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The whole truth about virginity: 11 questions you might not know the answers
The whole truth about virginity: 11 questions you might not know the answers

Even experienced mistresses in their heads are full of myths about what they once possessed - about virginity.

The whole truth about virginity: 11 questions you might not know the answers

You can safely talk to your younger sister or friend about sex, teach her to take care of herself and have fun, but the question of innocence can baffle many of us. It's never too late to fill in the gaps.

What is a hymen for?

The hymen keeps us clean, protects us from infection.

Are there virgins among the animals?

The presence of the hymen in animals is controversial: according to some data, it exists in the form of rudiments (some species of primates, bats); on others, there is no hymen at all.

What is the hymen made of?

This is a fold of the mucous membrane, which is based on connective tissue (it is present in all organs). Muscle fibers, blood vessels and nerves are woven into the hymen.

There are more than 20 types of hymen shape: annular, lunar, lunar-coastal, fringed (petal), lobular, patchwork, toothed, roller-shaped, lip-shaped, double-edged, partitioned, fringed, keeled, fenestrated, process, tubular, perforated.

What can happen to the spit?

The hymen may be absent from birth (aplasia), holes may be absent in it (imperforated hymen), as a result of cicatricial or adhesions, secondary infection of the holes or ruptures of the hymen may occur.

What Happens During First Sex?

If the hymen is too dense and sufficiently supplied with blood vessels and nerves, the ruptures are deep, a significant amount of blood is released (up to bleeding), all this is painful. A dense tendon hymen can generally serve as a significant obstacle to sexual intercourse, as a result, a man is unable to break through it. In this case, it is better to postpone trying for the next time. However, if three attempts are unsuccessful, it is best to see a gynecologist for surgical defloration.

But the appearance of blood and pain during defloration is not at all necessary. If the hymen is thin, elastic, poor in blood vessels and nerve plexuses, there may not even be pain and blood. And the pain during the first intercourse may be associated with trauma to the walls of the vagina during frictions.

Sometimes, if the hymen is too elastic or has a certain shape (lunar, with a large central opening), the rupture of the hymen may not occur until delivery. But after childbirth, the hymen is completely destroyed.

When is it already possible?

The appearance of a girl's first menstruation indicates the production of reproductive cells in her body that are capable of fertilization, but this does not mean that a girl can be a mother. Her body in these years is not ready for the onset of sexual activity, and even more so for pregnancy and childbirth. It takes several years for the body to get stronger.

The most favorable age for the onset of sexual activity should be considered the period of sexual physical development of a girl - 19-20 years.

When is it too late?

20-22 years - the beginning of the degeneration of the hymen tissue, therefore late defloration can be complicated by problems in subsequent sexual relations.

What happens if a virgin wants to "artificially" get pregnant?

Medicine allows to carry out artificial (in vitro) fertilization without violating the integrity of the hymen and to deliver a pregnant woman with a whole hymen by cesarean. But in most cases, for convenience, a woman is recommended to undergo a surgical defloration.

Can a virgin get infected and carry infections?

A girl who has had sexual relations, even without penetration, can be a carrier or have clinical manifestations of sexually transmitted infections - this is chlamydia, and papilloma virus, and cytomegalovirus, and herpes, and trichomoniasis, and syphilis, and gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, mycoplasmosis and more. Also, taking antibiotics can provoke candidiasis.

Sexually transmitted diseases cannot be contracted in swimming pools, saunas or shared restrooms. The causative agents of sexually transmitted diseases are very unstable in the external environment and die outside the human body. Single microorganisms, as a rule, are not capable of causing disease.

Can a virgin suffer from genital diseases?

Inflammatory diseases of the external genital organs, adolescent bleeding, trauma, developmental anomalies are all possible. In addition, young girls may have such diseases as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, apoplexy of ovarian cysts.

In adolescence, due to hormonal imbalance, ectopia occurs - incomplete coverage of the cervix with the necessary tissue. In most cases, this condition is corrected with the onset of sexual activity. But it must be borne in mind that when an infection is attached, ectopia can turn into pseudo-erosion of the cervix. Diagnosis of such a disease is possible only after the onset of sexual activity (due to the specifics of the examination), therefore, a preventive visit to the doctor after the onset of sexual activity is necessary.

Is abstinence harmful?

Sexual relations are a stage in the anatomical and physiological period and an integral part of our life. But there is an opinion about the possible dangers of sexual abstinence. However, science does not know the diseases that it would provoke. According to the general opinion of the largest specialists in the field of physiology, hygiene, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, endocrinology, sexual abstinence until the end of maturation is absolutely harmless.

Can Virgins Take Oral Contraceptives?

Yes, with a therapeutic purpose for diseases such as juvenile uterine bleeding, menstrual irregularities, dyshormonal conditions, and the like.

What else can you do with the hymen?

Gynecologists quite often carry out procedures such as surgical defloration and restoration of the hymen (hymenoplasty)… Medical indications for defloration is the complete infection of the hymen, when during the period of puberty the girl does not have menstruation and at the same time there are cyclical pains for several days. Over a period of time, menstrual blood accumulates, which requires immediate surgical treatment. Most often, the cause of this condition is inflammation and the influence of the papilloma virus. But from practice, defloration is mainly done for other reasons: many girls hide their status. There are more shy virgins than those who seek medical advice.

There is no medical indication for hymenopasty, but it is a very often performed operation both in our country and abroad.

By the way, do you know when most often in the United States they lose their virginity?

Interviewed by Alina Krasnova

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