Lovers reunited 40 years after their parents quarreled
Lovers reunited 40 years after their parents quarreled

Briton Penny Ambers and Bahamas native Mark Bethel fell in love in their early teens. The girl's father was racist and did not approve of the 16-year-old daughter's relationship with the colored guy. The man did everything for the couple to break up and live life without each other. But, despite the many years of separation, the lovers did not forget each other and reunited 40 years later to get married.

Lovers reunited 40 years after their parents quarreled

Penny Ambers met the love of her life in the 1970s at a boarding school near Nottingham. The girl was 16 years old, and her boyfriend Mark was 17. The romance between a white girl and a black guy who came to England from the Bahamas flared up instantly. The couple maintained a relationship until graduation, but then they had to enter different universities. Around the same time, Penny's father, who was a terrible racist, secretly visited her chosen one in college.

The man began to intimidate Mark and ask him to leave Ambers alone. The father threatened to strip the black student of the scholarship, which would mean the collapse of all hopes for the guy of color. If Mark had lost his grant, he would not have been able to complete his studies and get a job. In addition, Bethel's parents also did not approve of an affair with a white girl. As a result, after lengthy persuasion, quarrels and pressure from relatives, the guy made the most difficult decision in his life and to part with his beloved, reports Metro.

Mark and Penny in their youth

Mark and Penny in their youth, Getty Images

“I didn't even have a chance to influence anything. I was in a foreign country about 5,000 kilometers from home. the scholarship was the only way to complete my studies and not ruin my life, which is why Penny's father's threats worked that way. I got scared, but then I regretted it all my life,”admitted Mark already in adulthood. Penny, in turn, also had a hard time breaking up. The girl went into depression, dropped out of school, twice "got married" and divorced. Mark was able to graduate from college and built a successful career in the hotel business. He also had a relationship, but he remained single because he could not forget his first love.

Penny and Mark after a happy reunion

Penny and Mark after a happy reunion, Getty Images

The man had been looking for his former lover for years, and only recently he was lucky. In 2019, Bethel found a photo of a woman very similar to Penny on Facebook and left a comment under it. Later it turned out that this is Ambers. The couple signed off and decided to meet, but due to the lockdown they could not. As soon as the wave of restrictions subsided, Penny rushed to the Bahamas. In early October of this year, Penny returned home to England, but as soon as she got off the plane, Bethel proposed to her, which Penny accepted. Now the bride and groom are planning a wedding.

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