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Deciphering a man's body language: 20 proofs he likes you
Deciphering a man's body language: 20 proofs he likes you

It is far from always to tell the truth about what you feel - this is characteristic of both women and men. But you can understand a lot from their postures and gestures. When in doubt if he is telling you the truth right now, focus on the man's body language. Here are some points to help you understand his condition.

Deciphering a man's body language: 20 proofs he likes you

For some couples, it all starts with a spark, storm and madness, but not everyone is so lucky. Still, much more often the novel is preceded by a period when you are just looking at each other. Definitely, there is something between you, but what does he feel - is it boredom or is it a restrained passion? The body language and body language of a man in love will betray him with giblets! But let's first briefly list the signs that, alas, he is not attracted to you.

Man's body language: how to tell if you're not interested in you

When you communicate, he avoids eye contact and seems to turn away all the time. You even seem to find it difficult to talk to him.

  • It closes - the arms are crossed on the chest, the legs are thrown over the legs, and the voice sounds hollow and abrupt. The man's body language is clearly signaling that there is no connection.
  • He does not let you go ahead and ignores the consideration that it is worth opening the door in front of you.
  • He avoids touch, for example, dryly informs you that you have a thread on your collar, instead of carefully removing it. These are all signs of body language that signal that things are not going very well so far.

Body language: how to tell if a man likes you

1. Pupils are dilated


Of course, this may be due to the fact that you are in a dark room, but the pupils also dilate when a person likes another person - such a command is given by the brain.

2. The eyebrows are raised


This subconscious movement is used to open the eyes wider when a person likes what he sees. If he raises his eyebrows in conversation, he definitely likes what you are saying. A man's body language, if he likes a girl, can be very expressive.

3. Shows the front teeth


Grown men do not smile like children, unless they are happy. In normal flirting, he can smile without opening his lips, but on a really great date - why not?

4. Smiles broadly


A real smile is not limited to the mouth: the chin is also involved, the eyes turn into slits. So if he smiles with his whole face, you pleasantly hit him!

5. Licks lips


When a person likes someone, more saliva forms in the mouth, and excess saliva can quickly moisten your lips. Not to be confused with slow licking and tongue demonstration!

6. Looks at the whole face, not just in the eyes


Now this sign can be difficult to assess due to the fact that everyone is buried in their phones. But if he just looks in the eyes, it still doesn't mean anything, but when his gaze seems to feel your whole face - he definitely likes you.

7. Inhales deeply when he sees you


Of course, men need oxygen. But if he breathes in so deeply that he looks tighter and more broad-shouldered, then he wants to impress you.

8. Moves closer when you speak


This sign may not say anything if you are sitting in a noisy place. In another case, he is interested in you, and what you say is also interesting.

9. Puts his hands on his hips


This position means that he is interested in you and wants to show himself more attractive than other men.

10. Touches your knee or hair


If this is his initiative, then he wants to check how you react. This does not mean that he is hinting at sex, it is just testing your boundaries.

11. Sits with legs apart


This position opens up his intimate parts, where there are many nerve endings, that is, the position is open and defenseless. And it means that he is ready to open up to get to know you better.

12. Touches your hip


This position means the presence of sexual interest, but if he sits as far as possible, then there is nothing good about it.

13. Standing in front of you


So that your feet seem to look at each other. You can check if he is interested in you: touch the shoulder. If he instinctively backs away, then not very much.

14. Sits cross-legged


Here you need to pay attention to the details. If at the same time his torso is somehow moved away from you, he is not very interested in communicating. And if he approaches you, everything is fine.

15. A little worried in your presence


So he wants to be closer. This is clearly visible when you are facing each other.

16. Speaks without looking at you


If, at the same time, his body is deployed in your direction, everything is fine.

17. Touches the neck


The context and general understanding of the situation are important here. Periodic touching of the neck can be indicative of both interest and distrust.

18. Holds your hand


If he only grabs his fingers, it may mean that he just wants to feel connected. And if the palm is also - it wants to get even closer.

19. Holds you by the brush


Especially if you are sitting facing each other and talking. He wants to be heard.

20. Goes ahead


If you are not walking along a narrow path, and he just walks a couple of steps ahead, he is absorbed in himself, not you. The one who is interested in you will walk alongside.

Bonus: body language of a man in love by zodiac signs

Aries will be awkward - if he is in love, he is terribly worried next to you.

The body language of a Taurus man - he will try to sit closer, and he can also show you open palms.

A Gemini man in love will be even more than Taurus, closing the distance between you, practically snuggling.

Cancer will try to shake your hand, and, if possible, will definitely invite you to dance.

Leo man's body language is to wipe all the other guys off of you. He will also reach out to play with your hair.

But the Virgo man will flutter his hair excitedly. He can touch you on the shoulder.

Libra is the sign that does not hesitate to touch the face. It is he who will remove the remaining sauce from your lips.

The body language of a Scorpio man - he will glare at you and seem to scan your body.

Sagittarius is sure to unobtrusively show you his muscles. And he will also find an opportunity to hug.

Capricorn will want to admire your face, so he will sit in front of you.

Aquarius Man Body Language - Dress to impress. And it will smell great too.

Pisces is a sign that will always be there. And also this man is ready to serve or hold something.

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