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How to make him fall in love with you on your first date: 7 steps in the right direction
How to make him fall in love with you on your first date: 7 steps in the right direction

The first scheduled meeting with a man is often the last. Simply because it was not possible to make the proper impression on the person you liked. Acquaintance is more a matter of technique. The matter is decided by the chosen tactics and strategy of seduction, because often charisma and attractiveness are not enough. We will show you how to act in order to fall in love with a man already on a date.

How to make him fall in love with you on your first date: 7 steps in the right direction

So, you have a long-awaited meeting scheduled, and you really, really like it. So, you need to try to make sure that from the very first date he left head over heels in love. We will not argue that it is easy to do this, but some life hacks exist, and we are ready to share them.

Talk to him … body

It doesn't matter how long you spent online before that date, or how much you know about each other. In any case, he will react to your body language before you speak to him. That is why the first impression on a first date cannot be made twice: any words you say can be taken back - to explain that you meant something completely different, or said something wrong because of excitement, or thought about something else and accidentally let it slip - in general, the words "cancel" can be. Words spoken by body language cannot be canceled. The question is what exactly to tell him with the body and how to make him fall in love.

How to fall in love with a man

The main thing that any man wants to “hear” (or rather, see) is that he is really interesting to you. It's very easy to say in body language. Blink more often: we always do this when we are very excited. Leaning in his direction is also a non-verbal signal of interest. Raise your eyebrows: well, everything is clear - this is how a person does when he is really interested.

Turn on the chameleon

We like people who are similar to ourselves, this is no secret for a long time. We often choose partners of the same type, and this type is also similar to us - and this is no secret. The easiest thing to do is to fall in love with someone who shares your values ​​- everyone understands that. The problem is that if the first two points can still work, then you will not always have time to reveal the last one in one date.

So use the chameleon effect: adjust to it. Important! Do not repeat his poses, gestures and intonations one to one! This is too obvious, and instead of being fascinated, he will internally laugh at how you monkey. Be subtle if you want to fall in love with a man on the first date.

Did he put his hands on the table a little closer to you? Put your elbow on the table (damn etiquette!), Lean forward and rest your chin with a brush. But move the other hand closer. He relaxed back in his chair? Take a deep breath, straighten your back, as if you want to stretch, exhale and also relax (but you don't need to lean back). In general - adjust!

Make a mistake

The most important and scariest step: on the first date, we worry and think only about how not to be in an awkward position. And completely in vain! Firstly, it will have a relaxing effect on him, because he himself is most afraid of looking stupid in your eyes. Give him a chance not to be the first to fail, and he will be grateful to you, and gratitude is always sympathy, and it’s not far from falling in love. Secondly, it will generally relieve tension, because you can laugh at your mistake together. Third, you can give him a chance to save you. Just don’t drop the spaghetti in the neckline, this mistake is too awkward. However…

Praise him correctly (and this is almost black magic!)

In fact, it acts like a magic spell, but there is no magic here, this is psychology. There is the so-called phenomenon of spontaneous transfer of qualities: everything that you say to others affects their perception of you.In other words: if you tell a man, then you yourself automatically become more beautiful in his eyes. Listen carefully to what he is talking about and draw conclusions about which women he likes. Well, then compliment these particular qualities. And immediately you yourself will seem to him an incredible beauty, a woman of rare intelligence, a man with sparkling humor, or whatever he needs.

Sympathize with him

Everything is simple here: any person is primarily interested in his own precious person and his personal problems. Even on the first date, yeah. Sincere attention and empathy work flawlessly. Don't know what subject to sympathize with? Ask about work. Sooner or later, either the boss-satrap will emerge in the story, or the subordinates are mere idiots. You'd be surprised, but falling in love with a guy in such a context is a matter of technology. As the classic said, "she fell in love with him for torment, and he loved him for compassion for them." True, in the book, people did not succeed, so let's not dwell on this example.

Share your secret

The self-disclosure strategy is an absolutely trouble-free technique: a person who has been entrusted with a secret immediately feels like a chosen one. And here we return to the previous step: now his own precious persona will seem to him even more significant and weighty. It is clear that there is no need to reveal to him real secrets that only your loved ones know about: who knows, maybe by the end of the date you will change your mind and never want to see him. The main thing is that your story sounds very personal, and how secret it really is (and whether it was at all) is the tenth thing at the moment.

Secure the result with an adrenaline rush

People who experience something very exciting together most often fall in love with each other, it's just the chemistry of the body. Stress hormones and passion hormones are the same hormones. That is why step seven is the most difficult, of course: it is unlikely that Godzilla will walk down the street during your meeting, and brawling and breaking dishes in a restaurant is not our method. What can be done? The easiest way is to invite him to continue the date at the movies. Choose from a horror movie or a creepy thriller. Another option is excitement: you can offer to go on a quest (think about this moment in advance). If the quest is scary, even better. As a last resort, you can just go for a walk in the park and invite him to play Truth or Dare on the way. It invigorates extraordinarily! And most importantly, it works! And it helps to find out - do you need this guy to fall in love with you on the first date?

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