You will get by! 10 things we won't do for men
You will get by! 10 things we won't do for men

On the Web, wherever you go, you will surely come across an article in the spirit of “10 things men want from a woman,” and it will certainly emphasize that the woman who will give them all this will be considered ideal by men. And we tell you that they can count anything, but these 10 things definitely do not need to be done for them. Will manage!

You will get by! 10 things we won't do for men

Play hostess

We know how difficult it is to overcome this superstructure: the peasant must be fed! You need to create coziness in the house! Pleasant atmosphere All this is fine, of course, but why on earth should you do it? You will be surprised, but not with any. There is no inherent feminine desire for everyone around to feed and constantly wash the house. It's just that when you were little, your mother taught you how to do it (because her grandmother taught her at one time). And when you dealt with it, your mother probably praised you. And that's all. In this case, you are no different from a smiling Labrador who was given a cookie every time he performed the command "sit": he is used to the fact that it is pleasant to obey, because they will give you something tasty for it. So you too - you are used to the fact that a cleanly washed floor is a guarantee of praise from the person dearest to you. From Mom. This is called positive reinforcement. Great training method, yeah. But you're not a dog.

And he is not your mommy. And this means that they will not positively reinforce you all your life: very soon your economic exploits will be taken for granted and indignant, why do you have the audacity to occasionally not perform them? Where is the borscht, woman? Bad, bad with … Well, you get the idea. The house is common, the household is common, you are both adults. Life - in half.

And into a porn actress

It is not known who and when raised in our heads a huge complex called "What if he doesn't like it ?!" Therefore, each of us, at least once in our life, has done an incredible stupidity: simulated an orgasm. And then the domino principle works: you push one knuckle and all the others hit. How now to explain to him that this particular complex of body movements is like a dead poultice to you? Yesterday she moaned like a Jericho trumpet, because he likes "passionate women"! Well, if you like it, let him try. Those who do not work are not envied by the neighbors, sorry.

Change appearance

Even if you still believe that men supposedly love with their eyes. Well, first of all, not men, but in general everyone - and women, too, first of all pay attention to appearance, this is how we are arranged. And secondly - no, they don't. All this has nothing to do with love. Therefore, torturing yourself, trying to make your Johnny montage and regain his youthful appearance ten years ago, is extremely stupid. Some young ladies like to paint how pleasant it is for them to swing their ass for their husband and what kind of husbands they have - they do not hesitate to constructively criticize their beloved and tell her that the priest is something else. Saggy, sir. Honestly, this is a pitiful sight. Heartbreaking. Because in the place of the brave husband, every time for some reason, the larva of Jabba the Hutt is found - swollen and puffy. Can you guess why?

Parting with loved ones

How many really close people do you have? Hardly a lot. Not because you are such a beech, but because with age we all leave in our inner circle only those with whom we are really good. It's just such a property of age: superfluous people leave, proven ones remain. And the older we are, the more difficult it is to find new, truly close people. So if a man wrinkles his nose at the sight of your best friend, let him stick his opinion deeper and observe elementary politeness. He may not be friends with her if he does not want to. And you, for his sake, cannot.Because she is a dear person. And if he is also a dear person, then how can he wish you pain from the loss of loved ones?

Play a fool

And then, you see, his ego is bursting at the seams because you are smarter. Pretending to be a delightful fool who does not know which end to insert a light bulb into the socket is, of course, a good tactic: a man will immediately feel brave, dexterous and skillful, the jungle will call him, his brain will throw up hormones of pleasure, and that's it - he got caught. The tactics are good, but the strategy is definitely a failure. Because if a man is convinced that a woman should be stupid, he is an idiot and a failure. This is such a law of the universe. Don't argue, just believe.

Sacrifice independence

First of all, of course, financial. The seductive offer "Darling, now you don't have to work, I will take care of everything" in practice, as a rule, means that soon you will turn into a free servant, who will be reproached with sluggishness, and you will beg for money for tights, because: "Why do you need, you still sit at home! " This is joy, isn't it? You can argue, they say, any rule implies exceptions. O, sure. But even if it was you who got this very exception - is he a conspiracy? Will he never get sick, will not lose his job, will easily prevent the next world economic crisis and is going to live forever? Put your finger on the eyeball. He looks like a hallucination.

Having children

This is where the science of anatomy comes to our rescue: the moment a man and a woman decide to have sex, they both take risks. A man risks the freedom that a childless person has. You risk your health and even your life. Because it is you who are carrying and giving birth (or not giving birth - as you choose). You risk much more. That is why you choose the method of protection. You are planning a pregnancy. You decide how many children you will have and when. A man has an advisory voice, you can take it into account, or you can not. And this does not mean that only you are responsible.

And raise them on your own

And if you have already consulted and decided to give birth to a couple of toddlers, you need to bring them up together. But this will happen later, and first you will have to carry them on handles, get rocked at night, bathe and change diapers, feed, walk and do a million more rather tiresome and, let's be honest, boring things. And to shoulder it entirely on your own shoulders? Why on earth? Only one thing is not available to the father - breastfeeding. Everything else he can do with you on an equal footing. And a plaintive groan about how tired he was at work, let him leave it for Friday gatherings in a pub with friends. All these are the tales of Baba Fisa. For now, just believe it, and then check it out. Later, when you run away from your adorable toddlers to work, to have a break from them finally, Lord.

Lose control

Over your own life. The relationship either persists, and then it is an endless compromise, which both partners make, or it ends. And in the event that they do not compromise, they end up very, very bad. For you. You decide what to do with your own life, and you can intelligently tailor some aspects of it to suit your partner. As he is - for you. But handing over the reins of your life to a man is three times haha. Who does he think he is, a demiurge and Pygmalion in one bottle? Let the Sims go and play.

Change principles

Because your principles are you. It's simple.

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