"Let it burn in hell!" The woman fought off with a knife from her tyrant husband and let him die
"Let it burn in hell!" The woman fought off with a knife from her tyrant husband and let him die

Penelope Jackson from Burrow, Somerset, is accused of the murder of her husband David, who attacked her during an argument over a video call. The woman stabbed her attacker three times with a knife, and when he called the ambulance service, she refused to help him. The husband repeatedly asked Penelope for help, but she did not want to save the sadist who had bullied her for years.

"Let it burn in hell!" The woman fought off with a knife from her tyrant husband and let him die

A jury at Bristol Royal Court, which is to render a verdict in the case, was provided with an 18-minute recording of the deceased's telephone conversation with the first aid service. It clearly shows that his wife repeatedly refuses to help Mr. Jackson after she injured him. The man prayed for mercy, and Penelope replied: "Let the paramedics can you, but I will not."

On the second day of the murder trial, the court was told that the police had found a frank confession in the couple's house, written in a notebook left by the phone. In the note, the woman fully admitted her guilt and explained why she went to commit the crime. Penelope Jackson wrote that her husband tortured her for years, and on the last day of her life provoked her to murder, Metro reports.

Penelope Jackson accused of murdering her husband

Penelope Jackson accused of her husband's murder, Getty Images

The note read: “I have been subjected to such violence over the years that even words cannot describe it. Just watch my notes. David was a good father, but a disgusting husband. And today the mask of well-being has been lifted from our family. What he did to me was unforgivable. I admit my guilt and accept my punishment, and let him burn in hell."

When Penelope Jackson was arrested on suspicion of murder, she remarked, “Is this a murder now, not an attempt? Oh good! I have no regrets. If I had the opportunity, I would do it again. Even if I faced 125 million years in prison, it was worth it. I should have left a sadist many years ago, but I didn't. Yes, I am worthy of punishment, but he deserves it much more. " At the trial, Penelope refused to answer the prosecutor's questions and instead issued a prepared statement claiming that her husband had been beating, abusing and controlling her for many years. Jackson said that domestic tyranny began after the suicide of her son David from his first marriage in 1998.

The woman claims that her husband abused her for years

Woman claims she was bullied by her husband for years, Getty Images

The woman told the jury that the last straw was her husband's behavior on the day of his death. The defendant explained that their common daughter ordered a gourmet dinner for her parents in honor of her parents' birthday to eat together during the Zoom broadcast. But David did not like the food, he made a scandal, interrupted the call and ruined the party. Penelope went into the kitchen with the intention of cutting her veins, so she got sick of her husband's bullying, but he pounced on her to beat her.

“When he began to beat me and shout for me to kill myself, then something clicked in my head and a thought flashed through, why should I die and not he. I ended up stabbing him three times. He was bleeding for 20 minutes and managed to call an ambulance. He prayed for help all the time, but there was no desire to save the man who had just beaten me,”the defendant testified. Jackson admits manslaughter but denies malice. Experts recorded the beatings that the deceased inflicted on his wife on the day of his death, and included it as evidence in the case. The trial, which will last three weeks, is ongoing.

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