Where to go on non-working days in the capital
Where to go on non-working days in the capital

Non-working days were set in Moscow from October 28 to November 7, 2021. During this period, many of the capital's enterprises and organizations will not work, but theaters and museums remain available to the townspeople. How to entertain yourself during a long weekend in the capital?

Musical "Chess"


Of course, go to the musical "Chess" by Dmitry Bogachev's theater company "Broadway Moscow", which recently celebrated the year on the stage of the MDM Theater! The production of the musical "Chess" became the only show in the world that went on all year round and continues to run every day, despite all the difficulties of the pandemic.

The plot revolves around the gripping story of the rivalry between the Soviet and American grandmasters against the backdrop of the confrontation between two superpowers. The musical combines a wide variety of musical genres - from pop-rock and rap to opera, while the musical remains an amazingly coherent work. Spectators aged 14 to 22 can attend the performance absolutely free of charge using the "Pushkin Card".

Musicals at the tables "First Date" and "Valentine's Day"


The musicals "First Date" and "Valentine's Day" at the MDM Theater are romantic comedies in the "at the table" format that will truly cheer you up! Spectators find themselves in an impromptu bar, where the action unfolds. And if the first performance is a blind date of the main characters, then the second is preparation for the wedding. Both musicals are full of jokes and funny scenes, incendiary music, which, of course, sounds live, accompanied by a real jazz band.

The musicals First Date and Valentine's Day are available as part of the Pushkin Card program.

The first All-Russian educational business forum "Reputation" in Crocus City Hall

Crocus City Hall will host the first All-Russian educational business forum "Reputation", the purpose of which is to create a new business environment and unique networking in Russia. For the first time, such an event will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Outstanding experts from business, science, education and culture will take part in the forum. The owners and CEOs of the world's leading companies and media personalities will hold a series of panel discussions on the topics: "Technologies of the Future", "Digitalization of Society", "Investment Trends", "Construction Economics", "Trade Prospects", "Values ​​of the Luxury Industry", "Creative Industries "," Strategies for a Billion ". The business forum is intended to become a link between major market players and novice businessmen, who in the future will become the basis of Russia's economic growth. The forum will take place on December 10, but the tickets should be taken care of now.

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