The husband was sentenced to death for the fact that he set fire to his wife on the air
The husband was sentenced to death for the fact that he set fire to his wife on the air

The court sentenced a Chinese man to death for taking his wife's life on the air. Tang Lu was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife Amachu. The sadist poured gasoline on a woman blogger of Tibetan origin, known online as Lama, and set her on fire on the air. The victim received burns on 90% of her body and died two weeks later in the hospital. At the time of the incident, the couple were divorced.

The husband was sentenced to death for the fact that he set fire to his wife on the air

Lamu was a popular Tibetan video blogger who lived in the mountainous Aba prefecture in western China's Sichuan province. The girl divorced Tang Lu a few months before she was murdered at her father's house. She left her husband because he regularly abused her, and the sadist decided to take revenge. During one of the streams, a Chinese man doused his ex-wife with gasoline and set it on fire right in front of the shocked spectators. After a lengthy investigation, the perpetrator was sentenced to death for premeditated murder by a court in Aba Prefecture, where a large number of ethnic Tibetans live, according to the Daily Mail.

Lamu was a humble and kind girl

Lamu was a humble and kind girl, Getty Images

Lamu's tragic death caused a terrible public outcry. After the tragic death of the pets, hundreds of thousands of grieving followers left comments on the blogger's Weibo page. Users of the Chinese equivalent of TikTok demanded justice using popular hashtags that the government severely censored. In China, criminal liability under the article "Domestic Violence" appeared in 2016, but the problem of tyranny in relationships has not yet been resolved. According to statistics, every second woman faces violence from her husband or partner, but the state tries not to interfere in divorce proceedings. Despite the fact that the 21st century is in the yard, in this matter the law is still on the side of men. Divorce is still considered a purely "family matter" and it is very difficult for a woman to defend her rights if she decides to leave her husband.

The blogger fought for a long time for freedom that cost her her life

The blogger fought for the freedom that cost her her life for a long time, Getty Images

For example, during her lifetime, Lamu talked about the numerous attacks of her ex-spouse, repeatedly turned to the police and several times tried to get away from the cruel Tang Lu. For a long time, the officers ignored the woman's requests for help, and only after a long series of painful attempts, the girl was able to divorce. Although even the official dissolution of the marriage did not save the poor thing from the encroachments of the former.

Amachu became famous for sharing the peculiarities of life in the countryside, filming a video about walking in the mountains, collecting herbs, cooking and singing to the soundtrack. She did all this in a national costume and without makeup, so no one could reproach her for inappropriate behavior. Nobody, except for the maniac husband, who constantly tortured his wife and two children. The woman divorced her torturer twice due to constant beatings and humiliation. The blogger repeatedly reported her husband to the police, but no one helped her. After the first divorce, Tang Lu even forced Amachu to remarry, threatening to kill one of the babies if she refused.

The house where the murder took place

The house where the murder took place, Getty Images

The woman fought for freedom with all her might and in the summer of last year left her tyrant husband for the second time. Now forever. But he harbored a grudge and decided to settle scores with his wife in the wildest way. In September 2020, Lamu was broadcasting live at her father's house when Tang Lu suddenly appeared in the frame. He poured gasoline on his wife and set it on fire. Hundreds of people screaming her girl, after which the broadcast was interrupted. Lama turned into an ember in a matter of minutes - the woman was admitted to the hospital with 90% of burns on her body.Despite the fact that the money to save the people's favorite was collected in record time, the girl could not survive. She died in a hospital room two weeks after the attack.

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