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5 Offensive Myths About Caesarean Section: You Can't Tell A Young Mom
5 Offensive Myths About Caesarean Section: You Can't Tell A Young Mom

Yes, it's the 21st century, but some wild misconceptions about caesarean section are still alive. Some of them hurt young mothers painfully, so if suddenly there are women in your environment who gave birth through this operation, do not voice this heresy in their presence!

5 Offensive Myths About Caesarean Section: You Can't Tell A Young Mom!

Myth # 1: a "special bond" will not be established between a child and a mother who gave birth with the help of Caesarean

The way the baby is born does not in any way affect his subsequent relationships with both his mother and other close people. As well as the mother will love her baby, regardless of whether she gave birth on her own or with the help of surgeons. Often, a cesarean allows the mother to become even more attached to the baby, while a prolonged and difficult labor can cause the association of child = pain and suffering.

Myth # 2: Caesarean section is done by lazy and selfish mothers

Recovery after a cesarean takes a few weeks, whereas after a natural birth, a few days are usually sufficient. And a scar. What kind of selfishness can we talk about here? In 99% of cases, a caesarean section is performed for medical reasons, for safety reasons for both the child and the mother, and there can be no question of any laziness. Moreover, it is impossible to "beg" a cesarean. The decision about the operation is made by the doctor.

Myth number 3: children - "Caesarites" have psychological problems, as they did not pass through the birth canal

Complete nonsense. Statistics show just the opposite: children born by cesarean section, in infancy, on average, sleep more calmly and better, cry less often, and in development they are no different from those born naturally. Medical statistics have not revealed any differences between children born in different ways at preschool and school age.

Myth number 4: all subsequent children will be born with the help of cesarean

In some cases this is true, but in most cases it is not. After a cesarean section, natural childbirth is quite possible, if the operation was carried out correctly, the recovery period went without complications and high-quality tissue formed at the site of the incision. The younger the woman, the more chances she will be able to give birth naturally if she wishes.

Myth # 5: Caesarean section causes postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is not as rare as we would like, but the operation itself does not increase the likelihood of its development. In contrast to close and not very people who can really aggravate the condition of a young mother if they constantly bully her with phrases like “I couldn’t even give birth normally” or “A nulliparous woman is a bad mother”. No mother should make excuses to anyone for the way in which her child was born.

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