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Our women are the best! The story of an Italian who married a Russian and is happy
Our women are the best! The story of an Italian who married a Russian and is happy

Our editorial office received a wonderful letter from a guy named Ludoviko, who married a beautiful Russian girl Marina. Ludoviko talks about the difference in mentality and comes to the conclusion that Russian women are beautiful. And we agree with him, you know!

Our women are the best! The story of an Italian who married a Russian and is happy

I am Italian and I married a Russian girl primarily because she is the woman of my life, and this goes beyond nationality.

My decision was absolutely not influenced by the fact that she was Russian. She could be Italian or from any other country in the world. The difference in mentality, cultures and conditions in which we grew up and were brought up did not frighten me. On the contrary, this difference enriches both of us - we learn something new from each other, uniting the traditions of our countries.

Before starting, I will make a reservation that I am describing only my personal experience, honestly and without embellishment, but this description does not pretend to be used as a scientific guide to the differences between Russians and Italians. Russia and Italy are democratic countries, so how many people, so many opinions are allowed.

Russian wife is not italian mom


I love my mother very much. This is a wonderful, simply wonderful woman who is always interested in my affairs, and when she comes to visit, she prepares my favorite dishes and takes care of the household.

But my wife is not like my mother and should not be. A Russian wife is a good housewife, she maintains cleanliness and order as much as possible. However, this does not mean that cleaning, ironing and cooking are her favorite activities. She wants to keep everything under control and at the same time expects her man to be ready to help with the housework, or at least to do the man's job: fix the tap, pin up the shelf.



For Italians, food is both a ritual and an important unifying element of everyday life. Russians have a much simpler attitude to food than us. Food for Russians has absolutely nothing to do with our traditional, and I would say, sacred schedule, when we have lunch or dinner, and their table is not associated with the place where the whole family gathers in the evening to watch the news and discuss what happened during day.

When Russians are hungry, they eat. And this usually happens around 19:00, too early for dinner by Italian standards, and they eat less than ours. A glass of wine every day at lunch is not their story, it is more interesting for them to have a good time and drink in good company, but for some special reason (and usually this immediately multiplies the amount of drink). But it is a myth that all Russians do nothing but drink strong alcoholic drinks with toast "to your health." It turns out that the most preferred drink in Russia (at least by the ladies) is wine, and it costs 4 times more here than in Italy.

Why pasta cannot be substituted for soup

My Russian wife cooks well, but as an Italian it is very difficult for me to understand Russian cuisine (as well as, probably, the mysterious Russian soul). This strange love of liquid soups with chunks of meat floating in them and, even worse, salads drenched in fizzy drinks (okroshka), is hard to digest. And if you consider that these soups are served as a substitute for pasta - the Italian's second dish after mother's milk, it immediately becomes bad.

It’s a complete disappointment when, finally, in Russian cuisine you find something similar to our ravioli (Russians call it dumplings), and we have to eat them without sauce or with a sauce, but very strange - similar to unsweetened yogurt (smetana).

I do not want to "offend" Russian cuisine. It's just that we Italians are very attached to our cuisine and consider it the best in the world.And it is difficult to argue with this, because in Italy fresh and high-quality products, you must also take into account the benefits of the "Mediterranean diet". Therefore, in the end, my Russian wife learned to cook pasta and pizza according to my mother's recipes, because if there is only soup, I will remain hungry.



Russian girls are very beautiful, and I married one of them. Appearance for Russian girls means a lot. They love to dress up, go out, attend events. It is impossible not to notice them on the street, because, of course, first of all, their very appearance stands out quite against the general background. And secondly, they are dressed too smartly and carefully, for a simple walk along Italian paving stones they can go in a fashionable dress and high heels (and why would they? They are already very high …). Italian women do not usually dress like that and are much easier to match their appearance.

The same is true for physical fitness. Russian girls pay more attention to their figure, monitor their weight and proper nutrition, run in parks, go to the gym. Probably, they are following the example of the Russian president.

Russian character


I am impressed by the Russian decisiveness and seriousness in dealing with various situations. Russians are in no hurry to choose the simplest and easiest path, but they are not afraid of obstacles and difficulties either.

They are a little more closed and smile less often than we do (probably because of the harsh Russian climate), but they are sincere and frank, and also do not use many words to say the main thing (although maybe this is due to “translation difficulties”?).

Who is in charge of the family


We have equality, and for me this is the ideal family model. My Russian wife is not an oriental queen or a tyrant. She does not claim personal space, does not force 100% of the time to be near her, does not jealous of me for my hobbies. And he reacts quite calmly if I watch football on TV or leave to play football with my friends.

Football … Yes, it is an important part of the life of almost every Italian. We are active fans, and sometimes we ourselves like to warm up and play the ball. My Russian wife understands how important this is to me and does not claim my attention during important games. Sometimes he even shares my hobby, and then we go to the stadium together to cheer for my favorite team Messina (the third division of the Italian football championship).

And, of course, like all foreigners in love with Russian beauty and football, I can't wait for the World Cup in Russia. The opportunity to combine a trip to his wife's homeland and personally see how the national teams are fighting for the right to become champions.

The secret of living together


It seems to me that Russian women managed to find the right balance between feminism and the vision of a traditional family, without extremes in both. Self-realization is very important for them, but family well-being is far from last. This, of course, is the feature that attracts many Italian men who would like to have an independent and intelligent woman in their life companions, but at the same time, caring, loving, ready to share hobbies and interests.

I am immensely glad that such a woman is next to me now.

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