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The whole truth about "fitonyash": what price do they pay for an ideal body
The whole truth about "fitonyash": what price do they pay for an ideal body

The more popular fitness becomes, the more we see dry and slender fitness babies on the Internet. They have a consistently sculpted abs with protruding cubes, a beautiful round butt and a minimum of fat. Yes, it's all beautiful. But who thinks about the cost to achieve an ideal body?

The whole truth about "fitonyash": what price do they pay for an ideal body Tatiana Kurbat

Tatiana Kurbat

Fitness blogger, graduated from courses in health fitness (direction - bodybuilding) of the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture.

“There are few purebred ectomorphs in nature, very few. An ectomorph is a person who can eat anything without becoming fat. Let's just admit they were lucky. For example, I have been struggling with being overweight all my life. And I know that there are many like me. So many. Why is there - the majority.

Mixed types are more common. And they are prone to fat accumulation. Women especially. This is how our nature works. Yes, we can lose weight, we can lose weight very much, but scraping fat from all the bins is not something that is almost impossible with safe methods, it threatens with serious problems.

The whole truth about fitonyash


Girls from fitness competitions will never admit that they have not had their periods for several months, or even years.

Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) is a very serious disorder in the body, which will inevitably bring an imbalance of hormones, disruption of the reproductive system, thyroid gland and much more. There is even a joke among the bikinists: “Have you lost your period in preparation for the competition? Didn't dry well!"

Someone manages to restore the hormonal system and the cycle in a couple of months, while someone is treated for years. Some athletes who do not miss a single season live constantly without signs of a girl.

By the way, how many of the speakers became mothers? I honestly went over several dozen athletes - Instagram stars. I did not find those who performed, performed, and then hop - and children. I admit that there are still rare examples. But this is the exception rather than the rule.

Willpower: iron and unshakable

Few of them admit how, sitting on the kitchen floor, they sob, swallowing cakes and other sweets. Swallowing, because they cannot stop - their psyche has malfunctioned. But hormones continue to say: we want sweet. And the brain says: I want a cool body. And girls naturally vomit from the conflict within themselves. Because having a perfect body is a narcotic pleasure. The inability to resist breakdowns is the insidiousness of imbalanced hormones.

They all tell us stories about how they strictly eat chicken breast and a handful of buckwheat. But on such a diet you will not live long - this is the first thing. You will not get the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body from it - the second. You will definitely fail - this is the third. The girls with whom I spoke, as one admitted to tough and fairly regular breakdowns. So that you understand: a breakdown is not a candy to swallow. It is to eat a kilogram of sweets, washing them down with bitter tears of dissatisfaction with yourself and the inability to resist this craving.

It is much more pleasant not to set yourself rigid prohibitions. Allow everything, but within reasonable limits. And preferably in the main meals, when insulin already rises.

Swelling after drying

And how do they swell after the competition, you know? Plus three, six, ten kilograms in a couple of days after the lights go out and carbohydrates return (and most often burst) into the diet. They walk with huge swelling, everything hurts them - right down to the skin, because it is terribly stretched.

Drying on the eve of a competition is more than just a minimum of carbohydrates. This is also giving up water a day before going on stage. And taking diuretics. Such an emergency system for draining fluid from the body, of course, will bear fruit.

When I was in fitness classes, I saw girls with my own eyes the day after the competition. Frankly, I just didn't recognize some of them. The swelling is as if wasps had been gnawing them all night.

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Pharmacological effects on hormonal levels

And what about the pharma? Have you ever seen a fitness woman who openly says: yes, I am dry all year round and with cubes on the press, because on a farm course? No, they will mislead us with their Instagram and 100 gram portions of chicken. This is a lie! If a girl trains hard and constantly sits on a radical calorie deficit, she will lose weight until she kills her hormonal system in the trash. And then the game will begin according to different rules … When the kilograms will appear from the air. But nothing can be done about it. And further cuts in calories can lead you anywhere. Even to the next world.

Depending on the category in which the athlete performs, a pharmacology course is selected. It can be anything: from a relatively light "Clenbuterol" to hormonal drugs that make girls' voices coarse, hair grows where, in theory, they should not, genitals increase in size … Well, and muscles, of course, grow, fill, what is already there.

But few admit this. All naturals. All on a chicken breast:)

Natural or fake breasts (human:))

Smart people are smart enough to admit: yes, there was a case, inserted implants, inserted according to such and such a scheme.

The majority, however, shout: all their own, all natural! Why is it almost impossible to dry out your body while maintaining your lush breasts? Because this part of the female body is made up of adipose tissue and a gland. The ratio of these tissues may vary. Those with larger glands suffer less volume loss. And vice versa. But for the most part, a decrease in body fat to a minimum leads to the fact that the breast turns into a bag of glands. And on stage it is immediately a disproportion. And low scores from the judges. Therefore, almost all titled bikinists are like one with silicone. I am not saying that artificial breasts are a universal evil. I am for the truth….

And then what?

… and for fitness for health, vitality, vitality and adequate beauty. But I am against fitness, which only mows for a healthy lifestyle, but in fact cripples the body and psyche.

Do you know what I started to see amid the endless stream of false information from fitness bikinis? Their reposts help one or another athlete - transfer money for treatment. It seems to me that the hour is not too long when yesterday's stars of the fitness scene begin to pour in. And this is inevitable. Alas. A month without carbohydrates on one protein? Hard drying? Pharma? Exercising to the point of nausea? Medicines? What kidneys and other organs will survive here?

And the joints? And the knees? And the spines? They don't squat with adequate weight. More, more!

What do I mean by all this? A beautiful picture also needs to be considered adequately. I unsubscribed on Instagram from everyone who leads me by the nose. Whoever says she exercises a lot, eats 1000 kcal, and she has a dry body and a cycle in place. I unsubscribed from those who poured silicone into the priests and fool me with abdominal exercises that will undoubtedly lead to juicy buttocks.

But she left those who lead the ordinary life of a normal person. Who does something else in this world besides the gym and the choice of a swimsuit for the next competition. People who are not so perfect in appearance, but look great at the same time, and an amazing energy emanates from them - attractive and cozy. People who are "flooded" depending on the day of the cycle. People who sometimes take breaks from training because of work, family, or other circumstances. People who are not obsessed with the thickness of the belly fold. But they understand the difference between this very thickness and do not allow themselves to overflow the coast.

Believe me, the line between reason and addiction is very, very thin here. I am telling you this - I am a person who has experienced this edge on myself and almost confused something. But I caught myself in time and understood. Happiness is in movement and self-development. In health. In an energetic body.But not in the rocking chair for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have greatly expanded my own attitudes and frameworks. And I'm glad. I lived with different introductions: both with the understanding that I was not allowed to do anything, and with the understanding that it was impossible today, and tomorrow everything would burn with a blue flame, and with complete withdrawal. But I was looking for that golden mean, in which I will feel good in the end. Not that outwardly it seems good, but in the soul hell. But actually good. Harmoniously. When you understand everything, agree with everything on the chromosome level, when you enjoy every day. When you train for health, and not for numbers on a scale or a centimeter tape. When sport is for you hygiene, not an endless race.

This is the kind of fitness - for health - I love."

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