He's not alone: ​​15 signs of male infidelity
He's not alone: ​​15 signs of male infidelity

If your intuition tells you that something has changed in your relationship, check to see if your sweetheart has begun to behave that way. And if so, then he is most likely deceiving you.

He's not alone: ​​15 signs of male infidelity

He is unusually attentive to your wishes and requests

Well, I would have behaved like this from the first day of acquaintance, then no doubt about it. But no: before he had to persuade him for six months to visit your parents or go for a walk - there were always excuses. And now he suddenly became frequent with flowers and compliments. Family psychologists explain this behavior by a sense of guilt, which gnaws at a man from the inside. Excessive attention is also an attempt to dull the beloved's vigilance. A red herring, so to speak.

He started giving gifts. Lots of gifts

To your bewilderment: "And for what?" - he, smiling broadly, replies: “I made the deal of the century, got a splendid interest. Can I pamper my beloved? " In fact, he does not pamper, but seemingly tries to pay off. If someday the deception is revealed, he will have a weighty argument: "Yes, I cheated on you, but you did not feel left out!" And if the secret remains a secret, he will calm himself down: “Yes, I changed it. But the moral damage was compensated in full. That mink coat …"

He became very hot-tempered and inattentive

Any of your remarks seem to him an insult, and each disagreement ends in a grandiose scandal, at the end of which the door slams loudly. He leaves, of course. In fact, the scenes are played out for a reason. The scandal allows him, under the guise of resentment, to escape from home. And the mobile can be turned off. And to come home at 4 o'clock in the morning seems to be permissible. And to your question "Where have you been?" answer with indifferent silence or sharply: "What difference does it make to you?" He will not say directly that he was specifically looking for a reason for a quarrel in order to sneak out on a date …

He talks about breaking up

And if earlier, during quarrels, he was often the first to go to reconciliation, now more often he suggests: "Since everything is so bad, let's disperse!" It is no less suspicious when, in moments of calm and outward well-being, he as if casually asks you: "If we suddenly part, can we remain friends?" Philosophizes: "Do you believe that love can last forever?" Or thinks: “True love is also forgiveness …” What is hidden behind such statements? First, he tries to shift the responsibility for making decisions onto you. And at the same time he probes the ground: will he be able to return if he still leaves. What is not an argument: "You promised to love me forever!"

His mood is constantly changing

He is gentle and attentive, then cold and gloomy. Then he returns home in high spirits, then depressed. Of course, men also have "critical days", and the phase of the moon plays an important role. But only in the case of a novel on the side, it is much easier to find an explanation for the mood swings. Any problems that occur in one relationship affect the other as well. Law of life. And beer slogans have nothing to do with it.

He stopped talking to you

No, of course, he utters the usual phrases, but avoids heart-to-heart conversations. He no longer cares about your experiences and emotions. And he himself stopped sharing with you. Until recently, you knew what he cares about, what projects he is preparing for. And now I found myself in an information vacuum. The unfaithful man subconsciously closes himself, withdraws … The same thing happens with household chores. He avoids household chores. He no longer talks about possible repairs, does not make plans for a vacation.

He hides

Leaves to call on business issues on the balcony or in another room. And he also began to shut the bathroom door on the latch. Before, you could easily come in for a tonic or cream.Now you have to wait for the end of the water procedures, and at your knock you hear irritated: "Can't you wait five minutes?" Psychologists assure: an open door to the bathroom is an unconscious manifestation of trust. When a person has something to hide, he builds walls around himself: both psychological and completely material.

He tries not to be alone with you

Now he invites noisy friends to visit, then he himself rushes to the bachelor party. On weekends, he has urgent things to do in the office. Staying at home, he prefers to delve into a book, turn on the TV, or go to bed early. Communication is a minimum. And if conversations still cannot be avoided, he tries to talk about acquaintances, events in the world, a new online game, but not about you.

He began to watch himself with zeal

I bought new clothes. I chose a new perfume. Made a stylish haircut. Enrolled in the gym. It seems to be nothing out of the ordinary. It's even nice when a man is fit, neat and clean-shaven. One thing is embarrassing: why did the image change happen overnight? And important negotiations (in which you have to look your best) now almost every day?

He finds fault with everything

He used to find your long hair attractive. Now, more and more irritably grumbling about how much you spend on their care products. Once, in response to your exclamation “I think I’ve gotten better,” he would grab you into an armful and whisper: “You are the most beautiful in the world! My Donut! " And yesterday he just shrugged his shoulders indifferently: "Indeed, the gym will not hurt." Finally, he began to find fault with food: “A lot of mayonnaise. Everything is overcooked. " When there is someone to compare with, willy-nilly someone should be in the red. If he has an affair, it is obvious who will be "in the Antarctic zone."

You hardly have sex

He is totally tired, and the only thing he dreams of is sleep. When, thanks to your passionate perseverance, intimacy does happen (a rare case!), He is aloof or rude. He doesn't even remember your orgasm. But as soon as you try to talk about this problem, it immediately closes up. Or even defiantly declares: "I don't know about you, but personally I have no problems with sex."

He is insanely jealous

Demonstratively views your messages and incoming calls. Scrolls through the diary.

Requires a report on your business meetings: with whom, when, why. As soon as you mention the name of a colleague, a whole story is inflated from this: “And he is no longer Alexey, but simply Lesha. Come on, tell me about your Leshechka. " The saying "Jealous means loves" has nothing to do with reality. Trust and respect are proof of love. Unreasonably suspecting you of treason, he tries to shift his guilt onto you.

He is annoyed by your care and attention

Everything you do is bad. You call to find out how you are, - "Stop checking me." You come as a surprise for him to work - "Are you following me?" Gave a sweater - "Suck up?" He already feels guilty and a traitor, and the evidence of your love only once again reminds him of this. That is why he is so angry.

Loved ones notice that your relationship has changed

More and more often friends and family ask you: "Are you all right?" - “Everything is fine, just he

lately has been working a lot, getting tired”. Although in your heart you do not believe yourself. You, too, are worried and confused by something. But, fearing pain and disappointment, you drive away such thoughts from yourself and look for the usual explanations for what is happening. Family psychologists testify that many survivors of a betrayal of a loved one later confessed: “Everyone around me kept repeating that something was wrong. I didn’t notice when I was alone”. Or maybe she just didn't want to notice. As it is true that from the outside, tension and disagreement in a relationship is always obvious.

He doesn't talk about your future together anymore

When you try to plan something, he cuts you off: "We'll see there."

And the most important thing: you don't even remember the last time he said: "I love you!"

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