Anti-cellulite yoga: 5 techniques to get rid of the "orange peel"
Anti-cellulite yoga: 5 techniques to get rid of the "orange peel"

Together with an expert, we have prepared a list of the most effective yoga techniques that will not only tidy up the body and mind, but also help get rid of cellulite.

Anti-cellulite yoga: 5 techniques to get rid of the "orange peel" Yana Ananyeva

Yana Ananyeva Head of the yoga studio and practitioner of the "Taste & Color" project, teacher of the Vinyasa Flow direction

In fact, the predisposition of girls to the appearance of "orange peel" or cellulite is easily explained. Nature has provided that we have an active production of female hormones. Therefore, more subcutaneous fat is formed in the abdomen, thighs and chest area - this is required for comfortable and successful bearing of offspring.

But good and bad habits also play an important role. Try to follow these rules:

  • drink plenty of water;
  • eat properly and in a balanced way;
  • avoid stress;
  • lead an active lifestyle and play sports.

For example, pay attention to yoga. Girls who regularly practice it notice a significant reduction in cellulite. Yoga helps to start the metabolism, due to which the body is cleansed very quickly: fat leaves, toxins go away, and the natural fat layer is evenly distributed under the skin, without creating tubercles, which are called cellulite.

Needless to say, in addition to physical changes, an internal transformation also takes place: the mind calms down, irritation decreases and stresses go away, which also affect the formation of cellulite.

In yoga, various breathing techniques are used - pranayama, which help to increase blood circulation, help cleanse the lymph and ensure the delivery of oxygen to the cells that need it, because one of the causes of cellulite is poor oxygen permeability to skin and fat cells, which is why and blockages and bumps occur.

Respiratory technique "Kapalabhati"

One of the most effective breathing techniques to oxygenate cells. Performing this pranayama, you hyperventilate the lungs, improve metabolism, the body is toned, the central nervous system is stimulated.

This pranayama should be performed exclusively on an empty stomach or not earlier than 2-3 hours after eating, since the abdominal cavity is involved in this breathing.

Get into a comfortable sitting position. If you find it difficult to maintain a straight back for a long time, place a folded blanket or twisted rug under your buttocks.

Take a deep breath, open the chest, fix it and maintain this position throughout the practice. With a motionless chest, take another breath and with the help of the abdominal muscles, exhale sharply, then a soft breath follows, you need to do it without effort. Repeat a few more times, then relax and breathe in your natural breath. It is important to monitor your feelings and avoid dizziness. Perform this practice effectively for 2 cycles.

Various asanas also help get rid of cellulite. Each position of the body must be held for 40-50 seconds, with even calm breathing. After leaving the static position, an active rush of blood begins to those muscles that were loaded, which creates a lymphatic drainage effect.

Utkatasana (chair pose)


This asana is the best way to increase blood circulation in the hips and buttocks, which is the main way to combat cellulite.

Stand up straight, feet parallel to each other, evenly loaded, the distance between the feet is 10-15 cm. Turn your palms towards each other and stretch your arms above your head. With an exhalation, begin to bend at the hip joints, as if you are sitting on a chair. Lower down until your hips are parallel to the floor and your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Look at your toes, they should be visible.If you can't see them, take your pelvis back, sit down below. With each inhalation, tense your abdominal muscles as much as possible and push off with your feet from the mat, and as you exhale, do not lose your torso position. Hold in the asana for a few breaths, and then, relaxing your hips, bend over to your feet and rest in this position for a while. You can complicate the task: in this position, rise on toes or stretch first one leg forward and then the other. The chair pose strengthens the legs, making them stronger, and due to active blood circulation, the skin on the thighs becomes smooth.

Setu bandhasana (half bridge pose)


Lie on your back, bend your knees and spread your feet to the width of the pelvis. Stretch your arms along your torso, and with a breath, push your pelvis up. Shifting from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, join your hands in a lock and stretch them along the mat, make sure that there is no load on the cervical spine. Fix this position and with each inhalation push the pelvis upward, straining the gluteal muscles and the entire surface of the thighs. As you exhale, do not lose position of your body, do not drop your chest. Stay in the pose for 5-10 breaths. When you begin to lower the pelvis to the floor and relax the tense muscles, venous circulation will increase in these places and the restoration of lymph flow will begin to occur. This will make the "orange peel" look much less noticeable over time.

Shalabhasana (locust pose)


Roll over on your stomach and stretch: with your hands - forward, and with your legs - back. Place your hands under the iliac bones, palms up. With a breath, lift your legs off the floor and lift them up, straining your hips and buttocks. Maintain even breathing without losing traction in your legs, and with each breath, try to raise your legs a little higher. Hold the asana for 30-50 seconds.

Shalabhasana will strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, as well as increase blood flow in the thighs and buttocks, as a result - a reduction in the "orange peel" in these areas.

Paripurna navasana (boat pose)


Sit on the mat, stretch your legs forward, free your sit bones, push them off the mat. Gently shift your body weight to your tailbone, leaning back slightly, and with an inhalation lift your legs off the floor, stretching them out in front of you. Tighten your back muscles and stretch your arms parallel to the floor. Try to keep your back straight and strong tight hips. Stretch forward with your heels and toward yourself with your toes. Tighten the abdominal muscles and hold this position for 30-40 seconds. With an exhalation, gently place your feet on the mat and rest. To achieve the best effect, repeat 2-3 more times. In this position, those areas where cellulite is usually manifested are actively working. You can also strengthen your back muscles and abs with this pose.

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