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How to reduce the hips and buttocks at home: the best life hacks
How to reduce the hips and buttocks at home: the best life hacks

An integral part of a beautiful female figure are slender hips and strong buttocks. Finding the shapes you want takes a holistic and thoughtful approach.

How to reduce the hips and buttocks at home: the best life hacks

How to reduce the volume of the hips - you probably have driven this query into the search engine more than once. This is a headache for many girls, because nature has decreed that women's hips and buttocks tend to accumulate fat deposits. To achieve the result, you have to make a lot of effort.

How to reduce hip size with diet

Losing weight on a diet will help shrink your hips and buttocks, but other parts of your body will shrink as well. It is impossible to organize food in such a way as to lose weight locally.

It is imperative to add physical activity to the diet, otherwise you will lose muscle mass - and the hips will not look elastic. In your diet, focus on protein foods and vegetables. Drink plenty of water to keep fluid from trapping in your body.

How to reduce your hips and buttocks with fitness

Workouts that will help reduce the hips and buttocks at home are divided into zones of impact. There are exercises for the internal and external muscles of the thighs, the front and back surfaces, small, medium and large gluteal muscles. The pumped up muscles visually make the hips slimmer and tighter, and also increase the skin tone, thereby reducing the severity of the "orange peel". Remember, to shrink your hips and glutes, you need to do not only strength training, but also cardio.

Optimal plan: At least one strength training session and one 60 minute aerobic workout per week. To reduce your hips and buttocks at home without buying a fitness membership, use video tutorials or sports apps for mobile devices.

The most effective exercises for slimming the hips are lunges, squats, and jogging in place with a high knee lift. Also, don't forget to stretch.

How to reduce the volume of the hips and buttocks with cosmetic procedures

Anti-cellulite massage, body wraps, cryolipolysis on the Zeitiq apparatus, endosphere - this is the cosmetological arsenal to protect the slimness of your hips. The best effect of the procedure will be shown in combination with proper nutrition and physical activity.

How to reduce the inner thighs

Women are most often worried about the inner side of the thigh. This area is prone to sagging and sagging and is very difficult to pull up. But we suggest trying plie and frog squats, side lunges, stretching and cardio workouts. Of course, all this will only work when combined with a balanced diet. You can also add seaweed wraps and massage.

How to reduce hips in a week

We are not supporters of extreme diets, so I would not advise you on strict fasting days. Exercise will help you reduce your hips in a week. If you exercise on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes every day, it will already give noticeable results. Also, jumping rope and the usual daily climbing stairs showed their effectiveness for the slenderness of the hips. To keep the skin smooth and taut, massage with a hard washcloth or massage roller, rubbing in anti-cellulite oil.

For a harmonious figure, it is worth working out not only the hips and buttocks, but also the upper body. Dumbbell exercises at home will help you with this.

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