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How much you can lose weight in 2 months: minimum and maximum
How much you can lose weight in 2 months: minimum and maximum

As soon as we make the decision to lose weight, the brain automatically turns on the counter. Many people realize that getting rid of extra pounds should be gradual, but the meter also requires a quick result. Therefore, many set unrealistic goals, initially doomed to failure. Hundreds of diets promise to achieve the desired effect, and it is very easy to get lost in them. Cosmo will tell you what nutritional options will help you lose weight and how much you can lose in 2 months.

How much you can lose weight in 2 months: minimum and maximum

Collected different options for losing weight in 8 weeks. Contents of the article 1. Lose weight in 2 months: basic rules and expectations 1.1 Approaches to weight loss in eight weeks 1.2 Nutrition norms for a two month period 2. Diet for weight loss in 2 months 2.1 Less 7 kg on the royal diet 2.2 Less 10 kg on a low-carb diet 2.3 Less 16 kg on a gluten-free diet 3. Contraindications for a 2 month diet Hide

Many would dream of gaining slimness in a week. Two. Okay, month. Maximum bars from the category "minus 10 kg in three days" can seriously undermine health. As a result, the pursuit of figure standards risks turning into breakdowns and greater weight gain. We present a guide to diets that last two months. This is the time frame in which you can complete quite feasible tasks.

Lose weight in 2 months: basic rules and expectations

A common thing is to develop bad eating habits for years, indulging yourself with goodies uncontrollably and eating stress. And then create a new shake-up for the body in the form of extreme weight loss. Of course, fasting days in the absence of diseases of the digestive system are permissible, but not on a daily basis. Therefore, it is so important to choose a way of nutrition that will create a long-term effect and will not return the lost back with interest.

Weight Loss Approaches in Eight Weeks

Nutritionist and trainer Jim White advises following a weight loss schedule that will see results in as little as eight weeks.

  • Correctly expect loss of 1-2 kg per week - that much is safe for health. So you will be able to get rid of 9-15 kg within the specified period. In general, how much you can lose weight in 2 months depends on the build: from 100 kg, the loss will be greater. This is because in this period of time obese people lose weight faster.
  • You need to eat in conditions of a calorie deficit, which means that you burn more of them than you consume. To burn 1 kg of fat, you need to spend at least 7 thousand kcal. The best option is to reduce the calorie intake (less than 1200 kcal per day is impossible!) And at the same time to be physically active.
  • Calorie quality is just as important as quantity, so it is best to choose nutrient-rich foods. This is especially true in the face of constraints. The plate should contain fruits and vegetables, protein (chicken, fish, legumes), whole grain bread or brown rice, natural yogurt.
  • Losing weight without cardio is like driving a Porsche through the countryside. The joy of the volume reduction is felt, but the effect is not as good as it could be. Even a small amount of calories consumed is practically powerless over body fat with an immobile lifestyle. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 300 minutes of cardio per week for weight loss. You can split the time - walk for 30 minutes in the morning, and ride a bike for half an hour in the afternoon.

To the wishes of Jim White, we want to add a few more, no less important in deciding how much you can lose weight in 2 months.

  • Keep track of the water balance, which is replenished by exceptionally clean water without gas. Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach and forty minutes before each meal. In total, you need to drink 30 ml per kilogram of weight.Follow the drinking regimen from the very first day for 2 months, then it will become a habit.
  • How do you like the means that supposedly burn fat day and night? Apart from irony, such suggestions of advertising can cause nothing. At best, they have a placebo effect, at worst, they "plant" the liver, are addictive, destroy the nervous system and cause continuous harm.
  • Remember to sleep well (ideally at least 8). By the way, at night we really do lose weight (just nothing to do with pills). Representatives of the Uppsala University in Sweden have experimentally proved that chronic lack of sleep leads to the fact that a person consumes 40% more calories than he needs. Lack of sleep affects levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that makes you feel hungry. It is during the phases of deep sleep that the processes of burning fat are activated, the main thing is to go to bed before 23:00.
  • Set small goals for yourself and don't have to get upset because of your own illusions. The path to a lean and strong body cannot be completed in a few days. Do you really want to be thin, but with health undermined by chaotic nutrition and starvation? Define yourself a task to throw off 5 kg in 2 months… And if you manage to fold 6 or 8, imagine how you will be bursting (figuratively) with pride!
  • Try keeping a food diary. If you secretly eat a cake and forget about it, then paper - never! In fact, snacks are easier to control in this way. At first glance, harmless cookies and tea with sugar in a conversation with a colleague is the brake that prevents you from moving towards your goal.

Sharing information on how much you can lose weight in 2 months on proper nutrition and sports, Jim White notes the following. The arrow on the scales is by no means always an objective indicator, since with this approach (diet in tandem with sports), muscle mass is being built up. So track your progress using other methods: measure the parameters of the figure (muscles are denser than fat), be guided by the size of clothes and photographs taken before starting to lose weight and in the process.

Nutrition rates for a two-month period

Online inquiries about how much you can lose weight in 2 months on a proper diet, one way or another, boils down to finding a diet. They are all different and imply a different approach to the preparation of the diet. But there are general rules that unite most of them.

  • Eat only natural and healthy foods. Compare yourself: in a hamburger there are 300 kcal, and in boiled chicken without skin - 170. The difference is almost twofold and they saturate in different ways. The first contains additives that provoke overeating. But the protein in the breast relieves hunger for a long time.
  • Refuse sweet, starchy foods, smoked, fried, salted and canned foods, carbonated sugary drinks.
  • Forget about alcohol, even in small quantities, it is too high in calories and stimulates the appetite.
  • Follow a meal schedule and maintain distance to tune the body to the right wavelength and subordinate it to new habits.
  • Reduce portions gradually, getting up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. The low-calorie corridor can be replenished with snacks in the form of fruits, vegetables, kefir - what a specific diet allows.
  • Arranging yourself a cheat meal on the 30th day of the diet - you are halfway there and deserve a snack with a piece of chocolate or other delicacy. Be careful not to relax while trying to relieve stress. The next promotion is in a month.
How much can you lose weight in 2 months

Losing weight in 2 months with proper nutrition can be 10-12 kg

Slimming diets in 2 months

Let's make a reservation right away that mono diets, a color diet or OMAD are not suitable for such a period. They are too radical, therefore, they are designed for a week, maximum two. A two-month interval can really be observed if the menu is varied and satisfying.

Little life hack: start preparing for the diet period in advance to give up junk or useless foods in turn.If today you have breakfast with sausage and cheese, have dinner with fried potatoes with wings, and tomorrow you start eating right, your body will experience stress. For several days, remove first sweet, then fat, and so on. Do not introduce a bunch of prohibitions at once!

Minus 7 kg on the royal diet

Nutritionist Gabriela Peacock helped Elizabeth II's granddaughter look stunning at her own wedding in 2018. Princess Eugenia showed by her example that you can lose weight in 2 months, and how many kg can be seen from the photographs before and after.

What to do

  • Be sure to eat breakfast with the highest calorie intake of the day. Moreover, Evgenia combined proteins and carbohydrates to get enough and keep blood sugar levels normal. Her meal consisted of porridge with almond milk or yogurt, berries can be added.
  • Remove foods that cause flatulence from the diet. The ban includes dairy products, cabbage, mushrooms, beans, onions, apples, pears, and grapes. Preference is given to stewed or steamed vegetables.
  • Take protein as the basis of the menu (meat instead of bread), leaving little place for carbohydrates - subject to sports. By the way, the bride-to-be was happy to visit the gym and run in the morning.
  • Apply cheat meal. Evgenia just loves pizza, so she allowed herself a slice. The dietitian doesn't mind a couple of squares of chocolate, but before that you can eat a piece of cheese or low-fat yogurt to avoid overeating.
  • Divide the daily diet into 5 meals with a fasting day once a week. Moreover, dinner should be with vegetables that need to be chewed for a long time, and no later than 21 hours (not 18!). During the day, the princess did not forget to drink plenty of water.
  • Use vitamins and supplements prescribed by a nutritionist to speed up metabolism, normalize sugar levels and boost energy. And the girl also tried to get enough sleep.

What the diet promises

Before the solemn event, the granddaughter of Elizabeth II managed to lose 7 kg!

Minus 10 kg on a low-carb diet

It is impossible to completely abandon carbohydrates, otherwise we would call the diet a carbohydrate-free diet and deprive the cells of the necessary energy. It is necessary to reduce their intake to 40 g per day. The menu is suitable not only for weight loss, but also for the fight against diabetes.

What to do

  • Count calories using our simple cheat sheet and menu.
  • There is a little 4-5 times a day, slowly and watching the feeling of fullness.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, green tea, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, nuts, beans, beef.
  • Drink 2 liters of pure water for the proper functioning of the stomach and intestines.
  • Avoid saturated fats - fast food, fatty meats and other harmful substances.
  • Finish a meal 3-4 hours before bedtime, and absorb complex carbohydrates (cereals and some vegetables) at the first meal.

What the diet promises

Exercise will help you get rid of the excess in a short time with this style of eating. But not everyone has the desire and time to go to the gym, and some have contraindications for serious stress. If you are wondering how much you can lose weight in 2 months on proper nutrition without sports, we answer - by 10 kg. Typically, people don't stick to a low-carb diet for long. But if you choose a sparing regimen and act under the supervision of a doctor, you can hold out for 8 weeks and make a partial rejection of carbohydrates a way of life.

Minus 16 kg on a gluten-free diet

It is initially indicated for people with celiac disease. Their gastrointestinal tract is not adapted for the absorption of gluten (the same gluten). This type of protein is found in wheat, rye, barley, and other grains. But many nutritionists have figured out the benefits of nutrition when it comes to avoiding weight-gaining foods.

What to do

  • Remove bread, buns, semolina, cakes, sweets, pasta, oatmeal, sausage, chips, beer, mayonnaise. These products are not very useful (and sometimes not at all), but they do affect our volumes.
  • Choose a combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.For example, do not forget about buckwheat and boiled potatoes.
  • Leaning on vegetables - fiber contains solid advantages for cleansing the body.
  • Eat legumes no more than once a week due to their calorie content, as well as be on the lookout for permitted nuts.

What the diet promises

On a gluten-free diet, you can lose about 16 kg in two months. Gluten prevents your intestines from working flawlessly. Therefore, after 2-3 days of the diet, digestion will improve, and the weight will begin to go away.

Contraindications for a 2 month diet

If someone promises you minus 30 kg in two months, it's more of a fantasy. Well, or terrible consequences for the body. Remember that weight can stop. So, from 80 kg in 2 months you can lose weight, but not as much as from the initial 70 kg. It is about 15 kg. Moreover, they will actively melt in the first four weeks, then more slowly.

And if the initial weight is about 70, then there is less excess fluid in the body. The losses will not be so impressive - about 10 kg in eight weeks. In any case, even 3-5 kg ​​affect the appearance and improve well-being.

Nutrition is our energy and the health of the body as a whole. It is advisable not to interfere with his work without consulting a specialist, so as not to make yourself sores. Also, in the process, listen to your body if it is giving you the following signals:

  • tiredness, apathy
  • headache
  • hair loss
  • irritability
  • insomnia

Perhaps something did not go according to plan, you went too far with restrictions, they do not suit you, or hidden health problems surfaced. Everyone has individual needs for food and calories - this is influenced by activity, initial weight, age. Still, experts are unequivocally in favor of a balanced diet and against food waste.

If you have already tried these diet options, you may be interested in the Mediterranean diet, which is so popular with many stars and nutritionists.

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