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10 exciting films and TV series about women who turned the world
10 exciting films and TV series about women who turned the world

The global wave of feminism has covered the entire planet: women are breaking glass ceilings, fighting gender imbalances and wage differentials, and holding high political posts. For the premiere of the "Official" series, together with the online cinema KION, we recall 10 films and series that best show women leaders.

"Official" (2021)


Sometimes love is blinding. This is what happened with Arina (Victoria Tolstoganova), who works in the financial department of the regional Ministry of Health. Her lover and colleague Pavel (Maxim Vitorgan) slipped some papers from time to time, and the woman signed them without looking. The attitude towards work changes dramatically after the death of a relative who died from counterfeit pills.

Sloane's Dangerous Game (2016)

Sloane's Dangerous Game

Miss Elizabeth Sloan (accustomed to the role of "predator" Jessica Chastain) is a well-known lobbyist who believes that "the end justifies the means." But she also has her own principles: she decides to oppose the rich and powerful "gunsmiths", therefore she advocates the complication of the acquisition and storage of firearms.

The Iron Lady (2012)

The Iron Lady

Now the politician Margaret Thatcher, who was nicknamed the Iron Lady for her stubbornness, is remembered by the British only in bad words: she did everything for the sake of the upper class. But director Phyllida Lloyd (Mamma Mia!) Does not criticize the woman, but urges her to sympathize with the one who gave all of himself to the country. "Iron Lady" - benefit performance of Meryl Streep (for this role she received another "Oscar"), which surprisingly accurately copies the facial expressions, gestures and Yorkshire accent of the Baroness.

"North Wind" (2021)

North wind

The ambiguity of a woman in power is shown by the main diva of Russia, Renata Litvinova. "North Wind" is the story of the collapse of a great matriarchal clan, where each member of the family could make a wish for the New Year, which would certainly come true. But everyone dreams of love that cannot be brought back to life by any miracles.

"Scandal" (2019)


The MeToo movement began in the US in 2017 and has spawned a slew of films about sexual abuse at work. The "scandal" is based on a true story when three journalists - TV presenters Gretchen (Nicole Kidman) and Megan (Charlize Theron) and newcomer Kayla (Margot Robbie) - accused Fox head Roger Isles (John Lithgow) of harassment. But there are two problems: they work for a company that supports Donald Trump, and their destinies directly depend on Isla, who has insane power.

Domina (2021)


Julius Caesar has just been killed, the emperor's adopted son Guy (Matthew McNulty) is ready to become the first among equals and will marry the girl of Libya (Kasya Smutnyak), who was lucky to get an education. But men see her, like other women, as a container for a child - this stereotype can only be changed by a heroine, becoming the most influential person in Rome.

"Favorite" (2018)


There is a war between England and France, the queen is sick, the Duchess Sarah Marlborough (Rachel Weisz) is in charge of all affairs. But her younger relative Abigail (Emma Stone) appears in the palace and quickly finds her way up. The Greek Yorgos Lanthimos ("Lobster", "The Killing of a Sacred Deer") created a black comedy where ladies dress in men's suits, ride horses and fight on fists.

"Great" (2020 - …)


Another story of the imperious wife of the emperor is the story of Catherine II (El Fanning), who married the unsuccessful ruler Peter III (Nicholas Hoult). The girl quickly becomes disillusioned with her husband and begins to transform the state: she wants to abolish serf slavery, build schools and destroy illiteracy.

Victoria and Abdul (2017)

Victoria and Abdul

Queen Victoria (Judy Dench) ascended the throne at the age of 18 and gained power over the country and numerous colonies.At one of the receptions, she meets the Indian Abdul (Ali Fazal), who was not afraid to look her in the eye and start a conversation. So a man becomes the support of an elderly ruler, travels with her everywhere and helps to find answers to personal questions.

"Doctor Lisa" (2020)

Dr. Lisa

She was a great Russian activist, ready to lend a helping hand to everyone. In the film, the goal of Elizaveta Glinka (Chulpan Khamatova) for the day is to get morphine for a girl writhing in pain by any means. It is worth noting the acting skills of Khamatova, in whose eyes you can see the bottomless fatigue and strength of the soul of a person who daily struggles with hopelessness.

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