What to see this fall? A selection of performances of the Theater. Pushkin
What to see this fall? A selection of performances of the Theater. Pushkin

Especially for you, Cosmo has compiled a selection of performances that you can go to this fall at the Pushkin Theater.

For lovers of the classics

"Oranges and Lemons"


The main character, the once brilliant actress Judith Bliss, has left the stage for a year now, but she just cannot get used to the quiet suburban existence. She lives in her own special world, where the line between reality and creative imagination is sometimes not visible.

Every evening, the blood begins to stir in the veins of the actress, passions boil, and now the living room of her house turns into a theatrical stage, and family members and guests become participants in the next performance. The idea is simple: you can leave the theater, but it is impossible to drive the theater out of yourself. Starring Vera Alentova.

Date: November 19

For a romantic date

"Shakespeare in Love"


This is a witty fantasy based on the biography of William Shakespeare, in which a young playwright finds lost inspiration thanks to sudden love and creates one of his most important masterpieces - the tragedy Romeo and Juliet. A mischievous and sad story about the people of the Renaissance, who value honor and dignity above all else, believe in friendship and brotherhood, and are ready to fight to the death for their love.

Date: November 6

For family leisure

"The Krause Family"


A comedy for the whole family. In the center of the plot is an old house in a provincial town and its inhabitants - cute, funny old women Greta and Rosa, whose roles are played by Vera Alentova and Natalya Nikolaeva. It is they who fall into the cycle of events associated with the desire of too many people to take possession of their ancestral nest, unfortunately, located in the very center of the city on an elite land.

Date: November 13, 27

For young people



Love, passion, sex, alcohol, the outskirts of Yekaterinburg. A young girl named Masha is looking for herself and her place in life. She has a wide circle of friends, within which she easily "runs" from one partner to another. Masha sincerely loves each of them, but believes that you need to live freely and easily, which means, without attachments.

Will the heroine find what she is looking for? And when you find it, can you keep it? The play is about what to do if you are 23, and you still don't know who you will become when you grow up.

Date: November 3rd

For connoisseurs of experimental theater



Recognized artist and director Dmitry Krymov is experimenting with the classics again - this time with Chekhov's The Seagull. Kostik is the diminutive name of Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplev, who, sitting at his dacha, wrote a play about people, lions, eagles and partridges to please his mother. And she didn't like it …

Although apart from names, locations, some formal signs, nothing connects the viewer with the original, the Chekhovian mood is surprisingly preserved in the performance. A special atmosphere of sad irony that is difficult to define in words. Starring Victoria Isakova.

Date: November 2, 3, 4

November premiere

Guardians of the Taj Mahal

Friends Humayun and Babur are young guards of the Taj Mahal. They make fun of each other, quarrel, remember childhood, dream of the future. But their lives are turned upside down when they receive a cruel order from the Emperor - an order, the implementation of which will test the strength of their ideas of friendship, power and true beauty. Directed by Alexey Zolotovitsky.

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