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We save on care! 10 pharmacy products that really work
We save on care! 10 pharmacy products that really work

Sometimes even a budget drugstore works better than a hard-to-find and expensive cream. These products will help you out in a difficult situation. The main thing is to notify your beautician and wait for his approval;)

We save on care! 10 pharmacy products that really work

Even those who are used to buying expensive cosmetics can find more economical and sometimes safer alternatives to their usual products. So, here is our selection, which shows the best pharmacy products for face and hair, as well as injured and problem skin.

10 best pharmacy products for all occasions

Each of these products can be an excellent substitute for expensive creams and serums. Some of them are most effective to apply on their own, while others are best added to the basic care program.

1. Zinc ointment

The best pharmacy products

This facial is available in any pharmacy.

Pharmacy remedies like this can help defeat skin imperfections as well as expensive creams. Zinc Ointment is ideal if your goal is to combat acne and maskne. Apply it pointwise, let it dry and go to bed. There will be no pimple in the morning! Just remember: the ointment dries the skin a lot, so do not forget about the moisturizer, otherwise the skin will very quickly turn into dry and flaky.

2. Retinoic ointment

The best pharmacy products

You've probably heard of retinol. It works wonders on the skin, but requires very careful handling.

The best pharmacy products for the skin of mature women contain collagen and retinol (vitamin A in common people), and retinoic ointment is actually retinol for the face and is. It is considered by cosmetologists to be the most effective ingredient for combating skin aging. The ointment will also have a noticeable rejuvenating effect, as well as help against acne - retinol creams were developed to fight acne. It also soothes the skin, relieving irritation and redness. Caution: apply the ointment only at night! Retinol is not friendly with ultraviolet light, so there is a risk of age spots if you decide to apply the ointment during the day.

3. Aspirin

The best pharmacy products

Old friend! Did you know that aspirin can work like a cool lifting mask?

He is also salicylic acid. Another ingenious pharmacy product! By the way, it can be used as a lifting mask. To do this, crush 1 tablet of 0.5 mg with a spoon into powder and add a teaspoon of sour cream to get a creamy texture. Then boldly apply as a mask, avoiding the skin around the eyes. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and enjoy the result.

4. Tincture of calendula

The best pharmacy products

This smell cannot be confused with any other, and the calendula tincture also leaves hard-to-remove yellow spots on the fabric. But how the tonic works perfectly

This pharmacy remedy perfectly relieves irritation on the skin, but be careful: usually the tincture is made with alcohol, which dries already dry skin. But for oily and combined it serves as a real salvation. To prepare a tonic from calendula tincture, dilute it with water in equal proportions and use it after cleansing, but before the serum or cream. Pores will be cleansed, redness will be neutralized and blackheads will be reduced!

5. Vitamin E

The best pharmacy products

A capsule, a needle … Not the most convenient, but one of the most effective pharmaceutical products for nail care, East News

This vitamin is the best pharmaceutical remedy for the skin of a woman's face! He lives in drugstores called Tocopherol and looks like little balls in a transparent shell. It can be used on its own or added to hand cream and is best suited for nail care. How to use: pierce with a needle and rub its contents into the nail plate. The manicurist will beg you to reveal your secret.

6. Licorice root

The best pharmacy products

Licorice helps not only cough, but also whiten the skin of the face if necessary

Mom probably gave you its infusion in childhood when you coughed, but this drug has a wider spectrum of action. Prepare a tincture from it and rub it over the skin with excessive pigmentation: the whitening effect will pleasantly surprise you. They can reduce not only freckles, but even lighten dark marks from healed sores.

7. Badyaga

The best pharmacy products

Badyaga stings and pricks, but removes bruises and post-acne in a matter of days

Another perfect remedy that can be bought for pennies at every pharmacy. Powdered freshwater sponge is sold almost everywhere. It is ideal for anti-wrinkle and exfoliating purposes. Dilute the powder with peroxide, moisturize your face with water and apply as a mask. It will pinch, so wash off the composition as soon as the burning sensation becomes unpleasant (usually 5-10 minutes). After the mask, the skin of the face will be noticeably reddened, so plan your time so that you spend 10-12 hours at home after the procedure. But the effect is incredible! How I visited the resort. To make the redness go away faster, you can use the already mentioned zinc ointment.

8. Burdock oil

The best pharmacy products

A bit troublesome, but worth it - burdock oil is very good for hair

One of the best pharmacy hair products. Heat the oil in a water bath to a comfortable temperature, apply it to your hair, wrap it with a towel (use a shower cap if you don't want to wash off greasy stains) and walk as long as you can. The longer the better! Repeat twice a week. Cons: hair will start to grow faster, and you will have to visit the hairdresser more often.

9. Aevit

The best pharmacy products

An economical and effective bonus for any skincare - Aevita capsules

These capsules with a solution of vitamins "A" and "E" together - an anti-wrinkle superduet. The best pharmacy remedies for wrinkles often contain exactly this pair, but at the same time they are more expensive than the "pure composition". Therefore, stop overpaying and buy the miraculous composition separately. Aevit can be applied as a stand-alone product or added to your favorite cosmetics. Crush the capsule, apply the composition all over your face and let it absorb. The course is 2 weeks, it is no longer worth it so that the skin cells do not completely relax, because you supported them so well.

10. Solcoseryl

The best pharmacy products

A real must-have in the medicine cabinet and in the cosmetic bag! Solcoseryl is undoubtedly one of the best pharmacy skin products

Originally intended to heal minor injuries, this ointment can be added to a face cream or used as a night mask 2-3 times a week. Solcoseryl accelerates the regenerative processes in the skin, works as an antioxidant, increases the supply of oxygen to the skin and stimulates the transport of glucose to cells that lack vitality for proper functioning. It also increases collagen synthesis. All pharmacy remedies for acne on the face, one way or another, have similar, but weaker properties, so you can safely change them all to one Solcoseryl. Anyway, it’s so good that it’s not clear why you still haven’t bought it.

The best pharmacy hair products

We have already written about burdock oil, which really tops the list of the best pharmacy products for hair growth, but it also has brothers that help to grow luxurious hair. To enhance the effect, you can add camphor oil to the burdock, make a mask and wear it under a hat, and then wash your hair with mummy shampoo. Shilajit is usually sold in the form of pills at the pharmacy, so you have to crush them and add them to your favorite shampoo for it to become medicinal and help improve the condition of your hair. Also in the pharmacy you can choose and buy vitamins for hair growth.

The best pharmacy remedy for hair loss is niacin or vitamin B3. It is sold in ampoules at any pharmacy and is available without a prescription. Apply neat by rubbing into hair roots.Due to its strong warming properties (the head will bake after applying the composition), nicotine activates dormant bulbs, makes hair thicker, helps them grow faster and give a good root volume.

If you have dry scalp, sulsen paste, a pharmacy anti-dandruff remedy that contains selenium, will help you. Sold in tubes and applied once a week immediately after shampooing. After the first application, it already relieves itching, removes peeling and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. Another good pharmaceutical remedy for dandruff is birch tar. It is included in soaps and shampoos, so you don't have to prepare the composition. Just buy and use.

The best pharmacy remedies for acne, post-acne and rosacea

Acne, unlike ordinary pimples, is a very serious disease, the causes of which may not even be hidden in the skin. They can appear due to hormonal imbalance, nutritional problems, improper care, and more. The best pharmacy remedies for acne, if they have turned into a disease, are prescribed by a doctor. Nothing will help for sure until the doctor establishes the cause of their appearance, so we turn to a dermatologist first, and only then to a pharmacist.

But when you defeat acne, a whole pharmacy arsenal will come to the rescue, helping to eliminate the consequences on the face. The best pharmaceutical remedies for post-acne: good old ichthyol ointment, Solcoseryl (we talked about it), Badyaga (we also talked about it), Curiosin and other ointments with hyaluronic acid and zinc.

Couperosis is another skin disease in which you first need to go to a dermatologist, and only then to a pharmacy. This is not about acne and inflammation: rosacea is when a bright vascular network appears under the skin, forcing a change in care. For example, with this disease, you should not use thick creams that clog pores, scrubs, essential oils, alkalis and aggressive fruit acids. The best pharmaceutical remedies for rosacea are heparin ointment (although rosacea is not listed in its indications, it is very effective) and Troxerutin (relieves puffiness, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves their permeability). You can also take a closer look at expensive pharmacy cosmetics such as La Roche-Posay, which have a whole bunch of funds aimed at combating rosacea, but this is a completely different budget.

Bonus: the best pharmacy remedy for burns

Perhaps the best pharmacy remedy for sunburn is good old Panthenol. It comes in the form of a cream, spray or ointment, but in any form it helps against any burns, including sunburn, in just 10-15 minutes. If you do not burn very much, then smear yourself with Panthenol at night and in the morning you can go to the beach again. By the way, Bepanten has the same active ingredient as Panthenol, but it costs twice as much. Aloe vera gels are also great for burns. They soothe and regenerate the skin, relieve redness and swelling, moisturize and help not to burn further.

Whichever remedy you choose for yourself, remember, this is a medicine, which means that it must be used with caution. Be sure to read the instructions, if possible, consult a dermatologist and remember if you are allergic to the active substance.

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