Everything was immediately clear: 11 enchanting failed weddings through the eyes of guests
Everything was immediately clear: 11 enchanting failed weddings through the eyes of guests

These people are not clairvoyants. But they immediately realized that either there would be no wedding, or the marriage was about to burst at the seams. To do this, they did not need a crystal sphere or fortune telling on Tarot cards: it was enough to dress smartly, buy a gift, come to the venue of the solemn ceremony and watch the bride and groom for a while.

Everything was immediately clear: 11 enchanting failed weddings through the eyes of guests

Profitable party

“The groom said at the wedding:“When I decided to use the services of a marriage agency, I could not imagine how lucky I was: I got my own personal cook, washerwoman and dishwasher.”

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“I helped the bride send out wedding invitations. She took a bunch of postcards, looked through them all … and threw out all the invitations to her husband's relatives, leaving only those that were intended for his parents. On the wedding day we arrive, and there is only a mother from the groom's side, who explains to her son that the rest of the family was not invited. A scandal erupted between the young people, and the wedding, of course, was canceled."

Irreconcilable debaters

“We immediately realized that the young people are not thankful to God: they frowned for most of the ceremony, and then did not go on their honeymoon … because they could not agree on where to go. They don’t bite money, they just didn’t have the ability to compromise.”

Father-in-law is a companion in misfortune

“At my best friend’s wedding, the bride’s father told him:“She’s just like her mother. I don’t know how you can cope with her.”And not a year has passed since the guys got divorced.”

Harmful mother-in-law

“The groom got drunk, and the bride sat sulking at him. A woman walked around the banquet hall and urged everyone to place bets on how soon they would divorce. Then it turned out that it was the groom's mother."

Get married? For you? Oh, killed …

"When the bride was asked during the ceremony:" Do you agree to marry … ", she was taken apart by hysterical laughter, and she could not stop, kept laughing and laughing. It was cute … the first 10 seconds, and then everyone felt embarrassed. Their marriage lasted for about a year."


“When the bride thanked us for the congratulations at the end of the wedding, she said she doubted that their marriage would last long. They divorced a year later."

Arctic passions

“He reached out to kiss her, and she drew back. They lasted only six months together."

You never know what I promised on you …

“During the wedding, our friendly company separated from the rest of the guests and sat and chatted. At some point, the groom was asked why he decided to propose to his girlfriend. He replied: "Because she was naked." The marriage fell apart after a year and a half."

My dreams are not about you …

"The groom at the wedding admitted that at first he liked his wife's sister better."

Bonus: recognition by the newlywed

“My now ex-husband on our wedding night mistakenly called me by the name of his first wife. And the next day, his father called me Katya. I'm Julia".

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