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How to choose the best ointment for sprains: an ambulance for an athlete
How to choose the best ointment for sprains: an ambulance for an athlete

If you exercise regularly, be sure to top up your home medicine cabinet with a good sprains ointment. It will help you quickly recover from injuries and prevent them.

How to choose the best ointment for sprains: an ambulance for an athlete

Sprains and sprains are the most common injury and unfortunately very easy to get, especially if you exercise frequently. But even those who lead a sedentary lifestyle are at risk of sprains. In this article, we will analyze the best ointments for bruises and sprains.

First of all, large joints, ligaments and muscles are subject to sprains, which we use most often - arms, legs, neck. This type of injury causes a lot of inconvenience and restricts your movement. If your knee or ankle is affected, it may be difficult for you to walk. In the treatment of sprains, special ointments, gels and compresses are used, which quickly relieve unpleasant symptoms, eliminate swelling and pain.

First aid for stretching:

  1. Ensure joint immobility.
  2. Apply a cold compress to the injured area.
  3. Get a physical examination for any associated injuries (for example, sprains may be accompanied by a fracture or dislocation) and to assess the patient's condition.

If the injury is uncomplicated, self-therapy can be dispensed with using ointments for sprains of muscles, ligaments and joints. They have a local effect on the injured area of ​​the body and help restore its mobility. Popular pharmacy products practically do not differ from each other in their effect, but they contain different active ingredients. Consider the best ointments for sprains.

Pain relieving ointments for sprains

The best pain relievers for trauma have a cooling effect, which makes the pain go away quickly. They can be used immediately after injury. It is preferable to choose preparations with a gel texture that is quickly absorbed and distributed on the skin, avoiding friction of the painful area. They also prevent the formation of hematomas, relieve swelling. The best pain relieving ointments for sprains with a cooling effect:

  • Capilar
  • Reparil-gel
  • Venoruton gel
  • Sports gel-balm restoring "42"

Warming ointments for sprains of muscles and ligaments

The effect of warming ointments from sprains is to accelerate blood circulation in the damaged joint or muscle. They cannot be used immediately after injury, but only after a few days. Also, warming ointments for sprains are used to warm up muscles before training, which serves as a good prevention of injuries and helps to reduce muscle pain. The best representatives of this class of funds:

  • Capsicam
  • Finalgon
  • Apizartron
  • Nikoflex
  • Bengey

Warming ointments can cause a short-term burning sensation. It is necessary to remove the product from the skin not with water, but with a fat cream or vegetable oil.

Ointments for sprains and bruises with heparin

Means with sodium heparin prevent blood clotting and hematoma formation. If a bruise has already appeared, the ointment helps to quickly eliminate it. Strengthens blood vessels, relieves swelling. Ointment for sprains with heparin is applied to clean skin 2-4 times a day.

  • Dolobene
  • Lioton-gel
  • Heparin ointment (Nizhpharm)
  • Heparin-gel Akrihin
  • Trombless

Inexpensive ointments for sprains with a badyag

Badyaga is a substance composed of silicon oxide. Ointments based on it improve blood flow at the site of injury, promote the healing of hematomas. Not considered a first choice for sprains, but may help speed up muscle recovery. Effective against bruises. Another plus of such ointments is the low price.

  • Badyaga forte-gel
  • Cream "Healer"
  • Cream-balm "Ambulance"

Inexpensive Arnica Sprain Ointments

Available products based on arnica extract promote quick recovery from bruises, sprains and other injuries. Eliminates inflammation and muscle pain. Virtually no side effects.

  • Ointment "Arnika-GF"
  • Bioron Arnigel
  • Traumeel S
  • Vitateca

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments for sprains

The best ointments for sprains of muscles and ligaments with anti-inflammatory action reduce pain, relieve swelling. They penetrate directly into the injured area and quickly stop the inflammatory process. Apply to the skin 2-3 times a day for no longer than a week.

  • Diclofenac
  • Voltaren
  • Ketoprofen

Often ankle sprains are accompanied by swelling of the legs. We have compiled a list of effective measures to take if your legs are swollen.

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