve more by continuing to calmly adhere to your convictions, and over time you will see how your spouse quietly comes to the conclusion that you are right.” It cannot be said that this method worked: Churchill drank all his life, smoked indefatigably, lost fortunes in casinos more than once, and constantly grumbled. By the way, the couple slept in different bedrooms all their lives. Nevertheless, historians confirm that Clementine Churchill positively influenced her husband and his decisions. For example, at her request, a fund was established to help the Soviet Union during World War II. Thanks to Clementine, two hospitals for the military appeared in Rostov-on-Don, despite the tense relations between the countries.

Vera Muromtseva-Bunina

women who made their husbands famous bunin

Vera Muromtseva received an excellent education: she seriously studied chemistry, knew four languages, was engaged in translations, was fond of modern literature. Moreover, she was unusually pretty. It is unclear how the then unknown writer Bunin could have captivated her, but the young lady, despite the protests of the family, dropped everything and went on a trip with a man who was 11 years older than her. “When close people told me that I was sacrificing myself, deciding to live with him outside of marriage, I was very surprised,” wrote Vera Nikolaevna. They got married only 15 years later, in 1922.

And soon after the wedding, Vera Nikolaevna had to endure a terrible blow: in Grasse, Bunin met an emigrant from Russia, Galina Kuznetsova. The writer fell in love, and Galina could not resist his spell and immediately left her husband and settled in the Bunins' house. Bunin is fifty-five, Kuznetsova is twenty-six. Vera Nikolaevna wrote: “Jan went mad in his old age. I don’t know what to do …”Nevertheless, she resigned herself to this more than strange situation. Bunin assured that he loved Galina only as a student, but this, of course, was not the case. This story took an unexpected turn: Galina left Bunin for a woman, moreover, she brought her chosen one to the writer's house. They lived there for eight years, and all this time Vera Nikolaevna consoled Bunin, who took it as the greatest tragedy in his life. The writer spent the last years of his life in complete poverty and oblivion. Vera Nikolaevna stayed with him until the end.

Yoko Ono

women who made husbands great yoko ono

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Fans of The Beatles blamed Yoko Ono for the breakup of the group - the team ceased to exist a year after John Lennon began dating an eccentric Japanese woman. In fact, this is not the case: the split happened long before John and Yoko met, but only after meeting this woman, the musician was finally convinced that he wanted to move in a different direction. Lennon would later say: “She is a teacher and I am a student. I am a famous person who is thought to know everything, but she is my teacher, she taught me everything I know. She already knew everything, when I didn’t know a damn thing, when I was a man from nowhere. She is my Don Juan. Next to Yoko, I became free. Her closeness made me a whole person. I was only half without her."

After meeting Yoko, John began a solo career and recorded the album Imagine, the title track of which became Lennon's most famous solo song. In 2002, a survey was conducted in the UK and the single Imagine was ranked second on the list of greatest singles of all time, after Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Incredibly, John managed not only to become an icon of the hippie generation, but also to surpass himself: The Beatles gave him a place on the podium.

Hillary Clinton

women who made husbands famous clinton

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Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham met in 1971 at Yale University. Soon after they met, Bill proposed to Hillary, but she refused: the girl was going to build a career and considered her family a hindrance. However, in 1975 she still agreed to the marriage. And immediately took up her husband's political career.In 1978, Bill Clinton ran for governor of Arkansas and won the election. Amazingly, at the same time, Hillary had time to pursue her career - in the same year, President Jimmy Carter appointed her to the board of the Legal Services Corporation. But the most serious test of strength was the scandal with Monica Lewinsky. All of America expected a loud divorce - and did not wait. “All accusations against my husband are absolutely false. It is very painful to watch the person you love, care for, admire, is subjected to such ruthless accusations,”- that's what Hillary said.

Which of the women who made their husbands famous do you remember?

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