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Write-cut: How to Fall in Love with a Penpal Boy
Write-cut: How to Fall in Love with a Penpal Boy

At a friend's party, you met a guy, you added each other to VK, looked at playlists, put likes on photos. And now another weekday evening, and there was free time for correspondence. How to communicate with a guy on social networks so that he wants not only to continue online conversations, but also go into reality mode?

Write-cut: How to Fall in Love with a Penpal Boy

Social networks provide an opportunity to communicate on completely different topics. And if you're wondering how to fall in love with a pen guy, here are some tips that really work.

First, let’s warn you: do not be afraid that with these tips your written speech will become boring and similar to the speech of everyone who reads these tips. We use the same ingredients and tools to prepare breakfast, but everyone's breakfasts are different. So with the text: technical advice will help you to more clearly show your personality in correspondence. And this is what we need! Correspondence is one of the ways to get to know each other better, and a guy in love, as you know, can write a lot of interesting things about himself in messages. This is enough for a successful start of further love relationships.

How to write?

How to make a pen guy fall in love with you? Above all, don't burden him with a stream of your messages with hearts, emoticons and gifs. First, observe how he writes. One long message, or does each offer send a new one? Does it start with an uppercase letter or a lowercase letter? Smilies or stickers? It is not difficult to notice such features, and the effect of imitating his text habits is: whoever writes the same way, thinks the same - you become closer.

How to understand that a guy is in love by correspondence if you have been communicating online for some time? Count the words. Not literally, of course, but watch out: the volume of your reply should not be larger than his message. For long stories, there will come a time when you meet in person, but in correspondence you can leave something with you. Understatement will fuel his interest in you.

SMS to a man for intrigue

The pen phrases you receive from a guy in love can be different - funny, interrogative, sincere. When answering him, watch your phrases. Trust but verify. Speaking well is just as important as clear skin. Monitoring the literacy of speech in personal correspondence is no less important than in business letters. After all, a worthy man is looking for a match for himself. And correct speech is the easiest way to comply.

And if you doubt the spelling of a word from the area of ​​his hobbies, do not hesitate, ask again! An excellent reason for him to appear in front of you in the best possible light. This is one of the most effective ways if you are wondering how to fall in love with a man by correspondence. Show interest in him and he will feel your attention.

How a loving man behaves

The subscriber is not a subscriber. Of course, you want to instantly respond to all his messages, but do not rush. You will always have time to talk, but it will be difficult for him to get out of the habit that you are always in touch, so do not rush things. Ask your pen guy questions to make him fall in love with you. He will be interested in such communication and, for sure, he will also ask different questions about you. You can wait a little with the answers. And in real life, you probably have things to do that are not waiting.

Hot - cold. Monosyllabic replies, “yes, probably,” sent by voicemail do not motivate the young person to continue the conversation. Better pleasant communication at a convenient time for you than on the run and with typos. But if he finds time to correspond with you even in his busy work schedule, take this as a sign that the guy is already in love by correspondence.

What to write?

How to fall in love with a VKontakte penpalier, because this is one of the most popular social networks? And what can you talk to him about in letters? Be brave, write to him about anything. About the weather, about nature … You ask the topics for conversation, because guys get stupid when communicating with a girl they like. And we, on the contrary, cannot be stopped! It is better to direct this energy to the choice of topics that are interesting to him and to you.

Leave the boring news stories behind. How did you meet? At your friends, at a bar, at a concert? How long has he been listening to this group? What's your favorite song? Oh, and I have a different one, here, listen … How to fall in love with a guy through correspondence? Be attentive to his messages, find common interests in them, ask him different questions, discuss interesting topics. Seeing a friend in you, he will definitely want to continue communicating offline.

Call him by name! So what if it is indicated in the dialog box. So you let me know that you are attentive to the person. The correspondence between a guy and a girl in love may contain diminutive forms of names. In a personal conversation, this would be tantamount to eye contact. Did the guy call you "bunny" in the correspondence? This testifies to his reverent attitude towards you.

How to fall in love with a pen guy? Pay attention to other people's examples, because there are a lot of them. In some cases, girls present themselves as a defenseless child who needs help and support, and it works. Ask for advice or help! “Do you know where to find this book, I didn’t find it in bookstores?” girl. Just don't use it instead of Yandex.

How was your day? If a reprimand at work, a quarrel with a friend, a stain on your favorite coffee jumper and a traffic jam happened on the same day, it is better to say something like “You know, my day was varied today. But on the weekend I was … ". I would like to have a pleasant communication, right? How to make a pen guy fall in love with you? Try not to overload him with problem situations that can be resolved without his participation. You wash the sweater yourself, right? So why should he know about it. More positive in communication, and in return you will receive the same.

Young specialist. Did you find out he was DJing? Quit reading articles and ask him more boldly about his hobby! You can show that you are interested in his hobby by being interested, and not by juggling terms and names in the question just studied. How to fall in love with a pen guy if he has already given you his phone number and you are chatting on WhatsApp? Don't forget to wish him good morning. This kind of attention will be very gratifying.

Nand the fence is written … Obscene language will definitely not help you fall in love with a young man by correspondence. Fact! Change your vocabulary urgently. Refill it with exquisite speech patterns, but without fanaticism.

Do you remember why you need correspondence in social networks? Bring the time of a real meeting closer! If you live in the same city, don't turn your internet correspondence into an online romance. Once you've learned enough about each other, ask him out on a date. Just meet, and then how will it go …

There are 10 ways to get extra attention and interest in your correspondence that might turn into falling in love. Use them, and the result will not be long in coming.

  1. Sometimes disappear from the social network. A few hours or one night will be enough to intrigue the guy with its mystery.
  2. Sometimes write to him that you have male friends. This will give birth to a slight jealousy in him and push him to take action. How to make a pen guy fall in love with you? A shot of jealousy is a great way.
  3. Write a post on your page about new warm feelings for someone. He will read this and will certainly think - is it about him, automatically introducing you as a couple.
  4. When you start a new day by texting, ask about it first, and then talk about your news. He will appreciate such care and attention.
  5. Post on your page your new photos in beautiful outfits and flawless makeup. How to make a pen guy fall in love with you? Let him pay attention to your beauty.
  6. Subtly hint that you are free from relationships and would not mind starting an affair. But do it covertly, with humor.
  7. Write to him that you are delighted with his favorite film or track, because you also love them. Common interests always bring people together.
  8. Let his friends tell you which girls he likes. Try to meet the requirements, but do not lose your own personality.
  9. Be erudite. Let him understand that you are interested in different directions, ready to attend courses and constantly learn something new.
  10. Always praise his appearance, his behavior and his attitude towards others.

No matter how it seems to us that the word printed in social networks is not so important (and they will understand that, right?), The written text means more to us than we think. How to make a pen guy fall in love with you? Be sincere and benevolent. And not only on the social network, but in real life too.

Total dictation and Cosmo are sure: it is letters and punctuation marks that paint our portrait on the web. Now you know how to become more charming when you are not seen, but only read. Have a beautiful novel in letters!

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