The boyfriend locked the woman in the trunk of the car, but she got out and got revenge
The boyfriend locked the woman in the trunk of the car, but she got out and got revenge

The brave Gisele Shuken from California, USA, told how her ex-boyfriend kidnapped and beat her, and then locked her in the trunk of a car to die. But Giselle managed to get out and bring her attacker to justice. After the salvation, the woman tries to inspire those who, like her, suffered from the abuse. She invites women around the world to report attacks and protect themselves from violence.

The boyfriend locked the woman in the trunk of the car, but she got out and got revenge

Giselle spoke of the horror she experienced after her boyfriend, David Crawford, attacked her, was released from prison and kidnapped the girl again. The angry ex-boyfriend beat the girl and left her in a locked trunk for several hours in the heat, because he suspected her of cheating. While testifying, Shuken said there were two attacks. The first time David nearly killed Giselle was in 2020. The jealous person misread several messages on the victim's phone and thought that she was meeting someone behind his back. The man went berserk and decided to punish his beloved, according to the Daily Mirror.

David Crawford attacked his victims twice before the girl could tell her story

David Crawford attacked his victims twice before the girl could tell her story,

“I was throwing garbage in the bin behind the house when he flew out to me and yelled at me to climb into the trunk of the car. David threatened with a gun and promised to kill, so I obeyed. Then he took my mobile phone and watch away from me so that I could not contact anyone and locked me in the trunk. It was dark, cramped and very hot there. I was gasping for air, but I could distinctly hear my boyfriend talking in the back seat of the car. He instilled in me that I was a mean creature that needs to be guarded so that I do not run away,”said the girl.

Giselle was beaten and locked in the trunk of a car

Giselle was beaten and locked in the trunk of a car. She was even denied medical attention,

The girl managed to pass a note asking for help

The girl managed to pass a note asking for help,

A few hours later, the tormentor pulled the almost suffocated victim out of the trunk of the car, beat and burned her forehead with a cigarette. “I never would have thought that the person with whom I lived in the same house was capable of such atrocities. He almost bit off my ear, choked me, broke my jaw. Then he filled the bathtub and drowned me in it for about 15 minutes, periodically dipping my head into the water. After the attack, David left me lying in the bathroom, and he burned part of my wardrobe and threw out a photo with his daughters, because their father was in the frames. Then I thought I was going to die. But the thought that this monster would make my daughters orphans at the age of five and seven gave me strength. In order to survive, I crawled on my knees in front of the tyrant and said everything that he wanted to hear from me. God forbid anyone to survive this! " - says Giselle.

Giselle with her daughters

Giselle with her daughters,

Crawford only cooled down the next morning and finally allowed Giselle to seek medical attention: she had a broken jaw and several other injuries. But while the victim of domestic violence was visiting the therapist, her ex was forced to talk on the phone all the time (this is with a broken jaw!). Abuser wanted to make sure that the exhausted woman did not report him, but Giselle managed to give the doctor a note asking for help, and David was arrested at home the next day. The man was sentenced to imprisonment for the brutal attack on his partner, but was released on bail just four months later. Of course, he took up the old and decided to take revenge on Shuken.

Giselle treated a broken jaw for six months

Giselle has been treating a broken jaw for six months,

The tyrant burned the face of the victim with a

The tyrant burned the victim's face with a cigar,

Meanwhile, Giselle needed serious treatment: she underwent three physiotherapy sessions a week for six months, did electrotherapy and exercise therapy to restore the damaged jaw.The girl was also horrified when she learned that her ex would return to freedom again. He called her from prison, sent postcards and stalked the victim with fake social media profiles. And when he was released, Crawford attacked again.

“He kidnapped me when I was walking the dog, - he dragged me into a rented car and kept me there for several hours. David scared me so much that I was ready to go out and die on the spot, but not sit with the tormentor in the same car. In the end, I managed to convince him that we would settle everything if he took me home. History repeated itself: I again lied and humiliated myself in order to return to a safe place. I managed to escape and claim the tyrant again. 18 months after the first arrest, he was detained again. It was in September of this year, and just a couple of weeks ago he was sent to prison for a serious term,”the victim of domestic violence shared the incident.

Giselle was able to recover and now encourages other women to fight domestic violence

Giselle has recovered and is now encouraging other women to fight domestic violence,

Now the brave Giselle shares her experiences to encourage other victims of domestic violence to stay strong and fight their persecutors. The woman assures that it is much more important and easier to take courage and appear in court than to live in fear and pain all the time.

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